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The Church & Dwight Co Essay

To reiterate on the above, it is worth noting that the Church & Dwight Co. Inc is an organization that was established in 1846 by Dr Austin and John Dwight. This company is worth $2.6 billion and deals with bicarbonate, household, and personal care products.

Notably, the company’s headquarter is situated in Princeton, New Jersey. This company became one of the most successful and fast growing organizations during its time.

Evidence has shown that the company developed numerous brands that enabled it to produce diverse products. These brands included Trojan, Nair, EXTRA, Orajel among others.

In a shift of focus, the company’s corporate governance entails shareholders, CEO, employees, and top management who determine the performance and direction of the company.

The corporate governors have respective roles and responsibilities within the company. Additionally, the company has a Board of Governors who are committed to strategic management. It is imperative to note that this company has numerous strengths and weaknesses.

One of the major strengths is that it has managed to market its products for over 150 years thus remaining a major producer of bicarbonate in the US. Moreover, almost all of its brands are highly reputed by customers.

From its annual report, it is definite that the company has adequate financial, physical and human resources potential it to remain competitive amid its market rivals.

Nevertheless, despite the numerous strengths, this company has encountered some weaknesses that have heavily affected its performance. Factually, the marketing aspect in the company is very poor since it relies on its history to market its products.

Lack of a comprehensive marketing strategy hinders the company from introducing new products both in domestic and international market.

Another major weakness is that the company has poor organizational culture. The latter has made a significant number of workers to quit for other companies.

Besides, numerous factors in the external environment have influenced the performance of the company. These factors include GDP, liquidation, recession, inflation, monetary policies, balance of payment, importation and exportation trends.

In line with this, other economic factors that affect the performance of the company include demand, supply, interest rates, economic growth, and development of the host country.

The above factors determine the profitability of running the company and consumer’s purchasing power and therefore influencing the performance trend either negatively or positively.

That notwithstanding, this company has numerous opportunities of expanding the domestic product supply and improving the international footprint.

As such, there are export and import opportunities amidst prevailing threats depending on the unpredictable economic situations.

Some of the recognized threats facing the company include inflation, unemployment, rise of transport costs, fluctuation of interest rates and over-taxation.

It is definite that the company has numerous strengths that enable it to remain competitive. Apparently, strategic corporate governance, adequate resources, and a good organizational culture will boost the future performance of the company.

Nonetheless, there are strategic areas such as social responsibility and marketing that need improvement in order to ensure favorable performance of the company especially in future. In this case, there are strategic alternatives and choices that can be employed in order to improve the situation and eliminate the threats.

These entail expanding product range, focusing on recognized brands, expanding international market and developing a market strategy (Chin & Ng, 1996). One of the recommended strategies that should be implemented in the company is to expand the international market in order to earn more profits.

Moreover, it should also diversify its portfolio to overcome the risks of unstable economy. The company should equally understand its customers and produce goods that meet their diverse needs (Chin & Ng, 1996).

Moreover, there should be an evaluation and control strategy in order to assess whether the recommended alternatives align with the company’s objective.

Evaluation and control strategy will help the company to measure performance, review external and internal environment as well as take corrective actions.


Chin, A. & Ng, H. (1996). Economic management and transition towards a market economy: An Asian perspective. Singapore: World Scientific.

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