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Business Creativity and Innovation Essay

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Updated: Mar 20th, 2020

A business setting or functions of an organization involve an intricate relationship between innovation and progress. Many aspects depend on how the market views the organization and how it is being treated in the business setting. One of the key aspects of any business is to be able to interest the public or society in the products or services that are being offered to people and other organizations.

As Sue Barkley, it would be wise to follow a path of both having an in-house system and getting the EMS Time Critical Manufacturing package. To start, a business needs a quick and efficient change that is dictated by the market. Innovation is rather important to a company because it makes sure that the business stays current and can deal with the competition.

In a case where something new cannot be invented, or there is not enough time to follow the requirements and demands of the market, a purchase must be made. This would ensure a starting stage for the business while their software is being developed. Even though it might be costly, to begin with, it would be a starting point that will allow competing with other businesses.

Just because there was a bad experience with the two previous vendors, it would not be wise to put everyone under one cap and get discouraged to continue trying. With the purchased system, the company will be able to gain some momentum and make the necessary resources to develop its software. Usually, there is some passage of time that allows for experimentation and the study of the market. Developing their software is critical, as new ideas can come to life and become the leading quality of the company (Pride, 2010).

The fact that the company is using outdated technology has severe consequences about other organizations and the market. People always want the best that companies have to offer, and since there are many businesses that strive to become the leader, it would be appropriate to follow the changing world. The more useful, functioning and appealing the system is, the more demand it will have in the population, thus increasing profits.

Lucas Moore has seen the system and its capabilities, supporting the purchase. It is much better to become active in six months than two years, and while the new system is already being used for acquiring profits, own software will be developed with proper attention and care. The creation and advancement of the in-house system are crucial, as it would be unproductive to rely on the purchased product alone. The market is constantly evolving, and so, the company that has offered the new system will be developing as well.

The owners and employees of the company must have faith in their workers, as all people are different and unique, so they can input their creativity and add to the changes that will take place (Mann, 2011). At a time when the company realizes and accepts that has little experience in a certain field, outside help must be accepted, as holding itself back and being proud will not be the best choice for a business.

In the end, own innovation and doing what is necessary are key steps to an organization. One cannot exist without the other and own ideas and ability to survive in the market must be present in a company that plans to move forward and involve itself with society.


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