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Emirates Airline Company HRM Process Report (Assessment)

HRM involves molding and coordinating the human person in an organization towards achieving the strategic business objectives of the organization. HRM has a process that includes recruitment, interview and selection, orientation and training techniques, performance appraisal, and employees’ compensation (“Processes in Human Resource Management”).

This essay will analyze the Emirates Airline under the above processes of HRM. The HRM at the Fly Emirates is under the Emirates Group Human Resource department.

This Group deals with the affairs of all employees in the organization. The Group has been balancing the interests of the company and the employees through effective relations.

Recruitment is a process where an organization identifies that it needs to employ an individual who is up to the task using relevant application forms.

Recruitment can be either internal or external. In internal recruitment, a company considers its employees for the vacancy while external recruitment involves considering the public in the recruitment process.

Currently, the Fly Emirates requires Cabin Crews; the applications for these posts are still open. Cabin Crews are entitled to a tax-free salary, free accommodation and open for career development.

Some of the requirements for consideration include 21 years and above; arms reach of a minimum length of 212cms, high school education, medically fit and positive attitude towards dealing with people from diverse backgrounds (“Human Resources”).

The management expects the Cabin Crews to offer excellent customer service to travelers throughout the flight. They can handle emergencies and ensure that the passengers are comfortable.

Also, they serve meals, sell items, assist passengers in boarding planes, and demonstrate safety procedures to the passengers. The recruitment team at the Emirates Group targets absorbing qualified and committed professionals through an agency or in-house recruitment process.

It guides managers in using the assessment tools and decision-making during the recruitment process. This assists in aligning the Group HR policies and practices into the recruits from the entire globe.

The recruitment team at the Fly Emirates offers solutions that support the growth of the company thereby facilitating achievement of objectives.

The next job at the Emirates Airline is Employee Assistant Specialist. The job requires the holder to provide advisory and counseling services to the staff at Emirates Group and their family members.

In supporting any eventuality, the management expects the jobholder to be on call 24/7 except on weekends and public holidays, but he/she must coordinate with other Employee Assistance Professional Counselors.

The job holder also provides bereavement support to family members in case of the demise of their colleague (“Human Resources”). On the qualifications and experience, the person should be a graduate preferably from social work, counseling, psychology, or nursing field.

Moreover, the jobholder should be a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) as it meets the international levels of offering employee support and continued interest in development in the social work or mental line.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and fluency in both written and spoken English is necessary. On remunerations, the salary is tax-free and is accompanied by free airline travels.

There is also the H.R. Specialist Business Support – International who is required to monitor HR Recruitment Services across the Emirates network.

The recruitment process at the Emirates Airline follows a well-designed procedure, where job seekers apply online. The Emirates Group website displays lists of active job vacancies and an application form.

When one completes this form, the forms go to the line managers and the recruitment team; they go through the applications to get the best candidate. In the selection process, an applicant can receive a notification showing that he/she has been shortlisted.

At this point, he/she travels to Dubai for a physical interview. Then, there is the post-selection process where successful applicants receive emails and phone calls advising them on the next course of action.

At the same time, unsuccessful applicants receive letters that inform them of the outcomes.

Lastly, the Human Resources Employee Services (HRES) contacts the candidate and guides him/her on how to handle the employment contract and other relevant documents. At this point, the recruitment process at the Emirates Group ends.

The above recruitment process shows how the team conducts its interviews to choose the best candidate that matches the job requirements. Therefore, the selection is a process of deciding the best candidate among the many applicants.

The selection process assists firms to absorb competent and top quality employees thereby realizing continuous growth (“Human Resources”).

An excellent selection process involves conducting a reference check at the end; this reminds the panel of the skills and qualities that a candidate ought to possess. The selection panel helps in developing various selection criteria, preparing interview questions, and providing inputs on the final selection.

These panels, therefore, help in choosing extremely competent candidates who can deliver on the goals of an organization. Markedly, interviews create an interactive environment that assists the employer in assessing the applicant about the job and even know more about the applicant.

This process also offers the applicant the opportunity to understand the jobs in details. Therefore, interviews are key tools that require inclusion in other assessment and selection processes.

On the orientation and training techniques, the employees at the Emirates Airline receive the finest training courses that are recognized internationally as degrees. These courses are organized in two dimensions, online learning and classroom based.

Other diploma courses use a combination of the dimensions. All employees must attend courses after a given period to enhance their skills and knowledge of what the company expects of them. First aid training remains a mandatory course for all the employees so that they can handle emergency cases.

Training is a process that imparts skills and knowledge into jobholders to assist a firm meet or surpass its objectives. Emirates Airline has an aviation college where the employees are exposed to learning on the job.

Training can alter the behaviors of employees on the job to focus on service delivery. Since the Emirates Group recognizes the importance of self-development and knowledge base, it has instituted high caliber training programs that all employees can access (“Human Resources”).

There is also a network of Learning Resource Centres (LRC), which provides serene environments for studying, as they are always far from the busy workplaces. The orientation of the Emirates group encourages learning among its stakeholders.

The leadership arrangement from the C.E.O. to the lowest level employees reveals an organization that is out to provide excellent services.

The other job at Emirates Airlines is the National Cadet Pilot. Some of the requirements under this job include a good command of spoken English, age bracket between 17 and 29 years, a valid UAE passport and a family book, and medical fitness (“Human Resources”).

The pilots are entitled to benefits such as salary that commences from the time of training to pass out time, which is after three to four years.

Their training receives full funding from the Emirates Airline; they are also accorded comprehensive medical insurance and construction loans that attract no interests.

During their recruitment time, one goes through psychomotor and psychometric tests, a TOEFL test, personal interview, and initial and comprehensive medical examination. The training process of a Cadet Pilot is divided into three phases.

The first phase is the foundation program, which occurs at the Emirates Training College in Dubai. Secondly, there is the flight-training program that occurs in Spain for 18 months. Upon completion, one is given a course completion certificate.

This phase also encompasses close to 223 hours of experience with a flight. The last phase involves readiness to fly large jets, and it takes place in Dubai.

After the training, the Airline and Agency conduct continuous training to keep the pilots updated on new features that affect the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

Performance appraisal and managing performances are critical management responsibilities and a vital part of the organization’s strategic management process.

Performance management promotes the organizational and employee behavior and performance required to improve bottom-line results (Stone 73). Performance appraisal is a key part of an organization’s performance management system.

The companies do not link their business strategic objectives with the individual employee performance criteria.

The objective of the HR at the Emirates Airline is to get the top performer to receive higher rewards, and lesser performers receive lower rewards is essential for encouraging performance oriented behavior and organization culture (Nankervis and Compton 91).

Nevertheless, appraisal of employee performance remains a critical and ongoing management activity. At the Emirates Airline, employees are evaluated on the level of their understanding and job delivery at random periods.

The HR systems analyze the outputs of all employees and compare them with normal targets. Notably, employees who meet or surpass their goals are recognized during the end of the financial year. They can be promoted to high positions or be given incentives in terms of additional salaries.

There is also the HR Remuneration and Planning department that develop compensation, policies, and benefits that employees can get. It helps the company in attracting and maintaining highly qualified personnel thereby enabling Emirates Airline to remain competitive in the dynamic market.

This policy is Employment compensation; it refers to the pre-tax wages paid to employees for work completed during an accounting period (“Employee Remuneration” par. 4).

The HR ensures that it presents an effective total labor cost to the Emirates Airline employer and pays from the gross revenue. At the Emirates Airline, employees become entitled to this compensation concerning the work they do in a relevant accounting period.

The Emirates Airline pays its employees in advance or simultaneously since it contrasts with other inputs of production valued at the point when they compensate the employees.

For statistical reasons, the Emirates Airline comes into an informal or formal agreement with its employees on the enterprise done by an individual employee and then agrees voluntarily that the employee works and pay cash in return.

For social reasons, HR ensures that the Emirates Airline considers employees compensation as a component of the value or the factor income.

The HR argues that the net output value is equivalent to the factor income it generates; therefore, it can lead to either inclusion or exclusion of other types of remunerations that the Emirates Airline employees receive.

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