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Psychology Essay Examples and Topics

Cyberchondria and Psychology Behind It

The author of the article discusses the situation when an individual who does not feel well decides to check up the symptoms online. Nonetheless, the author of the article questions the relevance of the concern.

Child’s Behavior and Interactions with Caregivers

The purpose of this paper is to present the observation results with reference to the child's behavior and interactions with caregivers. This intervention is selected to improve the security of Betty's surroundings, and it should [...]

Positive Psychology for Life Quality Improvement

However, the great level of rivalry and the modern market environment contribute to the development of a number of psychological disorders that deteriorate the quality of life of an individual and condition the further aggravation [...]

Gestalt Theory: Cognitive Neurology

For instance, it argues that perception is possible not through a simple response to the stimulus but involves the analysis of the received data in order to reach a conclusion.

Phobia in Operant and Classical Conditioning

The process of classical conditioning encompasses an association between a behavior that is involuntary and a stimulus. This process sharply differs with that of operant conditioning where the association is between voluntary behavior and a [...]

Public Negligence in Crisis Times

This opened a debate about the role of public in managing crisis Above is an example of incidence that happened and victim was left to die while the public was witnessing the murder. The nature [...]

Counseling Ethics in Tarasoff v. Regents Case

Therefore, the ethical dilemma of the issue is that under the new rule, it has become therapists' responsibility to decide how serious their patients' threats are and whether it is necessary to inform potential victims [...]

Altruism and Empathy in Prosocial Behaviour

Therefore, the further investigation of PB, empathy, and altruism is of significant importance because the future findings will help to identify the stimuli of PB and will support the promotion of the favourable behaviour in [...]

Empathy in Conflict Resolution

In this case, one is sensitive to the feelings and experiences of another person at a particular point in time. This is because it ensures that the persons who are in conflict are able to [...]

Widowhood Effects on Men’s and Women’s Depression

Considering the peculiarities of the marriage concept, the paper is aimed at exploring the similarity of the widowhood effects on men's and women's depression, explaining why men have more benefits from marriage than women do [...]

Patient-Centered, Existential and Gestalt Therapy

The approach is humanistic in the sense that it is designed to foster an open and truthful client-therapist relationship through the empowerment of the client in taking control of his or her palliation. However, most [...]

Labeling in Psychology: Pros and Cons

In psychology, many specialists utilize specific terms to describe a patient's diagnosis, which is considered 'labeling.' The purpose of this paper is to review the positive and negative aspects of labeling in psychology and medicine [...]

Psychological Testing and Science in Management

It eliminates the possibilities of the employees for the potential growth while generating the image of being exploited without having an opportunity for protection due to the lessening of the strength of the unions and [...]

Adolescent Development, Changes and Conflicts

Adolescence is a stage in the process of human development that is associated with several potential difficulties and conflicts of the adolescent person with their family, siblings, peers, and adults, as shown by Papalia and [...]

Rehabilitation Counseling Associations’ Membership

In terms of factors that can help predict the membership status, the main hypothesis was that "rehabilitation counseling professional identity salience" was a factor of positive correlation; the greater it is, the higher the chances [...]

Tunnel Creek Avalanche in Psychological Aspect

The following case study analyzes the case of Tunnel Creek avalanche to identify the factors responsible for the event, evaluate the role of group norms on participants' behavior, and determine whether the introduction of psychological [...]

Cognitive Therapy for Attention Deficit Disorder

The counselor is thus expected to assist the self-reflection and guide it in the direction that promises the most favorable outcome as well as raise the client's awareness of the effect and, by extension, enhance [...]

Disaster Reaction in Human Behavior

And despite the differences in the origins of diverse disasters, they have the common features of abruptness, a serious threat to health and welfare of individuals and communities, interference with a regular mode of life, [...]

Noam Chomsky’s Contribution to Cognitive Psychology

Skinner's initial assumption was that the language is solely a learned behavior, and thus is a set of functional responses to different phenomena. Besides, some progress in evolutionary psychology was possible thanks to the results [...]

Defense Mechanism in Freud’s Theory

By far the most common and just as primitive, denial as a defense mechanism implies that one should ignore the evidence of a specific fact and refuse to acknowledge the existence thereof.

Stress and Eating Behavior

The research sample included 101 low-income women, and the evaluation of the sample let researchers find the correlations between stress and severe obesity, independent of unhealthy eating behavior.

Self-Management Strategies and Principles

Specifically, the discursive approach in explaining and exploring shared and coordinated actions on roles and channels through which an individual's framework functions in the exchange of information formally is of great essence towards understanding the [...]

Colonel Novak’s Effective Leadership Behavior

In the case of Colonel Novak, he strived to spent time with the individuals in his unit at work and when off duty portraying consideration as effective leadership behavior. In addition, effective leadership is the [...]

Labeling Theory: Analysis and Actuality

Members of the society are able to distinguish between behaviors that are deviant and those that are not. They are most likely to be affected by stigma because of the development stage they are.

Biopsychology of Learning and Memory

The hippocampus is a brain region in the form of a horseshoe that plays an essential role in the transformation of information from the short-term memory to the long-term memory.

Groups in Psychology According to Ronald Riggio

Individuals feel a strong sense of urgency to conform to a group leader by putting group values ahead of self-values. Such a level of loyalty lacks a balance between commitment to self and commitment to [...]

The Stroop-Shape Effect

In the first half of the XX century, John Ridley Stroop paid his attention to the study, which explained that it takes people more time to process and name the pictures of colors or objects [...]

Developmental Psychologist Biography: Erik Erikson

Owing to his persistence and hard work, Erikson managed to make a profound achievement in the field of psychology and earned respect from his colleagues and followers. The importance of social and psychological crises, according [...]

Forensic Psychology’ Aspects

Forensic psychology is the connection between the tenure or study of psychology and the law. The other role is assessing the competency of the defendants and of the elderly.

Psychological Laws in Everyday Life

They were born in the same district of the city, they attended the same school, their parents were good friends, and it is no wonder that John and Mary spent a lot of time together. [...]

Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori’s Psychology

This environment is extremely crucial for the work of any educator as it creates the background for the majority of the procedures and contributes to the increased efficiency of the methods used in the educational [...]

Nature vs. Nurture in Psychology

The basis of their theory relies on a statement that the mind of a child is a blank slate, and what fills that slate determines the future of individuals.

Mother that Suffer from Fibromyalgia

The lifestyle of a mother with posttraumatic growth and fibromyalgia is challenged by physical and psychological pain on a daily basis, which greatly influences the immediate family, which, in turn, has to make some changes [...]

Exam Stress: Effective Management

It is important for a child to get enough rest for the relaxation of the mind and body. In line with Hemmings, it is important for parents to analyze the mood of a child who [...]

Creating the Self

The common concepts that illustrate the development of the "self" include "speech acts", "the looking-glass self", "adjacency pairs", and "the transmission model of communication".

Metacognition and Learning: Results Report

The correlation between the participants' predictions of their performance estimated self-efficacy and grade-point is not significant: r = 0. The average correlation between the participants' confidence rating at the end of the exam and their [...]

Metacognition and Its Improvement in Students

Metacognition has characteristically been taken to consider at least one of the following factors of a cognitive practice: the comprehension of the progression, supervision of the practice, and the management of the procedure.

Concussions and Their Psychological Effects

First of all, it is necessary to determine the nature of the problem and its symptoms. It, again, leads to self-isolation and the lack of self-confidence and is caused by depressive moods resulting from concussions.

Historical and Contextual Concerns in Psychology

According to the American Psychological Association, the responsibility of a psychologist should be in line with the legal requirements, which are meant to protect the client and ensure the therapist works professionally.

Positive Psychology: Emotions, Mindfulness, Growth

For instance, the study related to the influence of the psychology of the practice extends the impact of positive emotions while increasing the level of hope and significance of positive communications and gratitude.

Multitasking and Its Positive Effects in Learning

The lack of productivity in the course of multitasking, in its turn, can be explained by the fact that people are easily distracted by the media and, therefore, cannot control the process of switching from [...]

Group Home and Foster Care Forensic Settings

The residents of the group home often access treatment through the treatment centers located within the homes. The foster cares are located in areas accessible to the amenities and other resources.

Managerial Training and Learners’ Needs

Additionally, the relationship between the psychological principles of training and the strategies that a leader chooses to use in the training process determine the success of the learning activity.

Clinical Psychology in a Schizophrenic Case

The use of clozapine is a medical intervention that targets the biological functioning of patients by blocking serotonin receptors and thus bringing about the release of dopamine receptors in specific parts of the brain.

Impoverished and Excessive Dreaming

Many patients saw a dog in their dreams that tried to bite them; they began to defend themselves or hit the dog, and, in reality, they hit their spouses or walls/beds.

Industrial Psychology in Employee Selection and Training

The importance attached to work has led to the emergence of disciplines such as industrial/organizational psychology that seek to make it a more rewarding experience. According to Aamodt, "industrial/organizational psychology is a branch of psychology [...]

Ultimate vs. Fundamental Attribution Theory

The fundamental attribution error and the ultimate attribution error are the branches of the attribution theory. According to the theory, people tend to evaluate their own behavior from the standpoint of the external circumstances and [...]

Dream Meanings and Interpretation in Psychology

This serves as a background to clearly bring out what actually constitute the psychological dream process in the case of a sick child and a father in hospital. This brings up uncertainty in trying to [...]

Behavior from Functional Perspective

The evaluation of behavior in the context of a functional perspective helps to understand the reasons for certain actions. The functional perspective promotes the identification of specific alternatives to the existing behavior in case it [...]