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Product-Marketing Innovation, Roles and Skillsets Essay

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Updated: May 13th, 2021


After manufacturing high-quality products, companies must use adequate strategies to deliver them to the consumer (Wright & Larsen, 2016). This means that the survival of for-profit organizations is dictated by the nature of their marketing processes. This discussion outlines the major issues associated with marketing such as roles and responsibilities, challenges, and skillsets.

Roles of a Marketing Person in an Organization

Junge, Severgnini, and Sorensen (2016) indicate that marketers in organizations are required to take up a wide range of functions to deliver meaningful results. For instance, a marketer will analyze different consumer bases to understand their expectations. The professional will collect feedbacks and design befitting marketing plans.

Marketers should be able to design and support various branding strategies. These include devising appropriate symbols and messages that can make the targeted brand recognizable. They identify different avenues for advertising and come up with eye-catching messages for the customers. Marketers attend public activities, interact with potential customers, and make apposite delivery plans (Wright & Larsen, 2016). They collaborate with various departments to streamline every marketing process. They also manage promotions and campaigns for different products.

Special Marketing Jobs

Several jobs in marketing differ significantly from the one I imagined before reading the chapter. For instance, social media marketers utilize different platforms to attract more customers. Online marketers use the Internet to deliver appropriate messages and promotional ideas to different consumer groups (Babinska & Witczak, 2016).

Marketing is also subdivided into different jobs. For instance, marketers can take up various jobs such as advertising, public relations, customer research, or brand management (Junge et al., 2016). These are unique positions (or roles) that require adequate marketing dexterities. The class reading has, therefore, presented an expanded understanding of marketing. These revolutionary marketing jobs are informed by the changes experienced in the world today.

Challenges Facing Marketing Professionals

The changing landscape in marketing has led to numerous hurdles for many professionals. The first one is how to deliver quality messages to the right audience. This challenge arises from the growth of social media networks and outlets. The second challenge is how to deal with competition (Babinska & Witczak, 2016). Marketers are adopting similar models to deliver competing messages to more customers. This practice is making it hard for them to customize their strategies.

The issue of attribution is another concern for marketers today. Customers are usually guided by emotions, experiences, and observations before purchasing various products. Marketers will never be sure of the decision-making pathway followed by a given buyer (Wright & Larsen, 2016). Additionally, the world is changing in terms of technology and human interactions. Marketers must, therefore, update their models to accommodate such changes.

Appropriate Skill Sets for a Career in Marketing

Marketers should develop specific skill sets if they are to succeed. They must be good communicators. Interpersonal communication helps them interact with every consumer effectively (Babinska & Witczak, 2016). Analytical skills are essential for monitoring changes and making informed plans. Creativity is appropriate since it supports every advertising and promotional strategy. A good marketer must also be a team player. Computer and writing skills will be necessary due to the nature of social marketing. Negotiation skills can be used to sensitize and encourage customers to purchase a given service or product.


With more companies targeting the same customers, marketing strategies should be customized in order to deliver meaningful results. Marketers should acquire suitable skill sets in order to tackle challenges such as competition and attribution. Such skillsets will also empower them to establish meaningful relationships with their customers and eventually drive organizational performance.


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