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Innovation Of The Workplace Problem Solution Essay

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Updated: May 8th, 2018

Innovation of the workplace to promote sustainable and productive growth

Conflicts arise because people lack immediate clarifications to problems that require solutions. Unlike most of us who are evaders and do not feel comfortable dealing with problems, the organization has problem solving procedures such as rules that make the workplace more user-friendly or conflict-friendly. Conflicts occur every now and then and people ought to consider then as opportunities for improving relationships and systems.

They provide the information or the chance to come up with solutions such as rules or regulations that overcome any future possibilities of similar circumstances. In line with Hansen, (2009) the biggest mistake people make is to have the predisposition of coming up with solutions over conflicts immediately other than availing time for better understanding and thus stronger solutions.

The first step to solving conflicts is to understand that today; the customer needs the sole power over choice of service and goods. The rule ought to support sustainable productive economic growth. Considering that, the Sprint Store determines the employees’ progress towards achieving certain goals by analysing the total sales, the income produce per employee or their dues ought to be equivalent to the product of labour productivity, intensity and customer satisfaction.

The second rule should control the labour productivity. One of the major catalysts for revenue in a company is group work. Considering that the employees of Sprint Store work as a duo, the company should invest the human capital in the same setting by letting the total sales be equitable to both thus the extra remuneration divides equally among them.

The aim of the company is to improve performance and reach the targeted sales. The rules and regulations ought to enhance the chances for technological development and promote new modes in the workplace operations. Working as group boosts the knowledge intensity of the workers and production of technological developments.

The third rule would entail the source of the economical growth. For such a setting as the Sprint Store, the labour intensity should equate to the product of hours worked by every employee and the share of the employment within the group setting. This ensures that the employee is responsible of their individual performance and that of their group.

Under this criterion, the management can still easily know the laxity of one member. This means that the management is in a position to know the productivity of a group and that of an individual and determine who does not fit on a certain group setting.

This third recommendation raises the question of one member taking over the other by serving all the customers. A rule or regulation requiring management to perform an analysis of the customers’ response towards services nullifies fears of segregation since no sales man would be in a position of serving all the customers with the aim of denying the counterpart a chance, without messing on delivery. A good sales firm must provide the customers with simple questioners to help in such analysis.

Lastly, it is important to value the Quality of the work life by analyzing productivity. In most companies, the relationship between productivity and quality of the working life is a zero rated relationship. The overall sales goals ought to be enhancement of technology for instance upgrading the workplace operations. The shortcoming of the current workforces for instance the conflicts over interests as experienced in the Sprint Store are solvable through ensuring improved operations over the relationship between the labour productivity and quality of the work life.

The ultimate recommendation that company should make has to promote the developmental role of the social partners. According to Hansen, (2009) major policy issues are today turning to be heated managerial debates in majority of the companies concerning promotion of innovation.

The policies should also encourage individual level decision-making capabilities that relate to development of the workplace. A good sales person has the ability to change personal decision based on the thought of the customer. The choices enable one to not necessary win over everyone or everything but the self-respect that is often over looked by others. (Hansen, 2009)


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