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Counseling Competencies and Developing Strategies Essay

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A counselor is one of the most respected persons in our societies and for this reason, it is imperative that he also accords himself or herself the value. As a counselor, I am obliged to take heed of some social and cultural norms as a way of empowering my career and helping other people with their social problems. This paper highlights a few strategies of enhancing my proficiency and competence as a counselor in a bid to have an upper hand in the crowded field of counseling.


I see myself being a competent counselor in a number of ways. For instance, my flexibility in responses can play an imperative role in accommodating all the unique demands of my clients. As a competent counselor, I very well understand the importance of applying a wide range of conversational reactions depending on unique demands of the situation. My magic concepts during a counseling session are comprehensive reflections on the subject matter, focus, summarization, problem-solution and self-disclosure. I understand that counselors who ovoid using these strategies during a counseling session are bound to make irrational decisions hence causing dissatisfaction on the part of their clients. Subsequently, other traits that can enhance my specialty and competence in counseling are my hypothesis and assessment skills.

I am able to internalize my client’s problems and make substantive analysis before visualizing the situation in order to come up with a gainful conclusion and advice. I am capable of compiling all the pieces of information obtained during a counseling session so as to come up with a meaningful comprehension of the situation. My observation skills help a lot in finding long-term solutions to the problems of my counselees. I not only understand the need of my clients but I am also conscious of the intended impact I need to impart on my clients. From the reactions of my clients, I am able to comprehend their meanings so as to put myself in a better position of moderating my intervention styles to suit the situation. As a proficient counselor, I am aware of my confines and uphold my personal care. I prioritize my spiritual well-being lest I risk diminishing the other counselor competencies I already embrace (Jungers, & Gregoire, 2012).

Despite my eloquence as a counselor, I am faced with some blind spots that retard my thirst of becoming an exemplary counselor. Occasional low self esteem has been my major problem as far as counseling is concerned. I need to improve on my confidence in handling issues especially during occasions when solutions are hard to reach. There are some technical situations that make me doubt my capability to evaluate them comprehensively. However, with continued intervention in cases that need counseling, I can enhance my experience and scope of thinking hence making me more suitable for handling complex situations. Additionally, I have some sort of individualism that makes me more inclined to finding solutions to my own problems than helping others solve their own.

In some occasions, I view situations with the ‘I’ perspective instead of the ‘we’ or ‘you’ perspective. In order to enhance my competence in counseling, I understand perfectly that my priority should be my counselee and not myself. I can avoid this by putting myself into the shoes of my counselees. Through this, I am able to tackle any issues with the notion that I am handling my own problem. This will then give me an ample opportunity of embracing collectivism instead of individualism. Another blind spot that might hinder my success as a counselor is my susceptibility to emotions. I am easily swayed emotionally and this might put me in a compromising situation of sympathizing with my counselees instead of being strong to help them get over their problems. One may argue that this trait might put a counselor in a better position of understanding the pain that his or her client is going through. In as much as this statement might bear some facts, emotional attachment can hinder effective solution of a problem (Jungers, & Gregoire, 2012).

There are a number of ethical and multicultural factors that need consideration when it comes to making rational decisions on matters of competencies. For instance, competence in this context implies that one should learn the current behavioral patterns and use them in suitable settings. In counseling, there are ethical considerations that should form part and parcel of the counseling process. Simple considerations like unnecessary body contact with a client during consolation must be avoided. It beats logic to touch a counselee unnecessarily simply because he or she is depressed. Etiquette too is of utmost importance in the career of counseling. Elderly people must be addressed in a formal manner. In most occasions, a counselor uses their surnames alongside their titles in order to show respect. Sometimes, small talks with clients just before counseling commence helps in familiarization and internalization. It is imperative that counselors treat cases with utmost discretion, fairness and integrity. They should treat their clients with respect too (Jungers, & Gregoire, 2012).


In conclusion, counseling as an occupation must have ethically and culturally proficient personnel in order to accommodate a diversified population. Ethical and multicultural expertise reminds counselors of their authorization to act as sponsors of clients and defend their rights.


Jungers, C. M., & Gregoire, J. (2012). Counseling ethics: Philosophical and professional foundations. Danvers, MA: Springer Pub.

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