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Operations Management: Emirates Airline Research Paper

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Updated: Jun 3rd, 2019


Emirates Airline is based in Dubai. It deals with transport, communication and diverse production networks in many parts of the world. It is one of the most popular airlines across the globe.

Emirates Airline’s business competitors comprise of Gulf Air, Fly Dubai, Etihad Airways, Deutsche Lufthansa, Air France – KLM, British Airways and Qatar Airways among others.

Emirates Airline services are aimed at realising about one hundred and twenty flights across the world. The airline lays emphasis on upholding competitive and cost effective business approaches aimed at boosting customer satisfaction in the airline sector (Doganis, 2006: 7-24).

The airline provides planned passenger and cargo schedules in 60 states. Emirates Airline’s fleets are over 130 airbuses and ten cargo destinations. The airline operates 130 airbus freighters.

The airline has experienced challenges related to corruption within the short period in which it has been in operation. Emirates Airline is fully committed to ensuring that it enhances the highest possible operational standards in all its endeavors.

This mission statement has continued to guide the company’s performance and thus enabling it to win many prizes on excellence in all aspects of the company’s business in the travel, hotel and tourism industry (Evans & Lindsay, 2010: 13-32).

The diversification of Emirates’ cargo management and flight business technologies and management of travel agencies remain to be major aspects of Emirates’ business operations.

The company’s strategy aims at enhancing the highest possible success strategies, expanding its operational network, recruitment of many employees ,effectively training and equipping them with the most relevant skills and increasing the number of aircrafts to one that would effectively serve the projected number of clients (Palmer et al, 2006: 43).

The company’s success strategy aims at expanding its partnership approaches in the aviation industry and thus improving the security levels of both people and the cargo transported through the Emirates Airline’s transport system.

Emirates Airline’s strategy is mainly aimed at ensuring that customers exploit the Emirate’s operational schedules by discovering new business ventures.

Modern cabin features, efficient services when passengers are on board, effective driven transport systems and adoption of modernised and technologically advanced operational systems highlight the manner in which Emirates focuses on enhancing the reliability of its operations.

The services help in enhancing profitability of the company and reliability to its customers (Nataraja & Al-Aali, 2011; Kleymann & Seristo, 2004: 58-76).

Three key decisions

Diversification of its business operations is one of the company’s major decisions that should be made. This decision is objectively aimed at ensuring that the company fully focuses on streamlining its business operations at all levels of the airline’s operations.

The diversification of the company’s operations aims at having a constant focus on enhancing long –term sustainability and alignment of the company’s processes to the actual business activities. The activities are mainly undertaken in the organization.

Adjustment of its operational mechanisms to cope with cost effective operational measures is important. This concept ensures that the services offered by the company do not become outdated or equated to organic business approaches.

On diversification, the decision on expanding the organisation’s global business network of the diverse destinations has continued to be crucial and fundamental to the success of the company’s operations.

The enhancement of fuel efficiency is another decision that has been emphasised by Emirates Airline. The decision on enhancement of fuel efficiency remains to be the foundation of Emirate’s strategy towards the full enhancement of effectiveness and implementation of cost effective business operations.

The company focuses on recycling used technological devices such as personal computers, toners, printer cartridges and various electronic accessories. Fuel amounts to a great percentage of the company’s business output.

At Emirates, The management fully understands the need to streamline Emirates Airline’s business processes hence creating a culture of self discipline and promoting a high level of efficiency, cost effectiveness and validity of business processes.

The management’s decision on fuel consumption is strategically aimed at enhancing excellence and minimising operational costs. The decision is of great value as it enables the management to effectively address the prevailing challenges and resolve environmental problems (Kleymann and Seristo, 2004: 27-38).

The Emirates Airline’s decision to employ light weight Kevlar Cargo sections of the company’s loading devices is a vital mechanism of promoting operational management, efficiency and realisation of quality management strategies.

The excellence strategy is a key decision arrived at by the Emirates Airline’s top level managers. This decision is focused on ensuring that the company not only boosts its clients’ levels but also enhances a high sense of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Emirates Airline has opted to fully focus on understanding in-depth research processes so as to streamline its operations.

The company also addresses the decision to continuously implement excellence strategies by compelling all departments and airline sectors to utilize various quality management systems necessary to enhance a high sense of efficiency.

This decision is also aimed at ensuring that the company’s elaborate integrated information systems and operational management strategies provide real time solutions to the challenges faced by the company.

Emirates Airline’s realization of the company’s business venture focuses on the use of distinctive competency strategies. The distinctive business strategies are aimed at minimizing the error rate and enhancing efficiency and cost effectiveness.

This decision is addressed by understanding in-depth research processes on the market demands and emerging trends as well as undertaking intensive consultative business processes (Shaw, 2007: 67-85).


Introduction of a process model

The operations and business processes of the Emirates Airline play a crucial role in enhancing the level of efficiency and cost effectiveness of business processes.

Emirates Airline’s process model encompasses a number of business processes aimed at enhancing efficiency and cost effectiveness Cargo and passenger transport is an effective business process aimed at enhancing greater level of business efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Emirates Airline’s competitive model is crucial as it helps to ensure that business operations are streamlined.

Emirates Airline’s operations have continued to be aligned to the free market competition model. The model focuses on the realization of a competitive business model aimed at enhancing business efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The tasks to be modeled, which are the company’s operations management process, aim at enhancing excellence in the service provision endeavors. Operations in the airline industry in which Emirates Airline operates have remained complex yet very competitive.

From the process of airline booking, assessment of cabin features, in-flight entertainment, management of the chauffeur driven cabs, communication to clients, provision of dining services, payment process, management of the booking service and provision of business rewards, it is evident that the Emirates Airline is an airline service provider that has many tasks under its business model.

The scope of operations of the management is limited to the customer related services that are geared towards the provision of excellent airline services and thus promoting customer experience. The modeling is also aimed at enhancing reliability and authenticity of all relevant airline services.

Emirates Airline

Diagram of processes within the main process(above)

Description of each process in the diagram of section

Different operational processes play a critical role in enhancing efficiency and improved business standards.

Support and Maintenance. Systems repair

This process entails undertaking detailed system checkup, flight management and error evaluation mechanisms, ground cleanliness, alignment of business processes and enhancement of efficiency and maintenance of business operations.

At Emirates Airline, ground support focuses on enhancing efficiency and streamlining business process that realize a high sense of efficiency. Support and maintenance processes are undertaken with the aim of enhancing efficiency and implementation of a streamlined business process.

Ground operations. Efficiency enhancment

Emirates Airline’s ground operations focus on ensuring that the ground operations at Emirates’ airstrips and airports are conducive for the enhancement of efficiency and cost effectiveness. Repair of airplanes and maintenance of engines are the core businesses undertaken at this point.

This business process is closely interlinked and interconnected across the different operational stations of Emirates Airline (General Review, 2006: 17-23). Support for environmental wellbeing is an important strategic operational mechanism employed by Emirates Airline.

This aspect of the company’s strategic model focuses on enhancing efficiency, reliability, cost effectiveness and sustained business processes. The specific ground operations entail analyzing flight operations, maintenance of airlines and enhancement of business efficiency and undertaking customer care services.

Quality Assurance and control. Enforcement of standards

Quality assurance and control strategies are vital mechanisms employed at Emirates Airline aimed at ensuring that the airline company remains competitive in the airline industry.

These control approaches work towards enforcing efficient operational standards in all business activities undertaken by Emirates Airline.

Flight Operations. Actual flying

Flight operations entail numerous business activities aimed at enhancing the level of efficiency and enriching customer experience. This process involves undertaking flight scheduling, actual customer flights, dispatching of customers and their luggage and streamlining communication at all levels of the airline company.

At Emirates Airline, the process of flight operations is a critical and fundamental aspect of business operations aimed at enhancing business efficiency and cost effectiveness. Major business processes are accorded a lot of emphasis with regard to the need to improving reliability, accountability and business efficiency.

However, with regard to flight operations, the specific aspect of dispatching has in the past faced numerous challenges leading to the rescheduling of flights and the ultimate reengineering of major business processes associated with the dispatch of luggage.

Management Science. Research

The practice of management science at Emirates Airline is a crucial business venture that has had profound impact on the manner in which business processes are undertaken. At Emirates Airline, research and scientific studies on management issues and customer related behaviors play a fundamental role in streamlining business operations.

Research has continued to promote product efficiency and establishment of more realistic business strategies aimed at revealing possible challenges that can prevent the company from improving its already established competitive advantage.

Security enhancement. Anti terrorism strategies

Based on the recent performance of Emirates Airline and the ultimate undertaking of various security agency processes, the process of promoting security is at the core of the airline’s operations.

The management of the airline pays keen interest on the manner in which diverse business strategies can be enforced thus ensuring that security threats that can otherwise keep off clients are addressed in the most objective, efficient and customer friendly manner.

Security coordination is a sensitive issue that has always been undertaken with a lot of caution. Besides various screening operations, monitoring of terrorism activities is a core function of the terrorism management process (Elliot, n. d: 1),

Booking, Flight clearing and Auditing. Customer Service

Customer service remains to be a fundamental process aimed at streamlining business process at Emirates Airline. Streamlining of diverse security processes, enhancement of effective booking strategies and the constant practice of transparent clearing, forwarding and auditing remain key to the continued success of most customer related business processes.

Emirates Airlines’ clients enjoy the most efficient services intended to ensure that the company establishes a strong base of loyal and long-term clients. With the existence of a toll free telephone number, the company has been successful in its effort to ensure that all business processes are streamlined and reliable customer care mechanisms are maintained.

Finance and Accounting. Accountability

Analysis of process

Accounting procedures dictate that proper accounting standards and transparent financial management and accountability systems be enhanced. Emirates Airline Company has been on the forefront in adhering to the internationally recognized financial accounting standards.

As a result, money management and enhancement of financial standards has been undertaken in an effective manner. Cash control, investment in the money market, cash flow control, effective allocation and management of the money management standards are vital in streamlining business procedures.

Previously, maintenance of Emirates Airline’s flights was a major issue of concern at the company. Lack of an integrated customer care and plane maintenance system proved to be a challenge.

It is evident that proper planning and allocation of resources was focused on ensuing that ULTRAMAIN maintenance and the use of integrated logistical calculation and splendid application software was vital to the success of the company.

A lot of marketing ventures were traditionally undertaken by Emirates Airline with the view of popularizing the services offered by the airline. However, the emergence of the use of effective excellence strategies has immensely contributed to the continued success of Emirates Airlines’ reliability and cost effectiveness.

Additionally, proper labor management plays a key role in ensuring that a greater level of efficiency is enhanced (Learmount, 2006: 29-41).


Re-designation of Emirates Airline’s operations is focused on eliminating redundancy, streamlining business processes, utilizing skilled labor force and ensuring that the overall business productivity standards are improved at all levels of business processes.

Diagram with changed process steps

Diagram with changed process steps

Operations and marketing processes are performed in a better way than the finance and accounting processes. Operations and marketing processes are more focused on streamlining business processes and enhancing a high level of accountability, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Diagram changes

The changes in the diagram are mainly focused on eliminating overheads while enhancing excellence and cost effectiveness in the business process. By integrating certain business processes, it is evident that the concept of focused business processes and the demand for business stakeholders to get value for their investment is crucial.

The changes from the broad structure to the lean and integrated one aims at ensuring that the labor cost for the company is reduced, capital is increased while management efficiency is enhanced (Doganis, 2002: 5-13).

The proposed changes in the diagram also reveal that diversification of business services and constant innovation and establishment of modernised destinations is a major Emirates competitive strategy. Emirates Airline’s business strategies are aligned to a number of price reduction strategies in the long haul transport operations.

Efficient process layout and automation of nearly all business processes are indicators of the planned strategy of enhancing efficiency and empowering employees that encouraging them to be creative and innovative (General Review, 2006: 17-23).

As a strategy of ensuring that it benefits from the ready market of providing transport services to the high end clients, Emirates Airline has continued to employ the strategy of being competitive in terms of standards, luxury, long distance trips and establishment of a competitive market base on its operational efficiency (Doganis, 2002: 142-32).

Based on the new diagram above, it is evident that possession of social overheads necessary to avail skilled and affordable labour, educating the masses and performing intellectual responsibilities by engaging professionals would boost Emirates Airline’s business performance.


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