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Organ Transplantation and Donation Essay

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Updated: May 19th, 2019

Political implications of organ transplantation in the US and UK

Organ transplantation has raised a number of issues in many governments and states in the world. This is because the practice involves human lives, and therefore, caution must be taken in order to respect human dignity. In many cases, people have been involved in the exercise out of their knowledge hence calling for governments’ intervention to save the situation. For instance, people have been cheated or enticed with monetary gifts to donate their body organs to other people.

Politics have played key roles in transplantation of body organs both in United States of America and the United Kingdom. Political leaders have come out clearly to defend human rights through creating legislations for the practice (Shibles and Maier 63). This is important as people may be involved in human trafficking in order to kill and extract organs illegally.

Therefore, governments have come up with rules that govern donation and transplantation of organs to safe guard other people. Politicians in these countries have taken advantage of the situation to gather support from people as they advocate for their needs. This means that leaders who support donation of organs seem to care about people’s lives. On the other hand, people love politicians who advocate for the rights of everyone hence considering them for bigger positions in the political arena.

Border security issues in US

Border security in United States has been contemplated by increase in organ transplantation in various states. This is due to the fact that United States advocates for human rights and dignity hence they prohibit any illegal practice that can be harmful to human beings. Wealthy patients pay a lot of money to get body organs if they fail to get free donations.

This has seen many brokers venture in organ trade whereby they acquire organs from people in developing countries at low prices and take them to hospitals in United States of America for transplantation. This is very inhuman since selfish people take advantage of poverty in some countries to oppress the poor. The government of the United States of America together with law enforcers faces a lot of challenges in combatting the crime within their borders (Shelton and Balint 48).

This means that the business is discouraged although people may succeed to sneak illegal organs into the country through other means. The government has to do everything within its reach to make sure that people do not have transplants from unknown destinations. This can be achieved by involving health practitioners in fighting the crime by making sure that organs are attained in an appropriate manner.

Transnational public health issues

Since people donate organs to others regardless of their locations, nations need to be cautious in order to avoid spread of diseases in the process. There is the issue on spreading of communicable diseases across national borders and this may be fatal to the recipient nation. In addition, people may be faced by gross human trafficking in situations where certain people are known to have specific characteristics desired by patients.

For instance, in some communities tend to have immunity against some conditions due to their lifestyles. This may pose a great danger to citizens as they may be targeted for their healthy organs (Klein, Lewis and Madsen 98). Therefore, governments should work together to make sure that they help in safeguarding health conditions within their states. In addition, they should make sure that people are not exposed to harassment.

Nations should protect donation and transplantation of organs within their personal borders in order to safeguards rights of their neighbors. This is vital because transnational issues may hinder regional developments or even result to war between neighbors. People may develop animosity following issues of extracting organs by force hence demoralizing members of neighboring communities.

Black market on organ transplant in the US and UK

Black markets are illegal markets which governments are left out of the business activities. People involved in black markets do not pay taxes to the government and this affects economies as tax free goods find their way to the market. This means that people may opt for cheaper goods hence reducing demand for legal goods hence affecting revenue generation by countries. In United States of America and the United Kingdom, people have taken initiatives in organ trading without following the right procedure set by governments.

People have been able to acquire body organs and stock them in organ banks in various hospitals without paying taxes or following the right medical procedures set by governments (petechuk 76). In fact, organs have been imported from other continents into United States of America and United kingdoms without clearance from the government.

In most cases business people collude with law enforcers and revenue collectors to illegally import human organs into those states. Organ donation is a vital process and governments should not allow illegal practices because it might end up affecting people in a great manner.

Laws if they negatively or positively affecting organ transplant.

Laws set by both the United States of America and United Kingdom aims at ensuring that the activity is safe for humans. For example, there are laws aimed at ensuring that their citizens receive quality organs whenever need for transplants arise (David and Price 98). They achieve this by involving leaders from donor nations to ensure that they monitor the donation process. This includes ensuring that only people with good health records are allowed to donate body organs.

This is important for both the donor and the recipient since they are involved in the transplant directly. This means that donors may end up complicating their health conditions after donating crucial organs. Doctors should be involved in examining donors to advise them on whether to donate an organ or not depending with their body conditions (petechuk 76).

Governments should make sure that medical practitioners do not take part in illegal extraction or transplantation of organs. Laws should be set up by leaders to make sure that medical practitioners involved in illegal organ deals are punished. This will caution doctors and patients from encouraging the illegal business hence helping in combatting crimes against human rights.


Organ transplantation is among the latest development in the field of medicine. Doctors have been able to save people’s lives in the recent past whereby people donate body organs to institutions. However, a lot of activities have emerged involving organ donations leading to situations where people sell their organs. Governments had to intervene to bring sanity in countries as people could risk losing their lives for money.

Regulations have been set up by governments to make sure that donation is guided by moral principles. In addition, qualified personnel have to be involved in advising and extracting organs from donors. Diseases control units have been set up to ensure that diseases are not transmitted through organ transplantation.

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