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Race in Ancient Egypt Essay

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Updated: Sep 8th, 2021

Race describes classification of human into distinct groups by considering factors such as heritable phenotypic characteristics or geographic ancestry. It is influenced by such traits as appearance, culture, ethnicity, and socio-economic status of individuals.

Race in ancient Egypt

In the Ancient Egypt, there was minimal consideration in terms of race. Majority of population were black individuals, while the entire world was devoid of racism. Importantly, the dark skin was never seen as a sign of being inferior, this being depicted by the entire artworks from the ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Civilization originated from Western countries, when the European powers colonized Africa in the nineteenth century. This resulted to the introduction of numerous adverse effects within the black community.

The black pharaohs sprang from African civilization that had flourished on the southern banks of the Nile, and reunified and filled the landscape with glorious monuments. Western scholars began to pay attention to the skin tone of Egyptian individuals, as they viewed the blacks as being primitive and inferior compared to the white explorers.

It is believed that all ancient Egyptians, from King Tut to Cleopatra, were black Africans. They ruled Ancient Egypt for thousands of years, after conquering non-black rule and accomplishing numerous tasks. Moreover, the stability of Egypt was always restored by the black leaders from the south.

Ancient Egyptians had no racial distinctions between their populations, and they acknowledged and depicted the distinct differences that existed between themselves and the Libyans, Asiatic, Persians, Greeks, and Romans. Due to race infiltration in Egypt, majority of the black people were under-educated and denied the facts that spelled out the true history of Ancient Egypt, achievements of the black population, and their original works and practices.

This was being spearheaded and promoted by the Europeans and Arab invaders. Racism affected the research process and findings, as most of the findings were only attributed to the whites, including their works. Moreover, various artifacts and certain achievements by the blacks were changed to depict the whites as being supreme.

The black population was regarded as having no influence on development of early civilization in Egypt, although they had the greatest influence in majority of the developments that had taken place in the ancient times. Racism was distributed across generations of teachers, students, and the public through misinformation of various known facts that described true black Africans. Ancient Egypt was full of numerous artifacts that existed from the ancient times.

These were made and designed by native Africans and later discovered by the white explorers who came as a result of colonization within Ancient Egypt, including the discovery of seven large stone statues of Nubian pharaohs, various portraits of blacks that were changed to depict white supremacists and so on. Majority of the occurrences, artifacts, and discoveries were turned round because of the existing racism to depict the strengths and achievements of the whites at the expense of the black population in ancient Egypt.


Ancient Egypt faced racism because of the introduction of civilization after the process of colonization in the nineteenth century, when the whites promoted oppression of the black population in terms of education, information, and the general achievements that had been brought by the black Africans. This led to majority of the achievements, works, and artifacts and so on, that were done and accomplished by the blacks being linked and notated to the whites.

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