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The Development of Women’s Rights Essay

Women’s rights are probably one of the most frequently discussed issues all over the world. Presence or absence of women’s rights is appeared to be a strong indicator that helps to comprehend global well-being and humans’ prosperity. Lots of people think that women’s rights are a burning problem in countries, where religion has certain power.

If fact, many Muslim countries, where religion turns out to be law, women face lots of problems and misunderstandings. Rola Dashti is one of the authors, who concentrate on the problems, women of Kuwait face day by day. She underlines that gender inequality and women’s inability to vote should be analyzed, and certain changes should be made.

However, she is not the only author, who tries to pay the reader’s attention to problems any woman may face one day. Betty Friedan created a really magnificent work at the beginning of 1960s. It was The Feminine Mystique, the sparkle of national debates concerning women’s roles in society. If we talk about the rights of women in the modern world, the works of these very authors should be taken into consideration at first.

Rola Dashti clearly explains that in Kuwait, “the perfect role for women is to stay at home, raise children, take care of the house, and be subservient to their husbands – under the false pretence that this is dictated by religious requirements.” (Dashti, 2005) Those women, who do not want to accept these rules, have to be terrorized both socially and psychologically.

However, she cannot agree to such distribution of the roles, and she calls upon all people to look again at the situation, connected to women’s rights, and provide all women with a chance to participate in the political, economical, and other spheres of life for better and safer future.

Betty Friedan points out that this very problem “has no name stirring in the minds of so many American women today.” (Friedan and Quindlen, 2001, p. 32) Without any doubts, women are victims of not fair system we live in. The point is that women have the only right to realize themselves through their own husbands, children, and homes.

With the help of Friedan’s work, we get to know more about the situations, our mothers and grandmothers could face, when they were young, and compare them to those life, modern women live. Of course, differences are noticeable: the women of 1960s got married at the young age and dropped their education in order to make the lives of their husband happier.

The life of women in Kuwait, described by Dashti, is almost the same even nowadays. More than 40 years ago, women started their movements in order to prove their rights to participate in the political life of their country, and only in 2005, women in Kuwait got the right to vote.

With time, women realize that their lives are incomplete, because they should think about their husbands and children only. Such lives seem to be a bit boring and incorrect. This is why women’s rights problems are such types of problems, women have to solve independently.

Of course, the works by Friedan and Dashti may help a bit to realize the core of the problem and choose the best way to achieve success. If women have enough words to say in order to prove their rights, if they are ready to demonstrate their powers and abilities, they can easily achieve the desirable goals and become free. It is quite possible that free women will get more chances, opportunities, and desire to make the lives of their children, husbands, and their own lives better and happier.

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