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International student’s difficulties in Canada Research Paper

Canada (Ontario) is known for admitting high number of international students due to pursue post secondary education. These students often face various problems which include: mastering languages especially English.

This is in its spoken and written form. Adjusting to dissimilar classrooms that pursue diverse strategies of learning, asking for assistance, expressing ideologies and opinions illuminate the difficulties faced by such students. The government is formulating a plan aimed at improving different aspects of the economy especially through improving the education standards in the region (McGuinty, 2010).

The significance of the conducted research linking it with the Ontario plan

A research based on tribulations facing postsecondary students points out the actual problems that international students faces. This study is utilized as a baseline to the enhancement of post secondary edification as proposed in the Open – Ontario scheme.

The government’s open Ontario scheme targets 70% amplification in postsecondary edification beginning with a 20,000 raise in spaces this year for local and global students (McGuinty, 2010). Identifying and possibly solving the problem faced by international students will attract more international students to register for the spaces created. This is especially the case upon implementation of the open Ontario scheme.

The project also aims at promoting Ontario colleges, universities and any other postsecondary education institutions within the region. This can be spiced up by solving the already identified troubles on the conducted research.

This also extends to using the solved problems as a marketing strategy for promotion and marketing postsecondary learning institutions present in the region to a global population (McGuinty, 2010). Consequently, an increase in international student enrollment will correspond to an increase in revenues. This will in turn improve Ontario’s and Canadian economy in the long run.

The government plans to work with experts in instructive, commerce and training field so as to develop the five-year Ontario scheme. This is with aim of improving the quality universities and colleges (McGuinty, 2010). Technically, this cannot be effectively achieved without addressing the problems faced by local and worldwide student especially when learning is concerned.

A research on the problems faced by the students whether local or international is of great importance since action will be taken based on the identified problems; furthermore, this can avoid deviations from processes that concentrate on addressing problems. In the event that the government creates an online Ontario institution, it is best for them to identify the problems that students may face while studying online.

A research on the problems likely to be encountered will assist the government in creating an effective online Ontario institute that addresses the emerging and existing problems of the students.

The government’s Ontario scheme aims at creating more employment opportunities that require talented and skilled tradespersons with quality scholastic qualifications. It is my opinion that they must consider working on the problems facing both the international student and local students. This is for quality education to be achieved since they are the future employers and employees of Ontario.

Pointed out recommendations and directions for the future

Research is considered as not only a professional method but also educative way of identifying, understanding and further solving a problem. It will be of great importance to carry out a research before planning or implementing any project. It is imperative to acknowledge that education as an aspect of economic growth can be achieved through research (McGuinty, 2010).

This not only addresses the problems facing international students but also other supporting tenets and processes of education. This will greatly help in understanding the problems faced by the education sector from a summative dimension. It is not forgotten that improvements on research findings should be carried out on individual aspects of education. This in turn increases the quality and services of education as a whole.

I strongly recommend that the government should resourcefully invest on research as a tool towards the improvement of varied aspects of the economy. Supporting research on education or any aspect of economy either financially or in any other form will immensely improve the understanding of challenges faced by different sectors in various capacities.

Financial support will also lead to tremendous improvement in the quality of research consequently, leading to successful projects aimed at improving aspects of the economy and not necessarily education (McGuinty, 2010).

I would conclude this by stressing that research is vital in solving any problem inherent or new in society. I highly recommend that the government should carry out different types of research before investing on any economic sector. This is in a bid to establish which exact areas are of interest that requires reforms.

Education is fundamental to any economic success (McGuinty, 2010). In light of this fact, research should be done on every aspect of education in order to address the key issues which when improved a better education strategy will be formulated. I further reinstate on the importance of the quality of this approach as it enhances growth and success in Ontario.


McGuinty, D. (2010). Open Ontario, a five year economic plan. Ontario: Office of the Premier. Retrieved from Office of the Premier, Dalton McGuinty Open Ontario Plan.htm

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