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Bullying Opinion Essay


Many victims of relational aggression have been reluctant to self-report. Educators have experienced a difficult time to recognize this aggression. Bullying has been known for a long time to be a situation in which one boy threatens to beat another. Research has considered it to be a relational aggression. President Obama has been a victim of bullying as he mentioned in a White House Conference. Girls have also been reported to be using a hurtful language and social exclusion.

Bullying takes various forms like gossip, manipulation and abuse. These forms may be observed in the day to day activities. Gossip, manipulation and social isolation may be overlooked by most adults who have not realized that it is the common form of bullying. Research has found out that most children at their middle of social hierarchy at school are most likely to become bullies.

A report by a sociology professor shows that those on the top of the pecking order are too secure to be involved in bullying. These bullies use aggression as a means for maintaining their social status in the social hierarchy. After reaching at the top of the hierarchy, they no longer need to be aggressive. Teachers may not be aware of students who have the potential of becoming bullies. It only surprises them to learn that some students who appear to be innocent are bullies.

Cyber bullying is the latest wave of relational aggression. One person may send messages about another person to many people, who can then send rumors about the victim within the shortest time possible. Educators have been put in a tough spot on finding that, it is unclear on what they can do about off-campus speech other than banning the students from practicing the bullying. The school administrators should be involved in stopping this type of bullying within the school.

One of the complications is that parents do not support the school’s efforts in controlling the bullying in the schools. The bullies have been supported by their parents who claim that their children are not bullies, but bright and innocent. They don’t believe that they have the potential of becoming bullies. This resistance has been one of the obstacles to eliminating the cyber bullying in the schools.

The federal and the state governments have tried as much as possible to partner with other districts to support the schools in stopping this bullying. This came into force during the conference at the Washington held by President Obama.

Challenge Day has focused on building schools where every child feels safe, loved and celebrated. Clubs have been used to build and strengthen relationships aimed to stop bullying and social isolation. Such activities include, playing games and having discussions where different people get opportunities to share experiences in a very peaceful way.

They therefore get a chance to have fun and do other activities. Oprah Winfrey Show has always been involved in many programs that provide a forum where children discuss various issues affecting them in the society. They are then guided on how to handle the issues.

Schools and districts have been involved in the Challenge Day activities where children are advised on how to handle negative behaviors that may be faced in the society. If all the students, parents and teachers collaborate with other stakeholders in these efforts, bullying can be stopped in schools.

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