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Andulo Coffee Shop’s Business Plan Essay


A business plan is a written document that expounds on the goals and strategies that ought to be implemented by a given organization to achieve set goals (McKeever, 8). This paper aims at developing a business plan for Andulo Coffee Shop that is a solitary proprietorship.

Executive Summary

By emphasizing on its strengths, its clients, and the pressing needs, Andulo Coffee Shop will increase its sales in the next four years. It will also advance its profit margin on sales and capital management. This business plan provides guidance. It renews the company’s visions by adding value to the company’s targets. It also creates a way for improving the company’s sales and profitability.

Mission statement

Andulo Coffee Shop will be started on the assumption that it will be the leading coffee specialty shop with a profit of 80,000 dollars and over 50% shares. Most people love taking coffee products, baked foods, and soft drinks. Such people need to get access to the shops that sell these products. Andulo Coffee Shop is such a vendor. It will serve its customers as a relied ally, presenting them with quality coffee and baked foods. It will ensure that its customers have access to what they cherish.

Market analysis

Andulo Coffee Shop focuses on students, tutors, and the communities around. Students and tutors are the key market segment. Approximately there are 30,000 students and 1000 tutors at Thames Campus. The estimate for Andulo’s plan is based on the analysis that was carried out three months ago.

Description of the Company

Andulo Coffee Shop is a sole proprietorship located at Lukworm Road in Naklak. It has a sitting capacity of 280 customers. It is under the ownership of Andulo Gian who leased it for six years for $ 1000 per year (Abrams, 59). The security state and the environmental conditions of the Shop are also conducive.

Organization and Management

The renowned hotelier, Allarn Kuck who has won a range of compliments for being a competent manager, will manage the company. Allarn has a master’s degree in business administration from Naklak University. He will be responsible for procurement roles. His deputy Bishop Finlay, who will take control of sales and community development, has a degree in business administration. Andulo Gian, a degree holder in Human resource management, will mainly aid in the management of the employees and the development of human resource practices of the company.

Marketing and Sales

Andulo Coffee Shop will cater to its customers with the help of attentive and caring personnel. It will keep its records in the computers to ensure efficiency. Advertisements will be made using flyers and banners. The company’s website will be developed with information on the products offered through emails. It will also make use of voice, print, and audio media. The Coffee Shop will also provide sales brochures to its customers to enhance the awareness of food prices. Additionally, the company will offer its clients baked foods for free for the first two days.

Andulo Coffee Shop will also need to sell itself, and not its products. It will achieve this by employing six employees with enough knowledge pertaining to the catering. Additionally, the company will employ three bakers and one juice mixer who has ethical conduct.

The company will charge for its services affordably to attract many students. It will also provide after-sales services to its customers. The company will also use soft soothing music as a means of keeping in touch with the tired students and tutors. Its revenue structure will also have to match the cost it incurs, so the salaries the management will pay in assuring good services will have to balance with the revenue they will charge.

Description of the Product

Coffee will be produced from high-grade coffee berries imported from Taiwan. It will be served at a price slightly higher than the market one. The high price is owed to the quality coffee that is higher than the one offered by its competitors. Production of baked foods and mixed beverages will also be taken seriously. The cleanness of the company environment, workers, and products will also play a significant role in meeting the demands of the customers.


100% of the ownership of the company will be under Andulo Gian. His ways of raising capital include the usage of savings and assistance of friends and family members. He will also borrow 40% of the capital from the bank.


Sales are projected to be high in the first two months but might experience slight falls during holidays. However, they are also estimated to go up in the coming three years due to the exclusivity of the venture and the demand for becoming a leading coffee shop. Andulo Coffee Shop aims at gaining a high-profit margin from the sale of coffee; it will sell a cup of coffee at $1 hence obtaining a profit of $0.50. Its sales projection daily is $300.

Works Cited

Abrams, Rhonda. The Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies. Redwood City: The Planning Shop, 2003. Print.

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A Key to Success

For Andulo Coffee Shop to be successful, it will increase its gross margin over 30%. It will also increase the sale of baked foods and soft drinks. The company will also take opinions from its employees and customers on how to improve its services. It will also use its strategic position as an element for its success. Presence of business people and taxi operators in the area will also increase the number of its consumers. The other thing that may contribute to the success of Andulo Coffee Shop is its sole hood in the locality; it will face the least competition.

B Start up summary

Acquisition of the lease agreement concerning the strategic position of the company and the legal procedures for starting it have been compiled (McKeever, 63). Training of the employees is taking place at Blessing College of Catering and Hospitality. Company management is also attending a seminar on management and public relations.

C. Competition

Andulo Coffee Shop is likely to face competition from other restaurants that produce foods and beverages of all kinds. However, it is advantaged because of its specialization in production of coffee products. The exceptionality of the business enterprise will rely on the ability of Andulo Coffee Shop to owe its customers the opportunity of enjoying quality specialty coffee and a conducive environment.

D Lease agreement

  1. The parties in this agreement are Stephen Gicheru- Landlord and Andulo Gian – Tenant.
  2. Premises to be rented are located at Naklak Road 45-4000
  3. The landlord leased the premises to the tenant for six years at a cost of $1000 per Annum

E Consultants

  1. Human Resource Manager Winnie Nkirote
  2. Advertising consultant Michael Bolton
  3. Lawyer Lan Williams
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