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Dating – What Do Women Want? Essay

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Updated: May 5th, 2020

Summary of the reading

There are several factors that can prompt women to agree on having sex, even if they do not want to. At first, researchers distinguish the feeling of obligation or even guilt (Noel, Ogle, Maisto, & Jackson, 2014, p. 9). They may believe that men have made too many sacrifices for them, and it is difficult for them to refuse. In some cases, men can evoke this sense of guilt in women (Noel et al., 2014, p. 13). Additionally, scholars pay attention to such details as men’s verbal or physical persistence.

Additionally, a woman may attach importance to the social status of a man and his intelligence. Additionally, in many cases, females can be affected by peer pressure and the need for acceptance. Finally, alcohol consumption can also become prompt women to have unwanted sex. These are the main issues that the authors examined while answering the fifth research question.

While providing the general discussion of the study, scholars identify several themes that are closely related to dating, In particular, the authors note that attractive qualities of men tend to increase women’s vulnerability to manipulation (Noel et al., 2014, p. 15). As it has been said before, it is possible to speak about such traits as intelligence, social status, or physical attractiveness.

Apart from that, the results of this study indicate that a romantic relationship is critical for the self-esteem of many women (Noel et al., 2014, p. 16). Apart from that, the researchers note that many women are reluctant to discuss sexual activities, and they do not always express their refusal of men’s sexual advances. Overall, the authors believe that the knowledge of these issues can help women avoid being manipulated by males. In their opinion, a high level of self-esteem is important to minimize the influence of manipulation.

Critical analysis

The authors make several insightful points while discussing the dating behavior of females and males. In particular, they note that in many cases, women can perceive romantic relations as a sign of social status (Noel et al., 2014, p. 16). In this case, peer pressure can influence their decision to have unwanted sex. This point should be examined by various professionals. For instance, psychologists should discuss this issue in order to gain better insight into such a problem as peer pressure.

Furthermore, this issue should be considered by counselors helping women who may be dissatisfied with their sexual lives. This is why this finding should not be overlooked. In turn, the least interesting point is related to the influence of alcohol consumption on the dating behavior of both males and females. This issue has been discussed by many other researchers who examine coercive behaviors during dating (Byers & O’Sullivan, 2013).

There are no unclear or confusing points in this article; moreover, it is possible to agree with the arguments expressed by the scholars. Additionally, it is important to mention that researchers try to make their discussion as clear as possible. For instance, they provide quotes from the interviews of women who took part in this study. In many cases, these comments are very eloquent and illuminating. Nevertheless, there are some limitations that are related to the authors’ argumentation.

In particular, the researchers focus only on women’s perception of dating. However, this discussion can be improved considerably if scholars encourage men to provide their own interpretation of dating. Therefore, the discussion can be made impartial. This is one of the problems that should be taken into account. Yet, this article has been of great interest to psychologists and counselors.

Questions that should be discussed in the class

This reading can give rise to many thought-provoking questions that should be discussed by students. For instance, it is possible to ask male students if they agree with women’s perception of dating behavior. This question can be useful for analyzing the authors’ arguments more critically. In this way, one can engage many students into the discussion. Additionally, one should ask students about the potential implications of the study.

In particular, learners should discuss the practical aspects of this study and the way in which this information can benefit the work of psychologists. Finally, learners should be asked to identify other topics related to dating. Some of these topics can be used as the basis for further studies. Overall, this questioning strategy can encourage students to express their views on dating. Moreover, these prompts can encourage learners to elaborate on the study. This is one of the details that can be identified.

The relevance of the reading to personal experiences

This article has been of great interest to me because dating experiences are not very familiar to me. In my culture, dating is not very widespread, In fact, in many cases, parents are often responsible for finding marriage partners for their children. So, this qualitative study gave better insight into this topic.

In particular, it enabled me to see how males and females negotiated their roles during dating. Admittedly, this discussion offered by scholars is slightly one-sided because they focus only on the opinions of women. Yet, in my view, this article is very informative and thought-provoking.

Activities during the assignment

While working on this assignment, I had to perform several tasks. In particular, I needed to discuss one of the research questions identified by researchers. Furthermore, I had to write a general discussion of this article. However, in order to complete these tasks, I first tried to learn more about dating as a cultural phenomenon.

It should be mentioned that we divided the article into several sections, and each of the students had to discuss a certain point made by the authors. This approach proved very productive because learners offered different interpretations of the arguments advanced by researchers.

This assignment has been useful to me because I had an opportunity to analyze a scholarly article from a critical perspective. In my opinion, such activities are important for improving the academic performance of a student. Additionally, the topic of this article can give rise to different questions and interpretations.

So, it was interesting for me to discuss dating behaviors with other students. Additionally, I had to identify questions that could be discussed by students. This task was very interesting because I needed to single out questions that could prompt students to give elaborate answers. Overall, I found these learning activities very challenging and interesting.

The focused reading of this text turned out to be very valuable for understanding the topic of the study. I needed to examine the writers’ arguments more critically. Moreover, I had to consider various perspectives while evaluating the answers to the research questions. This approach is useful for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a study. Moreover, this strategy can help students identify directions for further research and testing the conclusions made by scholars.

Reference List

Byers, S., & O’Sullivan, L. (2013). Sexual Coercion in Dating Relationships. New York, NY: Routledge.

Noel, N., Ogle, R., Maisto, S., & Jackson, L. (2014). What Do Women Want? A Qualitative Study of Dating. Violence Against Women, 2(1), 1-21.

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