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The Lululemon Company’s Corporate Culture Essay

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Updated: Jun 30th, 2020

Companies have internal factors that contribute to their success or failure during operations. A good culture is one that treasures organizational employees given that their involvements are considered essential for a corporation to profitable. Such companies allow the employees to take part in the decision-making processes while at the same time allow every worker to grow as an individual.

Lululemon has quite a unique culture. The organization depends on the society for its success. The company inspires its employees to be engaged with the locals at all levels. It does this by paying for the workers’ fitness programs. The approach does not only ensure that the staffs are healthy by regularly exercising, but it also gives workers an opportunity to interact with potential customers. At this point, workers get the opportunity to market Lululemon’s products easily and get prompt feedback from previous customers. The program is also a way for the company’s agents to get ambassadors for their programs.

The operation of Lululemon is based on susceptibility and trustworthiness. The team members try to help their colleagues to improve their work by giving them their feedbacks. The feedbacks are given in the most truthful way possible and a kind manner. The employees are allowed to fail as one learns from the mistakes and set their minds to do better next time. Thus, each employee has an obligation to be honest with one another making them feel as if they belong to one happy family.

The company encourages the growth of its employees. For instance, employees are allowed to borrow books from the company’s libraries that will help them develop. As a new employee, one is required to share both short and long-term personal goals regarding personal growth, fitness, and professions. At Lululemon, workmates get to know each other right away. The goals of each employee are also shown to the team members to help them stay on track. The culture helps build the workers’ passion and natural strength while getting rid of the obstacles. Besides, the company has leaders and mentors instead of administrators and marketing associates.

The representatives in various stores that the company has can make their decisions. Such decisions can be informative, inventive or commercial in nature. The stores have goals and provide guidelines on how to go about various businesses and obstacles that may arise during operations. Employees can do their work as desired provided that the required results are obtained. Lululemon’s employees are thus empowered by knowing that their opinions are valued.

The fascinating thing about the firm’s workers is that most of them were corporate clients prior to being employed by the company. The cultural element is of value to the boss given that workers know what to sell to the customers and the value of their products since they are also customers. In most cases, workers easily market Lululemon’s brand and strongly believe in the company’s mission. While in the stores, the company’s vision encourages the employees to dedicate themselves to their work. In fact, positive customer experience is achieved through such a culture.

The recommended Strategy

The culture is working best for the company leading to its great success. However, to increase its sales income, the company must go global through geographical expansion. Foreign markets are always the targets for companies as they help bring in foreign currency. Thus, expanding and opening stores in North America and its environs will benefit Lululemon. Targeting new markets and businesses will help diversify Lululemon’s revenue sources.

The company’s culture will help ensure that the new stores are successful. The culture encourages growth of an individual. Therefore, it is anticipated that employees and leaders will be willing to go global to develop their passions as they help Lululemon gain competitive edge. Global expansion will be possible given that it is an opportunity for new employees to study different cultures where the organization operates. Finally, the culture will be supportive since global expansion is an opportunity for workers to be promoted.

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