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Value of Immigration Essay


There are numerous factors that highly contribute to immigration flows. Some of these factors include immigration policies, cultural perception, social networks and economic pressures. However, studies have demonstrated that there are factors that are more important and immensely trigger immigration flows. For example, it is worth to mention that economic pressure is one of the most vital factors that trigger mass movement of people from one region to another. This part of the essay attempts to examine and explore why economic pressure is an important factor that enhances international immigration flows.

To begin with, economic pressures entail all economic activities such as trade, labor supply and production that results into international differences in terms of generation of resources and consumer preferences. These activities determine immigration patterns, transactions and also tend to interfere with how immigrants generally interact with the inhabitants of diverse countries. In-depth study has shown that terms of trade vary a lot from one country to another.

As a matter of fact, trade differentials such as comparative advantage tend to explain why trading usually takes place between two or more geographical regions. In this case, immigrants move from their country of origin into another location where there are favorable terms of trade. It is notable that economic policies in certain countries do not favor both new and existing investments thereby forcing investors to migrate into other countries where they can be able to practice trade without limitations.

In addition to the latter, it is apparent that some countries especially those that are developed have high production ratio than the underdeveloped states. Therefore, these countries experience economic integration and diversification, a factor that attract immigrants to new destinations due to favorable terms of trade.

Current research evidences have revealed that myriads of immigration cases are economically motivated. This is due to the fact that there is a vivid and wide disparity in terms of income earned by workers all over the world. In particular, workers in developed countries are well paid as opposed to those in underdeveloped countries. Moreover, empirical studies have revealed that in third world countries, skilled workers receive minimal pay for the same work done by other laborers in well developed and sustained economies such as those in the US, UK and Asian tigers. This factor has triggered increased immigration flows from low-waged to high-waged countries.

Economic policies that have been used for considerably long period of time to regulate labor supply also determine immigration flows. For instance, a country like Australia lawfully allows immigrants within its borders who qualify to take positions in particular jobs. In this case, labor polices in a country can determine whether individuals will opt to immigrate into other places. In fact, certain countries have laws allowing their citizens to export their skills by working in foreign countries.

Needless, to say, economic incentives for foreign investors in a certain country can determine immigration flow. This implies that if a particular country does not offer incentives for workers with vital skills and qualifications, then they will be compelled to migrate into countries where they can get such incentives.

To recap it all, it is reasonably beyond doubt that countries with favorable trade policies, high wage levels and impressive economic incentives for laborers experience high immigration flows. Examples of such countries include the UK, Germany, Britain, USA, France and Italy.

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