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Berlin: Music, Spies, and Turkish Immigration Essay

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Updated: Jan 22nd, 2022

Classical music

Berlin was never the center of classical music. This city might be the core of others sorts of music across the world, but classical music as we understand it was played in different cities at the time. But now, however, the new classical music can reflect the city itself. Because the modern classics are so different from what was composed centuries ago, it fits perfectly to the fast rhythm of Berlin. And I think that Berlin’s split during the XX century has also influenced the music that was produced and written here: in its core, it reflects the differences and similarities between the East and West.

Music emergence from Turkish migrants

I do not know what Berlin would look like, or, precisely, sound like if Turkish Hip Hop was not as present as it is now. This music empowers Turkish immigrants, their sons, and daughters, but it goes beyond that – many young people, not of Turkish origin, also prefer listening to Turkish Hip Hop or sometimes even Arabesk music. Turkish Hip Hop is also a tool for other citizens that helps to understand the neighbors we see day by day. I cannot imagine presenting Berlin without the music, and especially without Turkish Hip Hop and its subgenres.

Techno’s rebirth in berlin

Berlin is definitely the capital of techno music. Thousands of empty buildings, dark clubs, former plants, and factories have become the scene for modern techno music. This genre, as well as industrial music, fits the dark, gloomy Berlin perfectly at night. It seems that some parts of Berlin, the subway, industrial, and construction sites have influenced the genre so heavily that some ordinary noise we can hear on the streets of Berlin can be easily mixed up with techno music.

Spies and Berlin

Teufelsberg Spy Station: I find it interesting that the former spy station has such a prominent name: Devil’s Hill. But it seems that it was a benefit to the city when the former station became an art gallery. Berlin is indeed a city of artists and inspiration: why have an old empty and spooky building with a dubious history when we can have a bright, crazy, and world-famous graffiti gallery instead? But what would it look like if David Lynch created his “Happiness College” here? We will never know. But maybe we do not have to – the Teufelsberg is a brilliant feature of Berlin that does not need any altering.

Spy Swapping on Glienicke Bridge: It is hard to imagine the fear and the anxiety the people went through when they were captured and then swapped as if they were a product. No matter what duties they had, they were still humans who had their own goals. To me, the Cold War Era appears to be filled with anxiety or even paranoia. I am glad that we are not living in the Cold War Era, but the Glienicke Bridge is a good reminder of how restricted Berlin once was. We should never forget it, even if the modern city is extremely open for anyone.

Espionage in Berlin Today: This might appear to be distant history, but Berlin is still a city full of intelligence forces. We all know that it is so much easier to spy on a person now than it was thirty or fifty years ago. Cell phones, laptops, webcams are so insecure that some people prefer not using them at all. Who knows what people have access to our phones and data? And how will they use it? I do not think we should become paranoid, but a little caution could help us make our private life literally more private than it is now.

Turkish Immigration and Berlin

Where Turkey guest workers live – Kreuzberg: Why is it so complex to integrate into a new society? It is a question that many sociology studies are trying to answer. When we face an immigrant or a foreigner who is not willing to integrate into the society, we should ask ourselves what would we do in a land that is foreign to us? Adjusting is not always easy, but still possible. We should not forget that the immigrants are also working hard, they have their influence on the city and bring the new cultural features that are later accepted by everyone as something normal. There are no cities in the world that were not influenced by ‘the others’ and maybe it is for the best. The best example is Berlin in Kreuzberg, the district with a high density of Turkish immigrants.

Mirror of Istanbul – Turkish immigrants in Berlin and their reactions to politics in Turkey: I do not think it is possible to stay away from the events that happen in your own country even if you are far away from it. So the parallel society that the Turkish immigrants create in Berlin seems reasonable to me – although Germany and Turkey are so incredibly different. The citizens of Berlin should probably understand the importance of such a reaction, and maybe try to examine it closer.

Debate Surrounding a Questionable Man: the refugee crisis has raised many questions that concern national security, closed borders, and the existence of the European Union. I do not find it surprising that different politicians exploit the situation in their own interest. These times, one should consider both the security of the land and the lives of people who depend on the policies.

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