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Effects and Solutions Essay

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Updated: Mar 25th, 2020

In recent years our planet has changed greatly. People develop their society, consuming more and more nature resources and forgetting about the aftermaths of the mindless attitude to the environment. As the result, there has been a huge change in climate of our planet which of course influenced people greatly. The first and the most obvious result of the global warming is the decrease of the harvest in the majority of regions all over the world.

There is an obvious decrease of the wheat and maize yields, which in its turn led to the oscillations in its price (Suzman para. 8). This fact influences the whole world market of the crops and the consumers. That is why the mitigation of the negative impact of climate change on the agricultural sector should be the main goal to achieve. There are two possible solutions of this problem: development of the new kind of draught resilient crops and using new renewable sources of energy, which can be found on farms and be profitable for.owners.

The farmers are the first to feel the change. Depending form the harvest of crops grown on their fields, they clearly understand the importance of some immediate actions in order to prevent catastrophic consequences of the change in climate.

For example, irregular rains and floods, changing with the periods of draught and insects can totally destroy their harvest (Suzman para. 7). The results will be poor for the farmer and the agricultural sector in the whole. Crashed farms will not be able to satisfy the need of the state in the corn and the problems with the food supply can appear.

The solution of this problem lies in two different steps, the aim of which will be to reduce the loss of harvest and face off threat from the agricultural sector.

One solution to the problem of draughts and the reducing of the harvest of crops would be to introduce new more resilient kinds of plants, which will be able not only to survive under the declining conditions, but to give a good harvest for the farmers to be able to earn some money and plant new seeds again. The global understanding of the need of this change is necessary. The thought of the relevancy of using new modified seeds should be explained to farmers on the examples of their yields.

The problem of global warming and the climate change can also be solved by the introduction of the new renewable sources of energy. The use of solar power can decrease the wastes of the huge electro stations and adjourn the negative effects of their work. However, the main idea of this method is to use sources, which could be found on farms, for their owners to have benefit.

In the states with the developed dairy industry, for example California, the manure can also be used as the source of the energy, giving profit to farmers (Bergmann para. 12). The advantages of this solution are its comparatively low price and the easy-approach.

Having analyzed the facts we can conclude that some immediate actions in the agricultural sector are needed in order to protect corps form the aftermaths of human activity. There are some possible solutions which can help to make things better and stop decline of farmers. New kinds of crops and alternative sources of energy should be considered as the main remedies for farmers to use. The issue of the climate change should not be ignored as one day the humanity may face the much more worse problem – the problem of hunger.

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