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Elections and Political Processes Essay

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Updated: Jan 8th, 2022


Elections offer a platform for choosing leaders, assisting in government setup, and conferring the legitimacy of current political systems (Ely, 1997). Electoral assistance (technical expertise) will be our organization. We propose the following forms of assistance, provision of support in preparation and conduction of elections, Secondly, the building of long-term capacities of involved institutions, finally, enhancement of appropriate election-related processes.

Background Information

A constitution establishes the rules upon which politics is conducted (Ely, 1997). Argentine legal arrangements governing the organization and control of the electoral process rely on the active participation of political parties at all stages of the process.

The issue and its dimensions

The UNDP 2002 report on human development presents mixed results in democratic transition. Some governments exhibit illiberal democratic tendencies of employing an authoritarian rule after democratic elections. Issues that plunge the electoral process are:

  1. Low citizen participation
  2. Voter ignorance leading to voter incompetency
  3. Low citizen control
  4. Inadequate political virtue in voters and officials
  5. Insufficient representatives of legislatures
  6. Political inequality

This project will limit itself to issues, which strengthen democratic governance through initiatives that create a longer-term capacity to achieve electoral efficacy. Elections are both sensitive public administration exercises and archetypical political processes and therefore have covert political impacts.

Principle areas and dimensions

Our organization has extensive grassroots entrenchment and is best suited to facilitate electoral assistance as a way for the disadvantaged to impact on government decision-making. The table below shows major entry point for our impartial organization.

Entry Point Description
Electoral system reform Includes advice and consultation with political entities on the need for Institutional reform and hence make them broad-based, all-inclusive and representative of the national population.
Institutional advice on the role of political entities in designing of new accountable and trustworthy electoral systems
Electoral administration Building of independent and permanent electoral management entities through strengthening of institutions, offering assistance in legal reforms, providing professional development programs to election staff, building extended public information and outreach avenues, and helping counties in management of election resources.
Sustainable electoral processes Forms the core of our mandate and involves support for non-expensive free and fair electoral process
Focused on enhancement of election planning in counties, as well as monitoring and budgeting capability
Voter registration support
Creation and updating of civil registry entries support
Civic and voter education Increase democratic participation among the disadvantaged through activities to raise awareness
Mobilization/coordination of resources for electoral support Serve as conduit for receipt of financial donations and third party participation.
Play a central role in development of governance partnerships and elections observations.
Emerging areas of support Other than the areas, discussed, other areas of importance may emerge within the time of operations.

Detailed analysis

Civic and voter education

Civic education sensitizes citizens on their rights, roles and responsibilities in democracies while voter education focuses on potential voters to encourage them to make free choices. Our organization already has grass-root presence; it will not incur additional setting up costs.

Coordinating of international electoral assistance

NGOs offer an avenue of linking international and national actors to create a smooth electoral process. In addition to linkage, our organization will offer a coordination platform within its areas of operation.

Voter registration

Given our previous experience, Participation in this area will include setup of a permanent or continuous electoral register that embraces new technology.

Electoral administration

Strengthening of electoral management capacity will occur through large-scale event planning, logistical support, conflict resolution training and assistance on non-election related areas. This will rely on the well-qualified and experienced staff of our organization.

Schedule of project activities

Schedule of project activities Proposed Budget
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