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Future of Robotics Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Apr 22nd, 2021

Studying particular information has a tendency to develop and change our views. In this case, the lecture, which was focusing on the flow of robotics’ development, influenced my perception about the future, robotics’ impact on our lives, and the ability of robots to destroy the humanity. In my opinion, despite having good intentions, advancement and innovation in the robotics sphere might be dangerous for the humanity, as the robots are senseless instruments.

The lecture represents the idea that people always wanted to improve the living conditions and standards. The development of mechanisms began in 1400 BC, as Babylonians seek for the helpful instrument to measure time. It is evident that this invention was a start of the robotic era, as people tend to ease their lives with the various machines and instruments. In my opinion, the progress is impressive, as the complexity of the modern machines cannot be compared with the early innovations.

People were able to introduce a sophisticated and complex mechanism, which can act autonomously in the particular scenarios. Nonetheless, soon the robots became an essential part of our everyday routines, for instance, every child had a Furby as a companion. In this case, a robot is the representation of friendliness and kindness. Nowadays, robots are utilized for the military purposes, medical assistance, and manufacturing. Nonetheless, are they really helpful and harmless?

It could be said that the primary purpose of the lecture is to make a student think whether the innovation is the positive phenomenon in the society. In my opinion, the presentation reflects that the humans are not able to stop the innovation process since the dangerous robotics such as nanorobotics are being developed. It is apparent that the autonomy of nanorobotics might be a cause of the disaster.

Additionally, the usage of the robots in the military purposes increases the number of deaths during the armed conflicts. In my opinion, the intense focus on the development of the artificial intelligence might result in the development of autonomy and loss of the control over the machines. It is apparent that despite having positive intentions such as the expansion of the working length and the abilities of the robots, the autonomy might result in the negative consequences of the existence of humanity since the robots are not able to reflect their feelings sufficiently.

The laws of robotics were introduced to assure the survival of mankind and protect the human race from the extinction. Nonetheless, it is hard to control this process, as it seems that the ‘rise of the machines’ has started. For instance, it was emphasized in the lecture that the robot on the Volkswagen plant killed the employee.

In conclusion, it could be said that now it is questionable whether the robots are beneficial for the humanity, or they might conquer the world and make the humankind extinct. Despite introducing the cyber laws, the development of the artificial intelligence continues its advancement, and computers and robots become essentialities of our lives. It is unclear whether the initial positive intentions might turn into the catastrophe and result in the disappearance of the humankind. In my opinion, people should be in control of the process and pose the particular restrictions to the usage of the robotics for the military purposes. Otherwise, the scenes from Terminator might become reality.

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