Bridging People together: When Immigration Issue Comes to the Forth Essay (Movie Review)

Immigration issue has been the prevailing ones on the agenda of the modern world since recently. Because of the complexities connected with the process of adapting to another country and the different, completely foreign traditions and customs, immigrants need constant help from the local people and the local authorities. Though certain help to the immigrants is provided, it is obvious that the current support is not enough.

Analyzing the existing evidence concerning the help offered and comparing and contrasting them, one can come to the conclusion that will help to figure out the probable strategy for the immigrants to be treated. With help of the analysis of the two interviews made, one can offer probable solutions for the current issue and provide essential pieces of advice to improve the work of the immigrate centers already existing.

There is no doubt that a lot is being done for the immigrants in Australia to feel comfortable in the new environment. Comparing the interviews, one can mark several issues that require further consideration and might be the clues to the further successful implementation of the programs for immigrants.

Among the most obvious points to emphasize, the difficulties that were faced turned out the most insightful part full of sudden and enticing discoveries.

It is important to mark that the given survey had a number of enticing facts to offer. Analyzing the answers of the respondents, one can drive a number of curious conclusions concerning the immigration situation in Australia and the measures that the local people are trying to undertake to help the former adjust to the new environment.

Except from the survey being an enticing journey into another culture and the ways it is intertwined with the Australian traditions, the survey is also a guide for the local people to help immigrants adapt to the new country and the new environment..

One of the most intriguing and at the same time controversial issues that the respondents came across when answering the questions of the survey concerned the difficulties experienced when helping the immigrants adapt to the new environment.

As it could have been predicted, the religious issue was raised. According to the researches conducted several years earlier, Muslim immigrants encounter complexities when trying to understand the traditions and the life of the Australian people from the position of a Muslim. As Saeed (2003) explained,

A number of Australia’s northern neighbours are Muslim. Islam arrived into Southeast Asia as early as the beginning of the eighth century CE. From then on, its growth and spread continued. By the twelfth century, Islam was as important religion in this parts of what we call today Malaysia and Indonesia. (p. 113)

Nevertheless, the conflicts involving the differences in religious beliefs still occur. Hence, the religious issues are the first thing to tackle for the Australian immigration centers. However, there is another peculiar fact that is worth mentioning.

It was quite peculiar to find out that not only the Turks, but also a number of other ethnicities made the bulk of the immigrants in Australia. However, ethnic diversity of the Australian immigrants has always been rather noticeable.

As Jupp (2001) says, among the Australian immigrants, there have always been Vietnamese, Lebanese, the residents of Central America, East Africa, Afghans, Iraqis, Turks, and a number of other ethnicities (p. 77).

Another peculiar issue concerns the potential of the young immigrants, who, according to the survey and the research of Bonifacio & Angeles (2010), have great potential. In addition, the prospects of the political life of the Australian immigrants entice incredibly.

It could be a good idea to introduce immigrants to the government of Australia; as Murphy (1993) says, such initiative could be the stimulus for the immigrants to integrate into the Australian society faster (p. 201).

Naturally, the survey organizers also had some obstacles to overcome. One of the most obvious complexities concerning the survey was the difference in the participants’ background. For instance, some of the people taking part in the survey were young and inexperienced, some possessed considerable experience. In addition, the gender differences in the viewpoints also mattered when calculating the results of the survey.

Hence, among the problems that occurred during the survey itself and the assessment part, the problem concerning different and sometimes even opposing viewpoints came to the forth.

However, it must be admitted that those questioned agreed upon the current situation in the sphere of Australian immigration, which, according to Burnley (1997, p.113), is closely interconnected with the country home politics, especially the one concerning the labor markets.

One of the most peculiar details concerning the way the surveyed reacted to the questions that they had been asked was the fact that most people feared answering certain questions. Among the key reasons for such attitude towards the survey can be the fact that illegal immigrants are treated in the way that leaves much to be desired in Australia.

For instance, Rumley et al. (2006) mention that the illegal immigration in Australia is considered as a continuous threat: “The degree to which an unauthorized immigration into Australia, especially from its arc of instability, is a security threat is a contentious issue” (p. 49). Therefore, the reasons for the inquired to answer certain questions of the survey are quite understood.

Surprisingly enough, some people, especially the educated ones with high qualifications – mostly because the surveyed thought that the survey was sponsored abundantly by the Macquarie University.

In addition, a number of the surveyed people refused from taking the test and participate in the activity since the date of the survey was omitted. However, the given issue was connected with the specifics of the survey and could not be fixed, which is why some people refused to partake in the survey.

To sup up, there is an impressive achievement in the sphere of immigration assistance and immigration services done, and immigrants obtain the necessary help so that they could accommodate in the new country and get used to the new environment.

However, it must be admitted that at present, the situation requires certain development, since the changes for the better have been applied only since recently, whereas the bulk of the current program was developed not so long ago. To be more specific, immigrants need to be more involved into the affairs of the community on a political level as well, like partaking in the parliament decisions, etc.

Hence, it must be admitted that the current state of the immigrants’ life is satisfying and constantly improving, yet the program for the integration of the immigrants into the new environment, certain approaches that will help immigrants enter the legal system of the country and have the impact on the country politics are most desirable at present.

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