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Amazon’s Marketing Coordinator as a Dream Job Essay

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Updated: Jul 20th, 2021


Selecting a job is a challenging task for me, mainly because my choice will define the routine with which I will have to deal for several years or, in the best-case scenario, until retirement. However, some organizations have managed to retain their uniqueness and at the same time provide extensive opportunities for their employees to evolve, therefore, encouraging consistent growth. Amazon is one of these organizations; with its unique culture and focus on meeting the needs of all stakeholders, it is a perfect organization for working as a coordinator.


The firm has numerous locations all over the world, including remote ones. Therefore, it offers its employees impressive flexibility. At present, the location in Seattle, WA can be deemed as especially important since it implies accessibility. Personally, I prefer working in a large city, where the infrastructure is well-developed and where living in the fast lane is a necessity. At the same time, I would prefer my office to be near my home so that the transportation process could be as comfortable as possible.

I would not mind relocating from the environment in which I currently am, mostly because I would enjoy an opportunity to have new experiences and learn new skills and information so that I could become proficient in marketing. Seeing that a change in location implies the necessity to cater to a different population, the identified alterations are bound to have a significant effect on my professional development.


The same concerns the schedule; I am more than willing to have a flexible one, where my responsibilities and tasks may change based on the alterations in the environment and the factors associated with the needs of the target population. Even though a nine-to-five job seems a more reliable idea, it is also admittedly more boring. I would enjoy more excitement in my life, and I would be delighted to have a flexible schedule.

For instance, it would be truly exciting if the schedule changed due to regular travels. Business trips might seem a mundane and not quite interesting task, yet they offer a range of opportunities for engaging in multicultural communication and, thus, learning more about other cultures and their specifics. As a result, a better understanding of the needs of the target population will become a possibility, which is crucial for building an efficient brand image and raising brand awareness, especially for a company of the Amazon caliber.

Furthermore, I believe that it is crucial to promote the atmosphere of cooperation and mutual trust in an organization so that challenging tasks could be managed within a comparatively short amount of time. Therefore, I would like the job of my dream to foster qualities such as responsibility and the ability to negotiate with its employees. Furthermore, I would appreciate the setting in which work will have to be comfortable, with music slightly playing in the background, and managers having a sense of humor.

That being said, encouraging a laid-back attitude is not something that I would seek in managers since employers must challenge the staff to excel in their performance. Particularly, maintaining a delicate balance between providing employees with independence and supporting them throughout the project management process is something that I seek in organizations, and the organizational culture at Amazon is exactly when I need it.

Work Environment and Culture

As stressed above, opportunities for personal and professional growth are central to my idea of a perfect organization. Thus, I need to be able to use analytical skills related to marketing forecasts, e.g., the analysis of customers’ demands and the following suggestions for future changes to current brand products. Furthermore, developing new communication skills is what I look forward to especially eagerly.

I hope that my work as a marketing coordinator at Amazon will help make a difference in how the company’s brands are perceived among the target population. For this purpose, I will need to introduce a balanced approach to data collection and its further analysis. i.e., spend half the time communicating with people and the remaining half working a desk job, which is the combination that I prefer.

Job Function and Employer Information

I am happy to build skills in any industry. However, when considering particular industries that are of special interest to me, I must mention the areas such as retail and, particularly, specialty retail, where Amazon operates. With the opportunities for working with a vast number and a huge range of goods, the identified industry opens a plethora of chances for creativity. Therefore, working in large corporations that require coordinating a range of processes and performing several tasks at once is what I want to do.

Salary and Benefits

Finally, the issue of payment needs to be brought up as a crucial component of my desired job. Even though I am open to exploring financial opportunities, I would prefer to have an annual salary. Furthermore, a total of at least $50,000 a year is my current salary standard. While inspiration and flexibility are crucial to me, the financial aspect of my job is also essential since I need to invest in my professional growth. Finally, it is important to me that the compensation levels should be linked to my performance directly. Thus, I will remain motivated to perform to my best abilities and develop new skills.


Becoming a marketing coordinator at Amazon is an important step in my career. I hope that I will manage to get my dream job and receive numerous opportunities for professional growth. As long as I have my priorities in line, I will be able to attain success.

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