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Abortion and Parental Consent Essay

Abortion is the killing of an under-developed embryo or fetus, and is therefore an intentional means of terminating a pregnancy. It is legality varied in various aspects of the society with its supporters arguing that the fetus is not yet a grown human. Consequently, it has called on the government to verify if a fetus should be regarded as human or not, in order to solve the issue of abortion.

While on the other hand, abortion opponents have often based their views in religious terms, arguing that the fetus is a full human person while calling on the government to take up its responsibility of protecting life and outlaw abortion. For ages, abortion has continued to undertake a personal and a political connotation throughout diverse cultures and religions.

Since abortion is quite a vivid and significant episode in women’s reproductive health, they generally talk of abortion being a personal choice. This choice can also ‘’snowball’’ into a political event if the government steps in to control the access to abortion, and the ‘’terms’’ involved and required when terminating a pregnancy.

The availability and legality of abortion has being characterized by coarse divisions in some parts of the world, with even an overt aggression and violence being directed to those persons and institutions that provide abortions. This disagreement has widely impacted the public dialogue on aspects that pertains fetal tissue studies, financing abortion procedures and contraceptive provision.

Therefore, a woman’s experience in abortion is widely and deeply influenced by the legal, logistics, and moral contexts for abortion. A woman’s decision is ultimately construed by both personal and political factors which affects the overall psychology of abortion. Abortion can therefore be emotionally stressful due to ambivalence, inadequate coping skills, and lack of social support.

There is no doubt to the high rate of teenage pregnancies and also the high rate at which they are involved in unapprised decisions leading up to abortion. This issue has therefore brought a tremendous focus on parental consent or notice for under-age women willing to undergo through abortion.

Parental consent will require a minor to either notify or consult with the parent/s or a parental figure before obtaining an abortion, which on these terms is usually based on a medical process. In my view, the pregnant minor is best suited to get guidance, counsel, and support from the parent/s as she ponders whether to keep the pregnancy or undergo an abortion.

In some cases, a pregnancy may be brought about by rape or incest, and the best people that these minors can conform to are parents who will assist them in the documentation process by reporting the crime to relevant authorities.

Such consent will end up strengthening the family unit and also gives support to the minor in her decision with the pregnancy. Parental consent also helps to ensure the general health and safety of these pregnant young girls while supporting parents in exercising their fundamental right of raising their children.

Post-abortion can cause the women involved to wind up with a low self-esteem while being alienated and isolated from the society due to the awful trauma with serious and devastating implications. Although its custom for a woman to base her decision to have an abortion on the view of her psychiatrist, or illegal abortionist, that decision might be based in a context of pathology, deviance, and criminality.

The issue of abortion cannot be sidelined by throwing money at it. Laws that will force under-age pregnant girls to consent with their parents must be put into effect, and by doing this, they will be making an informed decision and get the moral support and advice they greatly need.

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