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How Coffee Affects Stress? Term Paper

Executive Summary

This research report examines the influence of coffee on the person’s psycho-emotional state, that is, on sleep and stressful situations, and also considers the possible consequences of excessive consumption of this drink. As evidence, the results of the study are based on a survey of 36 people, each of which answered ten questions about their habits associated with drinking coffee.

The analysis of the data showed that those respondents who drank coffee in large quantities experienced fatigue and were more prone to stressful conditions than those who drank it rarely or never at all. A positive correlation was found between the two declared variables: the amount of coffee drunk by a person directly affects his or her state of health and is one of the causes of stress and sleep worsening. As an additional confirmation, two diagrams were compiled where, according to respondents’ answers, the data are displayed in percentage terms, confirming the relationship between the two variables. As for recommendations, tips are given on how much coffee should be consumed and how to avoid poor health caused by the consumption of this drink.

Different people’s dependencies are quite often a consequence of obsessive habits, which eventually develop into severe addictions. The consumption of coffee has always been associated with something invigorating and familiar, and for many people, this drink has long been an indispensable attribute of life. Nevertheless, according to Grosso et al., coffee has quite a lot of effects on the human body, and not all of them are positive (132). Therefore, the need to study the effects caused by coffee is significant.

With prolonged stimulation of the nervous system, the body is continuously in an excited state. Accordingly, the nervous system experiences systematic stress. This stress causes the depletion of nerve cells and disrupts the normal functioning of all body systems. Also, the use of caffeine in large quantities can lead to the development of various mental disorders and cause uncontrolled outbreaks of aggressive excitation (Sawah et al. 430). Therefore, it is essential to trace the relationship between the excessive use of this drink and possible consequences in practice.

When drinking caffeinated beverages, be it coffee, tea, etc., a person can start to experience symptoms of abstinence if he or she suddenly stops their consumption (Grosso et al. 140). The most common symptom is a headache, but people also complain of drowsiness, tiredness, lack of concentration and loss of interest, a lousy concentration of attention, and irritation (Grosso et al. 147). Caffeine intoxication happens to people who drink too much coffee for once or for some period.

The most obvious symptoms of intoxication are nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, abdominal discomfort, trembling, heart palpitations, and anxiety; there are cases of epileptic admission, stroke, and even death (Grosso et al. 147). Therefore, it is significant to study the effect of coffee on the human body and, if possible, take the necessary measures to avoid such consequences.

The objectives of this research paper are as follows:

  • To determine whether the amount of coffee that a person drinks affect the levels of stress.
  • To find out how many cups of coffee, the average person drinks per day.
  • To conduct the analysis of whether coffee consumption affects a person’s sleeping habits.

In order to find answers to all these questions, it is essential to conduct a survey among the population, analyze the data obtained, and draw up an approximate plan. As questions, people will be asked to study ten ordinary judgments about coffee and indicate to what extent they agree with this or that statement. The results obtained will help to understand how much coffee affects the body and what potential threats it brings to the psycho-emotional state.

As variables that are taken as a basis, it is necessary to distinguish two ones: dependent and independent. The first variable relates to the amount of coffee that a person drinks on the average; the second one is connected with how often a person experiences stress and whether he or she has trouble with sleep. In case a positive correlation between these two variables is found, it can be concluded that the consumption of coffee directly affects the psycho-emotional state.

The practical significance of the study is that by analyzing the results obtained, it will be possible to draw appropriate conclusions and inform the population about the potential harm that the excessive consumption of coffee bears. In case the survey based on respondents’ answers is conducted correctly, it will be possible to draw up diagrams that will show the effect of coffee on sleep and stress.

The more there are coincidences in opinions regarding this or that statement, the higher the chance of its accuracy will be. The health of the population should be controlled not only by medical organizations but also by people themselves. Therefore, if the study is conducted in accordance with the declared variables and methods, it will be possible to find a clear relationship between the overconsumption of coffee and the occurrence of difficulties in sleeping and constant stresses.

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