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Types of Communicated Messages Research Paper


Considering various different types of communication in a business environment or generally in a work place, these types at times exist in the form that, some are more effective as compared to others. These forms of communication include face-to-face communication, spoken communication, electronically transmitted which includes telephone or voicemail, personally addressed written communication these are personal messages, and impersonal written communication considered as impersonal messages.

Principally, this communication brings about the taste and need to communicate amongst the members of an organization for mutual interactions within the the organization as a whole. There is a need to get to learn proper communication to develop oneself on how to relate with others to sail in the same track in life. More so, the most important thing one has to do in business is to learn how to solve problems and make decisions, maybe personally and with other people.

Informative message

Essentially, in the business world, communication is very vital to many as to who should receive the message. This therefore, considers communication as vital in relations and it is thus a very important element, which ought to have more consideration. So considering the approach to which one communicates determines a lot on the density of the message conveyed, which may have positive as well as negative impacts to the recipients.

For example, if there is a need to communicate something that is showing a sign of negative impact, there is a need to employ the use of a positive manner in which the message communicated no alarm to recipient (Guffey & Almonte, 2007). Therefore, we at times witness some characters whose work is to discourage their adversities generally by focusing on their less fortunate side of life and their character.

Such ways of communication may be fatiguing because of their negative impacts in communication, hence there is a need for positive ways of conveying a message to the audience. The choices of words in the communication determine the kind of communicated message, either positive or negative. For example, considering some of the reply letters from some organizations may have at times very discouraging choice of words that the audience may receive, thus causing lack of interest for future needs.

While some of these replies may sound polite they are very negative as may include negative words like cannot and neglected, which implies that the recipient is the one to blame. On contrast to some of these messages, it should encourage the recipient in a positive manner showing him/her the criterion to use. Maybe by encouraging the audience, while showing them the areas of considerations, which need to have corrections.

Applying these forms of communication implies the right choice of words for communication. Face-to-face method of communication, sometimes guarantees a good relation between employees in any organization.

This gives more information than the other forms of communication, most importantly, non-verbal communication, which may include factors like physical representation of someone, the use body language, the mode dressing and the reply tone or speech manner. Non-verbal communication can support or contradict the verbal statements.

Negative message

In many situations where the one giving the message tries to discourage, the person in need or the audience involved. These cases involve the use of phrases which are more carelessly used like, “you neglected to specify…” this sounds more negative and so discouraging to the recipient incase of letter reply.

In other situations, it involves phrases that imply that the person is lying which discourages the person more in the future urge to communicate. For example, use of words like “you claim that…” and many other cases imply a lying tone of the recipient, which is more discouraging.

When resolving business problems, the way of giving the message determines the immediate action of those involved in the transactions. Use of improper strategy for breaking bad news to the members involved is a key factor in determining this response.

The indirect method of giving the message tends to be more appealing to the relationships, thus a need for proper communication to resolve these issues in the organizations must be involved. When sending a bad news message that you think might irritate the receiver it is better to use indirect pattern to reveal the bad news indirectly (Guffey & Almonte, 2007, p 6).

Persuasive message

When addressing the issues touching national importance like when addressing your member of parliament. Choosing the issues that are complex is therefore important, and this involves explaining your views on the proper form of address. For example “the Honorable writer”, immediately state your position or your claim you have dealt with in the sequence of events that are in the diary.

This involves direct persuasion through which the message needs to address and thus a message will been delivered without ambiguity. Indirect persuasive request is sometimes a better way to communicate since it allows indirect request through persuading. This may involve three parties who are to collaborate to get their desired reply and thus appear to be of a positive manner (Guffey & Almonte, 2007).


Guffey, M. E. & Almonte, R. (2007). Essentials of Business Communication. Chicago: Nelson Inc Ltd.

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