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Nutrition: Preventing Food Born Diseases Coursework

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Updated: Apr 27th, 2022

Patients suffering from cancer and gastric resection are very delicate nutritionally. These patients have to take great precautions when they are set to get treatment from specialists. They are supposed to watch over foods, which they take in. These patients should observe three nutritional steps. The first step involves detoxification using coffee enemas. Secondly, the patients should take thirteen glasses of fresh fruits and vegetable fruits daily. Thirdly, it involves taking of nutrients that are lacking in the body like iodine, thyroid hormones and potassium. Additional nutrients are required they include; pancreatin, niacin, vitamin B12, castor oil, coenzyme Q10, laetrile, flaxseed oil gastrointestinal enzyme produce and wobe-mugos enzyme produce. The therapy aims at restoring the affected cells back to their normal status.

Most of vegetables and fruits are acceptable in this therapy a part from, nuts, berries, pineapples, cucumber and avocadoes. This is because pineapples can easily cause allergy to the present aromatic cells. Nuts have high content of proteins and avocadoes have high fat content while cucumber when combined with other juices becomes difficult to digest

Salad from fresh vegetables and fruits should be taken in large quantities. Carrots, apples, watercress tomatoes and green pepper among others will provide the required salad. The patient use potatoes, brown or wild rice for lunch or supper. Yams can appear on the menu once per week.

The patient can have oatmeal for breakfast together with additional of papaya, apple or other fresh fruits that suit their medical conditions.

Soup before every meal is recommended for hypocrite special cancer. The patient should take about 8 ounces before every meal the soup can be prepared from the following; stalks of celery, little quantities of parsley, tomatoes, onions and garlic gloves.

While cooking vegetables, very little water should be added since there is enough water in the fruits and juice.

Preventing food born diseases

Cancer and foodborne diseases can get into the body without the knowledge of the clients. The toxins taken together with food can cause dangerous effects thus leading to infections in the body that may result into cancer or other foodborne ailments. The family can prevent members from these threats through observing the following;

The family should keep food at the temperatures of bellow 40degrees or higher than 140 degrees. This is because most of the food poisoning bacteria multiply mostly between these temperatures ranges.

The family must also learn to use natural food sources other than processed ones. The natural food sources have nutrients that are fresh and free from any chemical combination. On the other hand, the processed food has chemicals combined with the nutrients. When the chemicals get into the body they interfere with the normal working of the body cells or even kills them.

The family should observe that their refrigerator is set below 40 degrees to prevent multiplication of bacteria. Cooked food must be stored in the refrigerator immediately to reduce chances of contamination.

Enteral and parenteral nutrition

Enteral and parenteral nutrition support is required for a patient when the patient cannot eat enough food or completely fails to eat. The reason may be that some parts of the alimentary canal fail to function due to illness. Entereal support takes place when a patient feeds through a tube passing the food into the stomach or small intestines. Parenteral occurs when a catheter is inserted directly in the veins to help in the feeding process. Factors to consider in this case are the ability for the patient to feed and the part which is affected. It is possible that a person whose alimentary canal parts fail to work completely will suit parenteral nutritional support. A tube can help to pass food through one part that fails to work. This type of therapy helps to prevent malnutrition restore or maintain optimum nutritional health status of a patient.

Balanced Diet and Chronic Diseases

A balanced diet is very important to individual people. It is better to observe that all the components of a balanced diet are taken in to consideration. For instance, a balanced diet should contain carbohydrates, vitamins, roughages, proteins, minerals and water.

Sodium chloride is a very essential mineral in the body. Each individual is required to take in around five grams per day. This is technical since identifying the correct amount while cooking is not easy. Most people taste using the tongue to check whether the salt is enough, excess or less in food. This method does not give the correct amount used and can exceed or be less than the required.

Changing dietary issue for Vertigo

The following steps can help a patient to change his or her diet.

  1. Reduce foods that cause high blood sugar from the diet. Take more carbohydrates like brown rice, vegetables, wholegrain bread and legumes to maintain constant blood sugar.
  2. Include low sodium components in the diet. Sodium increases blood pressure. Take only enough salt required by the body
  3. Shun caffeinated drinks because caffeine is diuretic and a stimulant that contributes to high dehydration of the body. Take plenty of water throughout the day
  4. Limit the quantity of fatty foods and cholesterol level that is taken in. In most cases, avoid eating foods such as fried food, fatty dairy products and red meat to control the amount of cholesterol in the body.
  5. Improve blood circulation by taking inn plenty of vegetables and fruits. Also, take in chilies, ginger and garlic which help in enhancing blood circulation in the body thus lessening vertigo.
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