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Healthy Diet at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital Proposal


Everyone yearns for a healthy lifestyle. There are many companies promoting products to sustain them in the market. They are very audible and visible because of the funds they have from their businesses. It has led to people living with lifestyle diseases. Los Angeles Children Hospital has had challenges in providing healthy diets. Being a private non-profit organization, it relies on well-wishers. However, its food program suffers challenges of providing healthy meals. The donation of $100,000 from Atticus Chi will help the hospital to shape the way people think about a diet for healthy life. It is a large organization with a good reputation in Los Angeles, California and the rest of the world. Its decision will affect its beneficiaries’ choices and hence lead to the revolution in other sectors. The media, the models, and the promotion of the fresh farm produce are primary methods for enhancing healthy food practices.



Los Angeles Children’s Hospital has been treating children ever since 1901. It is in Los Angeles, California. It is also the largest regional referral center for children in critical conditions who need life-saving care. It is a non-profit hospital. Los Angeles Children’s Hospital has 300 beds and is working with the University of Southern California (“Children’s Hospital Los Angeles” par. 2). It has employed some of the highest-ranking orthopedic pediatricians. Each year the hospital takes care of over 150,000 infants, children, and young adults. It provides more than 350 pediatric programs and services.

The U.S. News & World Report has placed the hospital in the Best Children’s Hospitals Honor Roll. It is also the top-ranked hospital in California. Another milestone is that the American Nurses Credentialing Center has granted it the Magnet Recognition. CHLA is also home to the Saban Research Institute. It is the only freestanding research institute that deals with the pursuit of advancing medicine for children in Southern Carolina (“Children’s Hospital Los Angeles” par. 2). The children who get admissions in the hospital come from Los Angeles County and the other seven county areas. Other referrals come from all over the world. It has a global impact on matters of children health.


Despite all the health successes addressed, the hospital has a problem with its feeding program. Patients, staff, and visitors benefit from the food that the hospital provides to them. The food does not comprise the healthy diet. The hospital is working with the large food manufacturers who supply it with junk food (Ahmad 270). There is no real care to what the patient eats during the stay at the hospital. They rely on food that the relatives and friends come with to the hospital. The county and the state have high rates of obesity since its inception in the 1970s. Other maladies affect the residents due to unhealthy diets. As the center for most of the information about children’s health, the hospital should become the best example to shape the way healthy meals should be determined (Hurley et al. 308).


Everyone knows that the children’s hospital is a giant of robust solutions finder for all children (Schaefer 100). Other hospitals get to learn a lot of information from this center. It has one of the best-known research institutes and therefore can provide direction, solutions to community health challenges. It is where Mr. Atticus Chi comes in to help solve the matter. The report explains the causes of the health problem in Los Angeles, South Carolina, and the rest of the world (Shah 301). However, the study should enhance the primary children’s hospital in the region to start off the process. It also indicates how the $100,000 from Mr. Atticus will go a long way in saving the children and the population in Los Angeles first, and then to the rest of the region.


The children’s hospital has a 100-bed capacity and an outreach of over one million clients in a year. It means that what happens in the hospital affects this population. Its affiliation with Keck School of Medicine provides an avenue for reaching out even to the University of South Carolina and other partners (Shah 301). By saving the health of children, Mr. Atticus will also be saving a generation’s health and the benefit will extend to their parents and neighbors.


Causes of the Decline in the Provision of Healthy Food

The manufacturing companies are making partnerships with the hospital and others around to promote their products (Cleden 112). Some of them are offering some free samples to children in the hospital. They are also using the fashion models to promote the fatty and unhealthy products to the population. The radio stations are also full of such advertisements.

Healthy Food Promotions

The children nutrition specialists will be part of the team that will oversee the program become successful. They will advise on the nutritional needs of the children both at the hospital and after discharge. The research program should encourage the hospital to stop going after the big manufacturers for food that only ends up harming the children (Ahmad 270).


The hospital should improve the quality of the food it is offering to the patients. They should start using certified organic produce from the local market. The food should be fresh and in the season. The vendors should provide full nutritional value. The food can include meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products from the farms that promote the environmental welfare and good animal management (Allen and Wilson 316). The program should use the media personalities to promote a healthy lifestyle through dietary measures. Fliers will be available at the reception and given to every patient at admission, booking, and at the discharge point. The notice boards will be in every corridor, waiting rooms, reception, and parking lots advising people on a proper diet (Combi 333).

Cost Analysis

The following is the budget for the program;

Particulars Cost
Radio (102.7 KIIS FM) annual cost for advertisement $30,000
Celebrity/model to speak about healthy diets (weekly) $5,000
Hospital posters and fliers $20,000
Promotion of fresh farm produce (incentives) $20,000
Nutrition specialist’s advise $5,000
Restructuring the hospital’s kitchen department to prepare fresh foods $20,000
Total $100,000

Table reference

Table 1. Radio station 102.7 KIIS FM rate per year for morning sessions from January to December this year.

Celebrity rates have an upfront payment of $2,500, and then clear the balance at the end of the fifth week.

The hospital posters will only be about 500 pieces while the fliers for customers will be in thousands to cater for all visitors.

Each specialist will get at least $500.

The hospital will need advice from different nutrition experts. The figures in the table are for initialization purposes. Later on, the hospital will source for other funds by setting up a kitty for donations.


The population needs information that is clear and concise. Manufacturers are giving distorted information because they want to popularize their products. The donation will enhance healthy living because people will have a choice between truth and half-truth. The promotion of fresh farm produce will also create more jobs and more earnings at the farm.

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