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Equal Rights for Women Essay (Critical Writing)

Women equality is something that has not been fully recognized around the world, and it might never be achieved, especially in terms of household responsibilities. It is a good idea to push for women equality especially in regards to human rights such as the right to own property, right to life and right to be treated with human dignity, along with equal opportunities (Lindsey 267).

However, household responsibilities are traditionally and socially defined which have become norms and beliefs in the society; therefore, changing these responsibilities means upsetting the whole society. This paper analyzes why women should not work but stay at home to fulfill their responsibilities.

Women were given the responsibility to give birth to children and nurture them to adulthood; however, both the father and the mother should carry out the responsibility of nurturing. It is obvious that women have more responsibilities when compared to men. During the early stages of child development, a child is more dependent on his/her mother than on the father in terms of feeding, cleaning and general wellbeing of the child (Piper 185).

Women who have jobs are always away from home, therefore, they are not able to fulfill this responsibility, and children who miss the motherly care especially those who are not well breast-fed, stand high chances of suffering from poor health. In addition, as the children grow up, they need someone who will be there for them emotionally to always guide them; and if all parents leave for work every day children are likely to stray with some drug addicts and gangsters.

This responsibility can be taken over by the father in the absence of the mother, but fathers do not do it well, therefore, the mother should remain at home to take care of children as the father works; no one would love to have spoilt children and millions in the banks.

Another responsibility is that of cleaning, and doing lots of things about the house. Women and girls have always been homemakers (Piper 203); the way they arrange and clean cannot be compared to that of men. This means that women should remain at home to make and keep it clean; they cannot work and at the same time maintain their home; they either will neglect this responsibility or give poor performance at work.

When marries the wife has a responsibility of taking care of her husband; she has to make sure that he wears clean clothes and eats well (Piper 278). Women do not have enough time to do this because of the work responsibilities, and according to research, 70% of women who have well established careers are either divorcees or they never got married (Yozo 14).

It happens because they are not capable of fulfilling their responsibility in regards to their husbands and work at the same time. Therefore, to save marriage breakups, and help women enjoy their marriage life, women should remain at home to fulfill their responsibilities in regards to their husbands as their husband works hard to take care of them.

Working is a good thing for women, but looking at the wellbeing of homes and the society, it is healthier for them to remain at home to take care of children, keep the home clean and warm, and fulfill their responsibilities to their husbands. As women remain at home, the society should appreciate the role and responsibility of women to make them proud of their contribution to the society.

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