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Initiating Innovations: Bill Gates and Benjamin Franklin Essay

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Benjamin Franklin and Bill Gates share diverse aspects. They also have notable differences. These similarities and differences emerge from their roles in initiating important innovations and inventions. Indeed, their contribution to scientific advancement, technology and contemporary knowledge cannot be underestimated (McCormick, 2008).

It is critical to examine these disparities and similarities. This is vital because such information would help to understand the innovation and entrepreneurship path. This paper compares and contrasts the life of Benjamin Franklin and Bill Gates.

The energy you channel towards reaching your goal is what matters in the society. Your determination, inspiration and hard work really count a lot. Benjamin Franklin and Bill Gates are real proofs of this. Both of their studies did not contribute much to their inventions and innovations. Benjamin Franklin started to exhibit his talent at an early age having attended school for only one year (Klepper & Gunther, 1996).

He had not acquired any knowledge to help him further his interests. Bill gates as well started officially to pursue his interest at the eighth grade when he took an interest in programming the general electric computer system in BASIC. His drop out at the university to pursue his interest shows that he did not need any studies to realise his dream.

Benjamin’s father intended him to join the clergy (Klepper & Gunther, 1996). The only reason he did not join the clergy is that he would not have the required education needed at the clergy because his parent could not afford it. Bill on the other hand has his father thinking of him to be a lawyer.

Both of their parents did not realise their interests at an early age and wanted them to be totally opposite of what themselves really wanted. If it was not for their determinations with what interested them, then they might have ended up as different people rather than what we know them to have been.

These two men spent most of their time in science. They were also charitable; they gave a lot of money to the charity events. Although they both made a lot of money from their inventions, their driving force towards this was not to get wealthy. They had an interest in what they were doing. Many admire Benjamin. He was rich and famous from his printing work and inventions respectively. He even had an early retirement but continued to invent so many things afterwards.

He had many inspirational quotes (McCormick, 2008). Bill is ranked as one of the richest men in the world. He is famous for his Microsoft invention. As Benjamin, he retired at an early age to continue his dream in managing his company. The two brought incredible changes to their nation and to the world as a whole. Their work has led to very many other works from other people. Many are inspired by their work as well as their life history.

It was not easy for Benjamin to achieve his dreams as compared to Bill. Unlike Bill who was from a second-class family who could afford his education, Benjamin had to drop out of school due to inability to afford it and work for his brother in the printing sector. Bill had the freedom to follow his interests and even was excused from math classes at eighth grade to pursue his interests.

On the other hand, Benjamin could not even write for his brother’s paper and so had to write letters and sign them as a fictional window. He did not have the same privilege as Bill to follow his dreams at that age (Klepper & Gunther, 1996). At the time, Benjamin thought all was well and was keeping his brother’s paper going on as he was in jail only for his ungrateful brother to come out of prison to start abusing him. He ran away from home, which was illegal at that time. He realised his dream through a lot of teething troubles.


These two people have had great impact in the world. They are individuals whose dreams became the world greatest achievement, inventors of the most significant things which we cannot imagine living without. Bill Gates is credited for his Microsoft invention and Benjamin Franklin for electricity among other things. They gather a lot of admiration due to their courage and determination in achieving their dreams and not money; they would get in doing so. The world will be forever grateful to them.

Encounter between the Two People

Bill gates and Benjamin Franklin are brought together due to their love for science. They both would do anything in order to make their dreams come true. Some people have even thought of bill as another Benjamin. Bill even got an award for best scientist from Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, an institute named after Benjamin. If only these two people could have lived at the same period, they would be partners. A lot more could have been invented. They are the world’s heroes.


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