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Discrimination Remedy at Workplace Analytical Essay

In the society we are living today there have been several attempts to promote equality in most of the organizations. In these attempts several policies have been established to reduce discrimination especially when hiring women at the same time the minorities in the society. This has been done by promoting affirmative action programs, reverse discrimination, and comparable worth.

These concepts to some extent have made a difference in the work places, and although the difference might seem to be small there are more possibilities of them yielding better results.

There are however still individuals and organizations which are not for these concepts that have led to slower developments on the same. The following is the discussion of the appropriateness of these concepts as well as what needs to be done to eliminate discrimination in the work place (Graycar & Morgan 2002).

To start with affirmative action, reverse discrimination, and the comparable worth are meant to provide benefits to the groups which have been discriminated for a long time in an attempt to promote the justice to all. Despite these efforts women still earn lower than men in the organizations while them that belong into a different race in a specific society or country still face difficulties when it come into employment terms (Bradley S. 2004).

As a matter of fact some of the beneficiaries of these concepts are already the economically stable families of the minority who are privileged. At the same time the concepts have led to creating a blinded society where there has been employment of less qualified just to adhere to the laws or at the same time please the society.

The employment should be based on merit but not on any race or the so called gender. Whereas this has led to the reduced discrimination to the women and the minorities it has in turn led to discrimination of the majorities thus solving problem while creating another one (Kingsley, B. 2002).

In areas where the women and the minorities have been treated differently their special needs have always been met. The exercise of meeting these needs cannot be termed as discriminatory at all, in fact its one of the way of promoting human dignity.

An example of the same is in areas where the physically challenged have been treated differently to make sure that they have suitable access to facilities thus improving their skills at work, it is also ethical to avoid assigning a pregnant mother in areas that will expose her into health hazards.

Through the three concepts there has been establishment of fairness thus development of motivation among the workers. Different self esteem has been boosted through the same while reducing the social tension at work. Moreover these concepts have been known as the great starters of the equalities at work (Kingsley, B. 2002).

Women are said to be limited by many factors to produce equal results as those of men. Having been laid on multitasking such as child bearing, which affects their performance it is therefore logic enough to consider a woman who performed slightly lower than a man on equal base.

If this is not taken into account then it means women will never earn equally as men, but it can be achieved when the comparable wage worth becomes effective. On comparable worth the entire occupation is paid at the same rate.

All job positions are important to an employer if the whole results have to be attained, therefore each job should be evaluated and awarded points. By doing so the jobs at different levels which happen to have the same points should be awarded the same worth where by so doing women who don’t hold the same positions like men will also be advantaged (Bradley S. 2004).

There are other various ways in which discrimination can be eliminated in every work place. This can be achieved by practicing the laws that manage the discrimination in the working places. These laws should govern against discrimination based on sex, age, color, religion, and disabilities.

There should be promotion of the safe and conducive working environments where employees are encouraged to be cautious on any discrimination act and reporting its occurrences (Graycar & Morgan 2002). At the same time the employers should at all cost portray good example by employing various groups of people who are different.

Every organization should also develop policies that prohibit discrimination explaining why the set laws are important and the repercussions involved by the violation of the same. This can be effectively be done when the organization management effectively support these polices so as to promote implementation of the same (Inc, H. 2010).

In conclusion, we must acknowledge that discrimination at any particular work place affects economic sectors of every society, in that no society is immune to discrimination and therefore universal disapproval is important on the same. Everybody at all position be it be the employee, employer and the ruling regime of all society have the responsibility of to eradicate discrimination.

This will be possible when there is full acquaintance on discrimination in the slogan that says- knowledge is power. There should be training at all levels of an organization on discrimination policy. While the government should develop legal legislation based on discrimination so as to promote equality and strengthen the already existing ones.

Finally, for the women and the minorities to be in a position to enjoy equal rights with everybody, then there is a need to promote their education for them to advance in different careers in that they will be employed on merits in relation to their academic qualifications. It is therefore through co-operate efforts that the discrimination will be reduced (Clint, B. 2010).


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