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ABC Hospital’s Effective Team Building Coursework

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Updated: Jul 31st, 2020

Building an effective team within a micro-system requires one to understand the mission of the micro-system and organization, and the goals that should be achieved by the team. According to Persily (2014), a good team must be multi-disciplinary in nature if possible to ensure that members can bring their skills and expertise in different areas to achieve a common success. The team members must be capable of handling various tasks (Murray, 2017). The weakness of one member should be addressed by the strength of other team members to ensure that the desired success is achieved.

The Setting and Patient Population

The setting of this micro-system is a maternity ward at ABC Hospital. The ward often handles about 35 patients per every given time and the recent trends shows that the population of patients is increasing. Two years ago, the average number of patients per given time was 28. However, the population is increasing and it is necessary for stakeholders to come up ways of dealing with the increasing demand.

The Mission

The management of this institution has been keen on ensuring that its operations are in line with the mission statement of the company. The following is the mission statement of this institution, which guides its operations.

To meet the medical needs of patients in professional manner that meets the set standards.

Key Players

It is important to define the key players in a given setting when planning to develop policies and procedures for inter-professional collaboration. The players should always be involved when making decisions to ensure that when implementing them, the entity does not face any form of resistance. The key players in this micro-system include general practitioners, midwifes, obstetricians, radiographers, obstetric physiotherapists, pediatricians, and neonatal nurse. These players have different functions within this very delicate setting.

Analysis of the Organization and Stakeholders


The team can only achieve success if the organization has the right resources to achieve its mandate. The hospital must have all the professionals mentioned above. Although statistics show that most of the deliveries are always normal, sometimes the unexpected may happen when complications arise during the delivery process. It is the responsibility of the team to ensure that when such complications arise, there will be the right professionals to handle the situation (Weiss & Tappen, 2015). The team also needs the right facilities in the maternity wards to aid the processes and care for the patients for the entire time that they will be at the wards.

Organization Readiness for the Change

Change is a force that this organization cannot resist (Weiss, Tilin, & Morgan, 2014). It must be ready align its operations with the emerging industry standards and expectations of the clients. It is important to appreciate that this organization, based on the researcher’s past experiences, has a team of experts who are not very enthusiastic towards change. Most of the stakeholders that the researcher has interacted with appreciate the need for change, but are slow when it comes to its implementation. This is specifically the case when it is a drastic change that requires them to engage in further training to align their skills with the new expectations. However, it is encouraging that they are willing to learn when it is necessary to do so.

Expected Facilitators and Barriers of Change

The facilitators of change are the top managers of this hospital who are always under constant pressure to meet the strategic goals of this hospital and to align its operations with the emerging trends in the industry. These leaders often know that any failure within the institution, irrespective of the department where it occurred, can have devastating impact on their image before the public. The possible individuals who may act as barriers are the senior nurses, advanced in age, who constantly view change as a threat to their skills and experience. Some of them fear that such changes may render their skills and experience meaningless, and that may threaten their job security within the institution.

Form the Team

Rationale for Inclusion of Each Team Member

Each of the team members will have different roles to play because of their positions in the maternity ward. The general practitioner will be needed because sometimes a patient may have non-pregnancy medical complication (Mosser & Begun, 2014). The midwife provides all antenatal care when the pregnancy is straightforward and delivery is normal. The radiographer conducts issues related to ultrasound scan, while obstetrician is responsible for pregnancy and birth. For patients who develop muscle or joint complications during or immediately after pregnancy, obstetric physiotherapist attends to them, while anesthetists help in relieving the pain (Borkowski, 2016). The neonatal nurse is responsible for handling newborns. In this team, not all of the above professionals will be members. However, we will try to ensure that the team is as inclusive as it is possible.

Assessing Strengths, Weaknesses and Developmental Needs

The table below analyses strengths, weaknesses, and developmental needs of each of the team members

Team Member Initial Position Strengths Weaknesses Developmental Needs
N.N Responsible for handling the newborns He has worked in this institution for a very long time, and understand what needs to be done. Slow when it comes to embracing change within the department. Further training on change management may be necessary.
M.W Responsible for handling normal deliveries She is a highly skilled individual who understand her area of specialty. She joined the institutions recently and has limited experience She should spend more time in this industry to gain more experience.
G.P. Responsible for handling medical complications unrelated to pregnancy He is an experience doctor who has worked in several institutions before joining ABC Hospital. He is aging and sometimes avoids physically demanding tasks. He needs to work with the younger doctors who can gain a lot from him given that he may retire soon.
O.B In charge of the delivery (both normal or cesarean section births) She is a highly skilled and dynamic medical officer who understands and always supports change whenever it is necessary. She is often domineering when in a team setting, always keen on having her way. She needs to learn how to work as a team member by being a good listener able to respect views of others.
O.P. Responsible for muscle or joint complications during and after pregnancy She is a supportive doctor who loves working with other professionals, especially those who want to learn from her experience. Always quiet when it comes to heated debates, opting to keep her opinions to herself. She needs to learn how to be emphatic and capable of expressing her views even in heated debates.

Team Cohesiveness

Team cohesiveness is critical in ensuring that members can work as a unit to achieve the set goals and objectives (McConnell, 2013). It is important to develop trust, manage conflicts, and promote communication among the team members. The following strategies will help promote cohesiveness in the team:

  • To develop trust, I will ensure that no secretes are kept within the team. Anything that is relevant to the team and its members will be shared freely with everyone. Once a decision is made on a course of action, then it will be followed unless something arises that makes members believe and agree on an alternative approach.
  • To manage conflicts, I will ensure that any differences among members are addressed as soon as they arise in a proper way. Cases of unnecessary provocations will be discouraged.
  • Members will also be advised to avoid any acts of racism, whether verbal or otherwise, at all times to enhance unity and respect among the team members. The members will be encouraged to consider diversity, both in profession and in any other factor, as a strength that makes it possible to achieve the desired goals.
  • To promote effective communication, I will ensure that there is a regular meeting of members where each person will be given permission to express self in an orderly and respectful manner. Such meetings will have a chair responsible for controlling the debates.
  • The team will also rely on technology to enhance communication, especially in cases where coordination among members is necessary but the team members are in different geographical locations. The team will ensure that a proper platform is created to enable use of technology-based communication systems.


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