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Ethic Issues: The Rampart Scandal Essay

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Ethics should be observed in all the activities involved in law enforcements to ensure justice for all. LAPD rampart scandal entails the unfolding events and discoveries of police misconduct and was ignited by Rafael Perez one of LAPD police officer who is well known for his misconduct while he was still a cop.(Darby and Shelby, 2005).

Rafael Perez

Rafael Perez is popular figure associated with the unethical issues in the LAPD through the unfolding he brought into light as he accused his fellow police officers of the unethical activities they engaged in during their service. He was hired in LAPD in 1989 but he had previously been involved with a lot of criminal activities for instance dealing with narcotics. His impact on LAPD is highly notable and can not be underemphasized.

Rafael Perez is a very critical figure in LAPD’s history and acted as a tool through which the misconduct among police officers can be revealed as he confessed of his criminal undertakings while he was still a cop. He is deemed to have much more deeper impact on the LAPD than any other officer.

He for instance has led to changes in the department through exposing the fundamental problems in the force hence giving a means through which strategies could be framed. Rafael Perez credibility has been faced with a lot of controversy since he has been involved in giving testimonies that are both true and false the latter altering his credibility for instance where he implicated los Angeles police officer Kulin Patel and the claim was later found false.

Criminal activities

These are the unethical criminal activities undertaken by the Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums police officers as implicated by Rafael Perez. The police officers are supposed to maintain justice for all and offer protection to the public as opposed to making their lives uncomfortable. They should also be sober and not work under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs (May and Headley,2008).

The criminal activities implicated to the police officers are contrary to what they are supposed to do in their duties. They are for instance supposed to provide appropriate evidence, prevent bank robbery and drug dealings and safeguard the public as opposed to harassing them for example through unprovoked beating and shootings.

Ends and Means

The police officers in the rampart division were supposed to bring about peace in the area which was achieved to a certain extent for instance through the reduction of gangs. However the police officers also encaged din corrupt deals which they were supposed to do away with among the public.

The police officers’ unit was effective to a certain extent although they misused their liberty and power to engage in corrupt deals. The rate at which people engaged in criminal activities for example gang was reduced. (Reese 2003).


To avoid a reoccurrence of such a systemic display of unethical conduct the hiring practices were to be reviewed and police be well trained especially in ethical issues and a prosecutor elected to investigate police misconduct so as to make necessary adjustments. The operations of the police commission and the inspector general were also reviewed to ensure that they carry out their work appropriately hence the smooth operation of the LAPD.

Civil rights are very essential and to ensure that their integrity is maintained, management and supervisory measures were recommended. Gang units in the society were a major cause of corruption and contributed to a great percentage of criminal activities and hence curbing the gangs was a recommendation expected to improve the situation.

Effective programs to handle cases of mental illness in the force which may lead to inappropriate behavior was also effected. Improvement of procedures in LAPD is another positive change for instance ensuring accountability and transparency in all practices through aspects like proper documentation of incidents and investigations.

The judges are required by law to be tough in their duties so as to ensure that all aspects of corruption in the entire justice system. The public was also sensitized to point out police misconducts as a way through which the police force could change their behavior for the good of the public.

This was achieved through community outreach campaigns that provided relevant information. The consent decree is however a very essential element of change and avoiding the occurrence of such a scandal in future through the implementation of the changes advocated for, for instance allowing the public to have access to adequate information regarding the officers in the LAPD. Integrity audit to check the performance of the police officers and all individuals involved is also a positive move that was advocated for example Computerized tracking of the police officers.

The proper management of the confidential informants (individuals who provide useful information to the law enforcement officers in regard to a criminal activity) was also an issue of concern and the law enforcement officers are supposed to develop strategies of gauging the credibility of the information as well as protecting the confidential informants (LAPD, 2011).

LAPD current reputation

LADP reputation was greatly damaged by the rampart scandal and although there are varying views towards its reputation it is clear that the reputation is now good and there are still changes that are aimed at improving its reputation through rebuilding of trust among the public by eliminating corruption. The policing of LAPD is good and corruption has however been condemned in the force. (Newton, 2006).

Projected image

I consider the implemented changes in the LAPD unsuccessful in terms of the image projected by the department as the changes revealed that the police force was linked with a lot of corrupt deals from hiring to training. Changes have however been effected and the image of LAPD is now clean.

Improving LAPD’s image

To improve on the image of LAPD, I would recommend for hiring of qualified personnel in terms of training. The working conditions should also be improved to allow for motivation for instance through better pay which will prevent the police officers from engaging in corrupt deals in search of more money. Ethical aspects should also be instilled to the officers and their good work will help rebuild LAPD’s image.

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