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The Employment Discrimination Against Muslims at Work Places Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Dec 27th, 2018

Managing diversity is acknowledging the differences in people and taking them as valuable. Doing this helps in enhancing good managerial practices through avoiding discrimination and promoting inclusiveness. It is not given for good management to help someone in working effectively with diverse work force. In addition, there is difficulty in understanding the significance of diversity in a given area of specialization in management.

Achieving excellence through diversity is one of the crucial goals. Diversity is a vital resource and can be defined as the human qualities that are different from our own. In other words, they are human features which are new to the social group we belong to.

However, it is not unusual to find some of these features in another group. Diversity has many aspects or dimensions. It includes elements such as ethnicity, gender, age, ancestry, physical disabilities/abilities, religious beliefs, geographical location, income, educational background among others.

To reduce employment discrimination against Muslims at work places there are several ways to go about it. These ways are discussed here in through examples.

Taking an example of ABC, a Muslim who wears religious attire and applies for a position in a certain work place, but the employer fears that the attire may make the customers uncomfortable. From a labour rights stand point, the employer should not deny ABC that opportunity because of her religious affiliations. Discrimination in hiring of services due to religious background is unlawful.

Also taking an example of Mohammad an Arab American taking complains to his manager that one of his work mates Bill harasses him. Bill insults him and intentionally embarrasses him in front of customers claiming that he is not competent.

To solve this matter, Mohammad’s manager should relay his complain to the right manager if he is not in charge of Bill. If Bill is then found guilty, a disciplinary action should be taken against him. And in order to curb the recurrence of the harassment the disciplinary action taken against the offender should be stern enough to deter a repeat of the same.

In the back ground religious accommodation, four of the employees approaches their supervisor and make a request to be allowed to be praying in the conference hall. Previously, employees were at liberty to pray at their respective working stations. Solving their case as the employer, he should work closely with the employees.

This should lead to finding an appropriate accommodation to meet the needs of the employees without causing inconveniences. However, when there is business to be carried out in the hall, the employer reserves the right to refute its use for private purposes like holding prayers by the workers.

Jeddah a clerical worker wears head scarf according to the Muslim beliefs. Jeddah has been put under a long-term assignment with one of the JKLTemps. One of the customers has demanded that Jeddah be informed that when she is working front desk she should not put on her head scarf or else someone should take up her position.

Her attire is in contrast with the client’s expected dress code thus it presents a wrong image. For diversity, JKL may not comply with the request made by the client. In addition, making Jeddah put aside her head scarf or change her duties will amount into violation of the law by the client.

The service provider JKL in the other hand should strongly not advocate for the action. Customer preference should not establish unnecessary suffering. The client should make an exemption regarding its dress code to allow Jeddah put on her head scarf as a religious accommodation. Incase the client fail to withdraw the request, Jeddah should be assigned another job and be paid at the same rate and JKL fail to assign another employee to the client.

Here is another example of Anwar whose origin is Egypt. He applies for a post to work as a security guard with ABC Corp a security company which offers services mainly at government buildings. The issue here is whether Anwar needs to be investigated about his background before he is hired.

There is every possibility that he will be subjected to the usual traditional pre-employment security checks. Occassionary though ABC does not carry out background scrutiny in a discriminatory way. The company may demand for a security clearance in accordance to the federal statutes regulating the hiring of security officers.

In other cases turban and religious sword have very high chances to promoting discrimination and discomfort. Sikh women mostly have their hair uncut and it is covered with scarves. Practicing Jews at time may put on a skullcap constantly. Some Jews don’t put on clothes that mix linen and wool. This might compromise employers to accommodate their use alternative suppliers for the uniforms. Rastafarians have their hair in deadlocks and this may also require accommodation.

Diversity of beliefs among religions lies in either allowing ordination of women as clergy or allowing them to hold leadership positions. Religious organizations area also included certain laws that prohibit discrimination. Catholics and Baptists in United States don’t allow women serving in highest leadership positions.

In addition there are other religious groups that don’t allow women to serve as clergy and they include Orthodox Judaism and the church of God in Christ. Even after bans on women clergy in some organizations, in others women are ordained. The religious organizations that allow women to be ordained are Episcopalian, Presbyterian and Methodist.

Several strategies can be applied in managing diversity in a workplace. There is need to emphasize specialization of skills in order to enable workers to work effectively in a job environment that is endowed with diversity. Also, one should make sure that good faith efforts are applied so as to lead in recruiting a diverse applicant pool, especially underutilized minorities and women. In addition one should focus on the requirements needed in an interview.

Assessing experience and also considering transferable skills and demonstrated competences is also very crucial. These skills include analytical, organizational communication, and coordination skills. It is noteworthy that past experience does not always lead to efficiency or excellent performance on a new job or position.

One should also use a panel interview format and should run questions and process by them. This will ensure that the issue of unintentional or institutional bias does not occur. It is crucial to make sure that suitable accommodations are put in place for disabled applicants.

Finally, one should recognize his own cultural biases. Individuals should make efforts to find out the kind of stereotypes they have towards pother people and groups. They should also consider their preferred communication style. In certain cases, it is well to note that the required qualities of a candidate give a perfect reflection of our preferences as individuals.

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