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The Magic Ring Creative Writing Essay

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Updated: May 25th, 2019

Tales are told of how the city of Orleans came to be rescued from the ruthless Hans. However, the role that a humble shepherd boy named Jean and his Magic Ring played remain all but forgotten to the younger population of Orleans; but the older generation will never forget. It all began on a typical day with the sun shinning down on the besieged city of Orleans.

“If only our great god Azula would have mercy on us and rescue our beloved city from these ruthless invaders as he did in the ancient times!” mourned Jean the shepherd as he tended to his fathers sheep on the highlands of the city. “

No sooner had the thoughts crossed his mind than a bright light beaconed to him from where one of his sheep had toppled the rocks. He ran to the spot and behold in front of him lay a ring that shone with the radiance of the stars. He stood in awe and after some few moments of contemplation, picked up the magnificent ring. To his surprise, the Ring glowed even more brightly. The ring felt warm and throbbed in his hands as if it had a heart of its own.

“What a peculiar object this is!” he murmured to himself, “I wonder if it has magical powers and can grant me a new pair of cloths.”

No sooner had the thoughts crossed Jean’s mind than an elegant looking pair of clothes appeared. In an instance, Jean knew what ring he held in his humble hands. Stories had been told for centuries amongst his people about a great magical ring which always appeared in Orleans’s hour of need.

Now the shepherds used to tend their flocks outside the city gates and in wild excitement, Jean changed into the new clothes and ran on home to tell the good news to his people. He never made it that far though for he was soon stopped dead on his tracks by one of the dreadful Hun soldiers.

“What business are you up to you wretched Orleans boy,” mused the soldier barely concealing his contempt, “don’t you know that soon we will trample over your unworthy city and turn all of you into dust and ashes!”

“I am from tending my family’s flock sir.” Jean replied in a soft voice.

“Well I don’t see the measly collection of animals that you call a flock!” the soldier, whose name was Madu retorted. “You must be one of the spies who are attempting to infiltrate our prestigious army! Come to think of it, your clothes are too expensive for a shepherd to afford”.

With that, the solder grabbed the hapless Jean and marched him to the nearest Hun barracks. Jean realized that in his excitement, he had not remembered to conceal his magically obtained clothes. Before they arrived at the barracks, the two met up with another Hun soldier named Atila.

“Hello my fellow Hun Madu!” Atila bellowed in Greetings.

“I’m fine Atila, just escorting this lying Orleans spy to our barracks for a little interrogation!” Madu replied with glee.

Suddenly, Jean had a great Idea.

“Why don’t I make a bargain with you two kind gentlemen,” Jean proposed, “I have something of great value that would without doubt be beneficially to you.”

Now the Huns were infamous for their greed and it is this very vice that Jean was planning on exploiting.

“What could you possibly have of interest to us?” Madu exclaimed though it was clear that he was curious.

“If you’re playing with us we will tie you up on that tree and leave you to the wolves over the night!” threatened an agitated Atila.

“Well I have a magical ring that makes all of your wishes come true,” disclosed Jean. He proceeded to produce the ring and handed it to Madu.

“I wish I had a knightly horse!” said a skeptical Madu and suddenly, a great black stallion appeared.

Atila took a deep breath and in a menacing voice announced, “You fool! Now we shall have the ability to muster an army of great might and we shall destroy your city in a single night!”

With that the two quickly shoved the shepherd boy away and ran off with the precious jewel. Jean smiled to himself and made his way back to the city. According to the city’s folklore, the magic ring’s powers were only benevolent when used for good. Anyone who tried to use the ring’s power in a quest for destruction faced plague and many other ills.

“At last our city shall be rid of the treacherous Huns,” Jean thought to himself, “and once again our city shall prosper as it did in the past.

So it came to pass that Atila and Madu went to their commander with the ring and on seeing what the ring could do, the commander created a big army magically. As legend had predicted, the Huns were befallen by terrible plagues and they all perished leaving the city of Orleans to independence.

Thus the noble actions of the young boy Jean with the help of the magic ring restored the glory and prosperity of the great city of Orleans.

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