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Immigration Debate: Literature Study Annotated Bibliography

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Updated: Mar 27th, 2022

Edmonston, Barry and Smith, James. The New Americans: Economic, Demographic, and Fiscal Effects of Immigration. Washington: National Academy Press, 2007.

The book under analysis provides exhaustive information on economic losses and gains from immigration both for the entire state and for particular regions. It also provides a solid foundation for public policymaking and discussion. The significance of the sources consists of the questions and ideas the authors examine. Their particular attention is paid to the potential impact of state and federal government budgets and on the size of the state population. Finally, the book reveals samples of measuring financial activities of the government with regard to expenditures and revenues of immigrant groups.

Espenshade, Thomas J. and Belanger, Maryann. Immigration and Public Opinion In Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco, ed. Crossings: Mexican Immigration in Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Cambridge, Mass.

David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies and Harvard University Press, 1998 pages 365-403. In this article, the authors consider the prevailing theoretical and conceptual frameworks of the immigration issues being the main subject of policy and scientific debate. Taking a multi-disciplinal view on immigration, they evaluate the current immigration process from a social, psychological, anthropological perspective. In this respect, the book is of great value for the research on immigration because it incorporates historical and social perspectives as well as tangible shifts this process introduced to the United States at the beginning of the twentieth-first century.

Jeffrey S. Passel. The Size and Characteristics of the Unauthorized Migrant Population in the U.S.: Estimates Based on the March 2005 Current Population Survey, Research Report. Washington, D.C.: Pew Hispanic Center, 2006. The given source reveals statistical data analysis of unauthorized populations in the United States. In particular, the evaluation of the March Current Population Survey has disclosed significant growth of the illegal immigrations residing in the country. Hence the research consists in measuring the growth rates and estimating the population map with regard to age, gender, and race. Most unauthorized immigrants were permanent residents who came from Mexico. Finally, the researchers have dedicated their studies to identifying the reasons for the current situation in the United States as well as underpinning for the steady growth of immigrants.

Lynch, J. David, and Woodyard, Chris. USA Today, 2006. Web.

The paper states that “…[r]eplacements for the foreign-born workers could be found among the 362 native workers with experience in that field who remain unemployed” (Lynch and Woodyard n. p.). Although illegal immigrants contribute to the US economic development, they constitute a major problem for American workers whose experience and education are much more advanced. The employers are more inclined to take a foreign population that agrees on lower salaries than the native workers who require higher salaries due to their competency and qualification. This problem is also worth discussing in my research because it discloses the most crucial questions connected with the immigration population growth.

Smith, James Patrick, and Edmonston, Barry. The Immigration Debate: Studies On The Economic, Demographic, And Fiscal Effects Of Immigration. Washington: National Academics Press, 1998.

The book under consideration presents the analysis of the connection between migration and trade to define whether the migration process belongs to the Free Trade Agreement. The point is that trade and migrations relations derive from significant disparities between Mexican and U. S. wages. The influence of the migration process on the labor force and wage inequality is also examined in the book. All these interactions and interrelations will be of great use for my research paper because it explores important aspects and consequences of immigration growth for the United States.

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