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Fighting Cyber Bullying Problem Solution Essay

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Updated: Jan 16th, 2020


Learning institutions must identify substantive strategies to eradicate cyber bullying. Low school performances are associated to depression resulting from cyber bullying (Hunter 2012). It is necessary to note that the conscience of people work properly when there are no pressures exacted on their mind.

However, a stressed mind causes low activity and results to low performances (McDavid & Hawthorn 2006). In order to perform well, students must remain within the learning process without distraction of the mind. Therefore, institutions must identify and establish strategies to assist in discouraging and eliminating cyber bullying in the learning institution.

When working to achieve this objective, it is crucial to identify the resources required to make the process successful. I will, therefore, tabulate some of the vital resources and discuss their importance in this process.

Table of Resources/Inputs

Resources Role of the resource/input
Statement forms To facilitate information transfer to the staff
Counseling Personnel To arm students against the problem
Bullying report system To create efficient internet enhance report system
Regulation implementation documents To create awareness among the student about the schools stand on cyber bullying

Statement Forms

This is an official document to indicate that a student was bullied through modern information technology. It keeps records and approves the bully if the student fails in his or her exams. It could be a form to enter the required information such as the student’s name, his/her age, and the suspected person among other details. The form should comprise of a student’s signature to prove that the student had recorded the information personally.

Counseling Personnel

Students should be guided about proper behaviors to facilitate low cases of cyber bullying in the institution (Trolley & Hanel 2010). They should be aware about the repercussions of failure to obey the school guidelines. When they are convinced that the action deteriorates the school and personal performances, they would change their actions against the biased practices.

Therefore, we will require counselors to assist us with logistic approaches of mitigating the risk. The counselors will discourage cyber bullying utterly and ensure that a significant number of students change their attitudes on the problem.

Bullying Report System

Efficient strategies to culminate cyber bullying must consider effective reporting system (Kowalski, Limber & Agatston, 2008). In some cases, student could be bullied and fear to face the staff. Some strategies, however, could involve a confidential approach especially in sexual harassment.

This requires the institution to determine the strategies of implementing confidential reporting system. For instance, the students can submit the claims through internet or submit their filled forms through a confidential mailing box. These ways improve the standards of fighting cyber bullying at a high percentage since it ensure that many people are free to report.

Student’s Enlightenment

Awareness of the control strategies should be well known to the students. Therefore, it is vital to print a material that contains the procedures of action and the repercussions among other information that students might require to know during the process. This document should act as the reference point for the student’s enlightenment.

Probably, when students realize the seriousness of the matter, they could avoid it significantly. Therefore, the document should contain rules and impacts of violation.


Effective formulation of strategies to fight and eradicate cyber bullying will reach its productive stage. After this, students will study with mere influences from cyber bullying. Consequently, it will lead to high performances for the 9th grade students. This will, in turn, lead to flourishing of the institution and attainment of institutional goals.


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