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Women in the Workforce Essay

Women studies were established to enlighten women about various issues that affect women due to the nature of their gender which is perceived to be weak. These studies were found necessary because some women were not aware of their rights and thus they were subjected to humiliation by the society hence they were denied equal opportunities with their male counterparts.

There are organizations that assign duties to women and then under pay them while men are paid wages which are much higher for the same job. Women should use all means to ensure that they earn the same salaries with their team mates and thus they should check whether the difference is due to their gender.

When women notice that they are being underpaid because of their gender they should arrange for an appointment with their employer so as to give the employer a room to explain his or her reasons. There are some administrators who think women are not as productive like men because they were born to take care of their children. Employers should give women equal opportunities just like men because they deserve them as long as they posses the relevant qualifications.

Organizations should not undermine the abilities of women in achieving organizational goals because productivity in any organization does not depend on one’s gender but on the abilities and willingness to achieve desirable results. When women feel that their employer does not recognize their efforts they should consider boycotting their duties for some time to make employers realize their contributions.

With this knowledge, it is important to include women in management positions and also buy their ideas in decision making process because they are also intelligent just like men. The major difference between women and men when performing duties is only that men are more masculine than women and hence women can tire easily when doing manual jobs.

The training offered at military training institutions has proved this perception to be wrong because while the recruits are being trained, they are given the same tasks and thus there is no separate training for each gender.

The current shift from factory jobs to white collar jobs has seen many women join the workforce than ever before because a few decades ago, women were hindered from working since they were expected to take care of their children.

The Vietnam war provided an opportunity for women in America to exercise their abilities but its certain that the then situation influenced employers to consider them because there were no men to work in their factories. All of them had been recruited into the army and were it not for the resulting scarcity of laborers, women would have remained house wives.

Since then women have realized that taking care of their children is impossible without a job. Thus, so many of them are pursuing higher education even when they are married with kids and their efforts have already started to bear fruits because more women are being accorded leadership duties both in governments and in organizations. In fact activists have been successful in their struggle for equality because most governments in developed and developing countries are reserving a considerable number of positions for women.

In African countries, the society did not see the importance of educating the girl child because they viewed it as wastage of money. This is because as soon as she grew up she would be married off and would benefit the other family where she will get married. There are so many organizations that have been established to fight for the rights of women both at work places and homes. Gone are the days when women used to be beaten ruthlessly by their women because men thought by paying dowry they had been granted full ownership of the woman.

Education has played a major role in enlightening women about their rights and most of them have realized they don’t need men anymore because they can meet their needs by themselves. This success that has been achieved by women is owed to their ambition and perseverance and men too should have the same ambitions.

If you want to prove this statement to be right just visit any college during evening hours and you will notice the majority of students in those institutions are married women who come for evening classes after work because they want to advance their careers further. Some of these ladies are juniors at their workplaces but they are eager to climb the corporate ladder. Most men rarely advance their skills when they land their first jobs.

Women have shifted their focus from marriage to their independence and that’s why so many are getting married at a later stage and some don’t get married but they don’t consider marriage to be that important because they want to have a say in their lives and thus they are taking high flying jobs such as chief executives and engineers among many others, which were previously taken by men. Men should therefore not look down upon women because time has proved women are also skilled just like men.

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