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Psychology Essay Examples and Topics

Personality in Biological and Humanistic Theories

The theorist believed that if a person failed to attain the needs at the bottom of the hierarchy pyramid it would lead to neurotic and emotional problems that could eventually adversely impact personality. Biological theorists [...]

Social Behaviour Norms and Deviations

Children health and life are appreciated in all cultures; that is why there is hardly a place in the world where such behaviour can be taken as normal and acceptable.

Five Filters of Communication in Marriage

It is therefore important for a couple to be careful and aware of these filters in order to ensure that the message received is the actual message intended to be conveyed.

Sexual Trauma and Effective Therapeutic Healing

This paper aims to provide the discussion of the professionals' responses to the situation of bearing witness to sexual trauma, to analyze the personal reactions to the case, and to discuss the effective therapeutic healing [...]

Emotional Regulation in Early Childhood

Apart from suffering from the inability to be properly cared for, children in low-income families also have to deal with a number of challenges, the key one being the lack of finances.

Child Abuse and Neglect and Family Practice Model

Also, psychological violence can be either the only form of violence or the consequence of psychological or sexual abuse or neglect. Inadequate evaluation of the child's capabilities and overstated requirements can also be a form [...]

Critical Thinking: Developing Skills

At that time, the ability to think critically and recognize the deeper meaning of information coming from the outside world became more attractive due to the pressure of the totalitarian governments that were operating in [...]

Psychological Profiling in Terrorism Prevention

The author claims that it is crucial to create the most elaborate definitions of the concept as well as a detailed characterization of the psychological profiling of terrorists so that to preclude any potential terroristic [...]

Antecedent and Setting Events in Behavior Scenarios

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Education and Human Development defines antecedents as "the events that precede the occurrence of the target behavior" and setting events as the "previous and current environmental issue and events that influence [...]

Brigance K&1 Screen and Inventory of Basic Skills

The validity/reliability of the instrument The study does discuss the instrument's applicability for detecting giftedness in kids while comparing the effectiveness of the Brigance K&1 screen to that of the K-ABC test, which is being [...]

Youth Misbehavior: School and Community Risk Factors

The following paper analyzes school- and community-related factors that contribute and sustain adverse behavioral patterns assesses the influence of diversity and multicultural issues that may impact the success of interventions, and explores several possible ways [...]

Ethics in Client-Counselor Cooperation

It outlines the most important changes peculiar to the revised ACA Code of Ethics and states that the evolution from a focus on the needs of the counselor to the needs of clients could be [...]

Solving Personal Problems in Group Sessions

The participants of the group get guidance from the counselor, which will help them realize the causes of the problems. In the beginning, the group leader emphasized the safety of the meeting.

Adolescent Self-Perception and Parental Care

Based on this, we will analyze the roles and self-perceptions of teenagers, as well as adults' perceptions of adolescents, and the parent-child communication styles that are prevalent in the society to understand what communication patterns [...]

Posttraumatic Growth in Women with Fibromyalgia

To explain the development of fibromyalgia syndrome in mothers with the focus on its association with posttraumatic growth, it is necessary to refer to the adult attachment theory and the PTG theory that reflects the [...]

Child’s Misbehavior and Socialization Issues

Developing the theory, the author defines the approximate age which corresponds to the description of the stages. Apart from that, it may be necessary to search the signs of traumatic experience in a person's behavior.

Working Memory Concept

The central executive, as the name implies, is the primary component of the working memory system; every other component is subservient to it.

Counselors Self-Care Strategies

The text "Introduction to Counseling: Voices from the Field" offers powerful attributes of the self care concept that are important for counselors. The concept of self care is therefore important to success in the counseling [...]

A Middle-Aged Woman’s Developmental Analysis

This paper aims to analyze the case study by examining the biological, psychological, and psychosocial functioning of the subject, Anna, and to explore the implications of her current developmental stage in her life.

Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Release

The most significant variable in regulating the activity of the HPA axis is stress. Since ACTH is a common response to stress, regulation of ACTH is connected with the treatment of stress disorders.

Relational Trauma: Play Therapy’ Usage

Since we deal with the case of a three-year-old kid who experienced maltreatment, it can be assumed that his attachment style is not flexible and therefore, it is not easy for him to establish new [...]

Behavioral Learning Strategy Examples

This paper identifies and discusses a variety of effective strategies and interventions that may support the learner with the help of an appropriate behavior framework, strategy, and model prescribed by theories that have been used [...]

Cognitive Dissonance in Leaders

Therefore, its main goal is to improve the current understanding of the cognitive dissonance in leaders and its effects on organizational culture on a large scale.

The Evolution of Harriet Tubman

When describing Harriet Tubman's psychosocial development during the first stage, it is important to examine her relationship with the parents, especially with her mother.

Youth Demonstrating Truant Behavior

Instead, the evaluative review aims to explore the literature, provide information about the studies and their findings, analyze the discovered literature, and provide a conclusion based on the results of the reviewed studies.

Saddam Hussein Psychological Analysis

The following paper provides a summary of some of the relevant points in Post's political profile of the leader during three periods of crisis in Hussein's life and in the history of Iraq.

Cognitive Dissonance: Theory and Practice

The purpose of the study was to identify the factors that impact the learning behavior of individuals in the workplace, with a specific focus on the psychological discomfort caused by the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance.

Wellness Concept in Counseling

One existing theoretical connection to wellness involves the concept of the wheel of wellness. This model is a simplification of the previous wheel of wellness and WEL models.

False Memory and Emotions Experiment

The hypothesis was as follows: a list of associate words creates a false memory by remembering a critical lure when the list is presented to a subject and a recall test done shortly after that.

Biopsychology and the Specifics of Its Approach

The biopsychological approach involves the following assumptions: The brain chemical activity helps define the process of message transmittance in a human brain; An evolutionary perspective on the patient's health concerns provides a deeper insight into [...]

Gestalt Theory as a Psychological Perspective

The strengths of Gestalt in counseling include its provision of flexible and phenomenological diagnoses that are focused on the identification of patterns and themes that are specific and unique to an individual client.

Psychoanalytic and Adlerian Theories Comparison

Some of the major similarities that emerge from the two theories include the effect that childhood experiences have on the life of an individual, manifestation of these experiences, and various unhealthy behaviors demonstrated by the [...]

Personal Frameworks and Boundaries in Counseling

Even though there are professional guidelines regarding this aspect, few service providers adhere to them, and this exposes this profession to criticism in the manner in which its members perform their duties. However, this department [...]

The Impact of Divorce on Children

However, the majority of them accept the idea of the dominant role of the family in the process of the formation of the psyche of a child and his/her socialization.

Gestalt Psychological Theory

In particular, Family Systems Thinking revolves around the perception of a family as a unified unit where the behavior of one member is interconnected with that of the entire group. In that way, the latter [...]