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Two Arm Coordination Test Report Report

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Updated: Jan 3rd, 2022


The test is aimed at testing the coordination skills of two probationers. Both revealed good results in coordination, while one of them showed a methodical approach towards passing the test, and the other showed perfect learning skills. The Importance of two-arm coordination can not be overestimated, and the key value is the opportunity to assess the patterns of coordination learning.


Two arm coordination test involves the study of brain adaptability towards the changes in casual operations. This test requires the coordinated work of both arms to complete the assignment. The subject is to move the stylus along a pattern without leaving the borders of the pattern. The test is performed both clockwise and counterclockwise to avoid preferred side violations. The test aims to study the coordinated sensorimotor skills of a person. (Bard and Fleury, 2004) The key difficulty for a person is to adapt to the control process, as hands should be moved apart for moving the stylus upwards, moving hands together moves the stylus down, and side to side movements move it left and right correspondingly.


Subjects are taken randomly (two volunteers), the apparatus is the standard two-arm-coordination test pad with a star pattern. The research was performed with an arm coordination test and a star pattern which defines the tracing route of the stylus. Two probationers perform the test by leading the stylus clockwise and counterclockwise while the time of test is registered and the amount of mistakes is calculated. The analysis is based on the test reports, where the name, age, time, and amount of mistakes are pointed.


The results will be presented in tables, as they provide an evident opportunity of comparing the test data of two probationers:

Randy (age 29 ‑ 38) Eric (age 29 ‑ 38)
Time Errors Time Errors
Trial 1 0:55 141 1:23 0
Trial 2 0:48 3 1:20 0
Trial 3 0:48 0 1:17 0


The results of the test may be analyzed from several perspectives. The key angle is the coordination skills, and the ability of the probationers to control their movements for performing the non-standard actions. Hence, probationer Randy revealed the worst result, as the amount of mistakes during the first attempt is enormous. Further attempts are much better, as probationers needed lesser time, and the number of mistakes was essentially lower. Another aspect is the learning skill: Randy is in a better position in comparison with Eric, as Eric had not improved his results significantly, while Randy managed not only to minimize the amount of the mistakes but also improved the test time slightly. The test presupposes providing a training minute for probationers. If both were provided this minute, the amount of the mistakes and the time spent could be improved, hence, the analysis aspects could be wider. (Rodrigues, Vickers and Williams, 2002)

The test reveals the possible values of the coordination training and may be used for assessing the professional integrity of workers who need to perform complex tasks associated with coordination and sensorimotor control. This may be used for drug and alcohol tests, or as an endurance test. Hence, the patterns of coordination learning may involve either time or accuracy aspects, and the amount of repetitions is the only way to improve the results.

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