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The CIPD’s Professional Map Report

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The CIPD's Professional Map

The CIPD’s Professional Map (“The CIPD Profession Map” par.1) is a structured scheme that provides information on what skills and activities are crucial for the HR department’s work. They are required if the company sets a goal to improve the employees’ performance and satisfaction with their job. Moreover, by using the provided framework, HR managers can develop new working models valuable for their professional community.

CIPD Structure

The scheme features ten professional areas, eight behaviors, and four bands of professional competence. Each of them covers the specific competencies of an HR specialist. There is also the Insight, Strategy and Solutions, and the Leading HR areas. The corresponding description of these elements is provided below.


The Curious element emphasizes the interest which an HR worker must-have for his or her professional field. This interest is best shown through the initiatives targeted at acquiring new information. The Decisive Thinker concept underlines the importance of the analytical approach to the obtained information. A successful HR manager must not only collect data but also define the cause and effect dependence, as well as study the sources of information to understand whether they are credible. A Skilled Influencer is the one who can change the situation in the company by communicating with employees and stakeholders. A Personally Credible HR professional works on developing, implementing, and sharing his or her knowledge within the community. HRs must also be Collaborative regarding both people in their company and representatives of other businesses. The HR worker who is Driven to Deliver focuses on the job and puts effort into showing the best results. He or she must also have the Courage to Challenge, meaning all the issues, even the most pressuring ones, will be addressed. Finally, it is important for an HR specialist to be a Role Model who uses personal reputation as an example to others.

Professional Areas

The first professional area is Organization Design. It is important to determine whether the organization’s processes are planned correctly. The next step would be Organization Development that is based on corporate culture and values and their connection to workers. Resourcing and Talent Planning is a core area of HR’s work, as it helps to find the right people for the job. Ensuring that employees have the required skills comes from the Learning and Development process. All people need their input to be recognized, and that’s why Performance and Reward are important. The satisfaction with the work conditions is measured by Employee Engagement, while the Employee Relations target the communication strategy between workers and managers. Finally, Service Delivery and Information ensure everyone in the company can be informed in a quality manner by an HR department.

Bands and Transitions

The Bands are the third part of the framework. They define the steps taken by HRs on every level of their proficiency. There are four bands, which show the growth of the responsibility level as well as the gradual increase of the behavior importance as opposed to the theory usage during the work process. The more HR manager works in the field, the higher position and influence he or she gains.

Insight, Strategies, and Solutions

Human resource management should not be a department concentrated solely on hiring people and dealing with salaries. It is an important part of any business that is capable of influencing the processes developed by the top management. HR specialists must carefully analyze the information regarding their work and achievements. Then, the strategies can be developed which consider this analysis. Finally, if there are any issues facing the company, the HR analysis may be helpful in offering possible solutions. For example, while being at the stage of the second band, I spend my time to study the existing issues and address them in the best possible way. However, these issues would mostly concern the HR department solely, and there will be no insight into the broader business processes.

Leading HR

The Leading HR field is the center of the Profession Map. That is because it is important for an HR specialist to be a true leader in the working community. This is the person whose reputation and communication skills improve the working environment. People do not feel secure when not directed by a strong company representative. As a second band member, I see my duties in managing small issues as an advisor. Though I cannot plan strategies for the whole company in the long run, my knowledge of theory and previous experience would help to solve minor or short-term problems within a small group.

Resourcing and Talent Planning

Resourcing is a key concept in the process of finding the right people for the job (Malcolm and Whiting). My primary job is recruitment, so the Resourcing and Talent Planning would be the professional area that I should consider. It includes the guidelines on what I have to do and know to be regarded as a professional. Firstly, I would have to learn from other managers of the HR team about the best methods for identifying the right sources for each position. Secondly, I would implement this knowledge by working directly with candidates and employees. I will conduct the regular research of the tools used in this process to ensure they comply with the company’s values. Finally, I would have to know the corporate law and be proficient in recognizing and managing the competencies and personality traits of people.

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