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Immigration Reform in America Report

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Basically, immigration reform pertains to policies and programs that aim to improve the development of the quality of life that will aid in the adjustments of the immigrants. Immigration reforms help change the ethnic and financial aspects of both immigrants and the welcoming community or country in plenty of manners that most of the time vary from their assumptions (Borjas, p. 4).

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More often than not, immigration reforms target the process of helping the immigrants in adjusting to a new culture, and this works together with immigration which pertains to developments of existing attitudes and inherent behaviors in a person whose organization is altogether facing cultural adjustments. A victorious achievement of the reforms of immigration needs tremendous cooperation between the immigrants and the welcoming community. The resistance to all developments of the welcoming community transforms immigration reforms into possible failures. Immigrants need to face developments to plenty of factors which include physical. This involves changes in locations, governance, financial adjustments, customs, and communication systems. They would need to adjust to the community’s leadership, kinds of job opportunities mean of communication, literacy views, religion, and other aspects of the society. Even mentally, the immigrant would possess alterations of attitudes, beliefs, skills, goals as well as profiles and identities. Immigration reform is normally quickly accomplished but with several delays in implementation, composed of significant developments and needing extreme adjustments leading to increased pressure on the immigrants. The tremendous level of life alterations that immigrants need to face can result in the development of the idea of discrimination and helplessness which can hinder their motivation in attaining their objectives in their new environment (Laham, p. 3).

Immigration reform and its application in various countries all over the world have established a critical responsibility in its financial and social development. Media highlights and investigations have insisted on the need for immigration reform since the development of every nation’s leadership and governance systems, specifically pertaining to the volume and origin of the transferring immigrants. For example, immigration reform in America has motivated larger criticism as it was seemingly being connected to various social and financial dilemmas.

Advocates of anti-immigration reforms maintain that immigrants remove employment opportunities from the existing population and eat up plenty of basic needs and yet they have the luxury of paying minimal taxes to help sustain these basic needs. Regarding human resources and financial assets, immigrants have plenty of debts to the community. Therefore, advocates of anti-immigration reforms wish to reduce the transfer of immigrants going into their nation. Advocates of immigration reforms, on the other hand, have reputed these issues by mentioning that immigrants have been the foundations of financial development throughout every nation’s origins as they take responsibility for plenty of jobs that most of the native people cannot do. In addition, the proponents had mentioned that immigrants rapidly transform into effective, law-abiding citizens that do not cause trouble to the native citizens (Hayes, p. 6).


There were practically plenty of immigration reform initiatives that have been developed to slow down the rate of immigration on the premise that immigrants induce bad effects on countries. The majority of these immigration reform initiatives though were only founded on hearsays and hypotheses rather than concrete investigations. The immigrants, nevertheless, have validated themselves through their concerted efforts to survive for the welfare of their families.

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