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Sephora: The Offers of Sephora.ca Report

Company Profile

Sephora is one of the most successful retail chains in the world which is based in France, but its offices and stores are located in 27 countries, including Canada. Sephora specializes in retailing and online selling cosmetics, bath and body products, and make-up tools.

Sephora was founded by Dominique Mandonnaud in France in 1970, and the company entered the Canadian market in 2004 when the first store was opened in Toronto. The main office which regulates Sephora’s activities in Canada is located in Montreal, and the control of the chain is provided with references to the headquarters’ office in San Francisco (“Sephora”).

The company’s strategy is oriented to supporting the store shopping and the online market. That is why, Sephora.com launched in the USA and later in Canada was reorganised, and the multi-channel Sephora.ca was launched to provide the products retailing directly in Canada.

Sephora.ca and Holidays’ Offers

Sephora is characterised by orienting to all the innovations in the market’s development, and the company can be discussed as the experienced and successful trendsetter in developing the stores and online selling along with attracting the customers. Having opened new stores in Canada, Sephora focuses on launching a new website for the Canadians to meet their requirements and intensify the process of shopping.

To support the new site and accentuate its possibilities, Sephora develops a new campaign the main goal of which is to offer the clients the best opportunities to choose the presents for Christmas and New Year Day for relatives and friends at prices lower than in any store. Thus, the customers receive the opportunity to choose the products with references to Holiday Bags and Mystery Gift campaigns.

The main particular feature of the campaigns is the fact that the offers are almost not available in stores, and the products are presented in the limited series. These details make the choice more pleasant, and the gift purchased for Christmas and New Year Day with the help of Sephora.ca becomes more unique.

The Email Pitch

To: Noreen Flanagan, Elle Canada, Editor-in-Chief

From: Lori Castagna, Vice-President of Merchandising and Marketing, Sephora Canada

Subject: Sephora.ca provides the best holiday offers

Dear Noreen Flanagan,

I know that your magazine traditionally provides the review of the most successful companies’ proposals in relation to the new products which can be chosen as presents during the period of holidays. I think it will be interesting for your readers to learn that this year Sephora Canada offers greater holiday proposals than usually, and these proposals are closely associated with the developing website Sephora.ca.

It is important to note that Sephora.ca offers two different campaigns to provide the clients with the opportunity to choose the best presents at lower prices. Thus, the advantages of the Holiday Bags proposal are in the facts that purchasing the product as the Holiday Bag, the customer can have the opportunity to receive the free beauty kit.

These bags are available online, and they are presented in three variants which are The Glow, Best In Classic, and The Lasting Impression (“Sephora Canada Online Offer”). It is possible to make the most appropriate and pleasant choice. The Mystery Gift campaign can be interesting for persons who want to make the present to themselves, and the secret present is the best choice for them.

Sephora is known for its exclusive strategy and approach to retailing as well as for the orientation to the customer and his needs. These approaches are similar to your treating the audience that is why it is possible to speak about evoking your readers’ interest in our website’s proposals.


Lori Castagna

Vice-President of Merchandising and Marketing

Sephora Canada

Explanation of the Choice

Elle Canada can be discussed as a leader in the market of the magazines for women in Canada (“Elle Canada”). The articles presented in the magazine provide reviews of the most significant trends and innovations in the cosmetics industry and associated retailing sphere. It is important to offer the information about new campaigns developed with references to the new website Sephora.ca with the help of Elle Canada because the target audience of the magazine is the women of the same age category as Sephora’s customers.

The information provided in the magazine on the novelties in the sphere of cosmetics and industry affects the readers’ attitude to the products and can help promote and develop the definite trends. The magazine’s editors give their assessment of the novelty, trend, or campaign depending on their own experience and influence the readers’ choice. Relying on the magazine’s status, it is possible to spread the information about the website’s campaigns among the larger public.

The Fact Sheet

Sephora is the largest cosmetics retailing company in Canada which has launched the new multi-channel website, and it proposes advantageous holiday campaigns to provide the customers with the opportunity to choose the best present. Sephora makes the online world more attractive for the customers, presenting them a lot of possibilities to make the purchases easier, cheaper, and faster.

The Holiday Bags and Mystery Gift Campaigns at Sephora.ca

  • All the products presented at the site as the part of the bag for the campaign are described according to several characteristics to provide the information about price, colour, fragrance, ingredients.
  • The photos of the products are provided.
  • The Holiday Bags are provided in three variants: The Glow, Best In Classic, and The Lasting Impression.
  • The availability of the product online is presented.
  • The campaigns’ discounts are proposed.

For more information contact:

Molly Morse (212) 521-4826 or [email protected]

Stefanie Goodsell (212) 521-4878 or [email protected] (“Sephora”)

News Release

For Immediate Release


Lori Castagna

Vice-President of Merchandising and Marketing

Sephora Canada

1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672)

Sephora.ca Actively States Its Position within the Online Market Developing Campaigns for Holidays

MONTREAL, Quebec, November 27, 2012 – Sephora, the most successful retailer of cosmetics in Canada, has announced today that the company’s new website Sephora.ca develops two campaigns associated with the period of Christmas and New Year holidays when customers receive the opportunity to choose the presents for their relatives and friends in the form of Holiday Bags and can please themselves with products from the Mystery Gift series.

There are a lot of advantages to use Sephora.ca to purchase the presents online because of the variety of products proposed. Moreover, these cosmetics products are produced in the limited series, and they are available at the fixed low prices only in the online shop.

The development of new shopping campaigns at the base of Sephora.ca is the next step forward, and Philippe Pinatel, Country Manager and Senior Vice President, Sephora Canada, states “All our initiatives are focused on revolutionizing the Canadian beauty retail landscape.

Transforming our stores and launching Sephora.ca are significant components of our arsenal to achieve this” (“Sephora’s New Toronto Flagship”). Holiday Bags and Mystery Gift campaigns are successful ways to attract the clients and provide them with the new online purchasing experience.

For more information, visit www.sephora.ca.

Q & A Section

  1. Q: How is it possible to participate in Mystery Gift campaign?
    A: “Enter code UNDERWRAPS in the promotion code box at checkout to receive a Mystery Sample Bag including 6 samples, free with any online merchandise purchase of C$35 or more”, and it is “not valid in retail stores or on previous purchases” (“Sephora”).
  2. Q: Is it possible to test the sample bags from the series of Holiday Bags?
    A: It is possible to receive the samples while entering the specific code “in the promotion code box during sephora.com checkout to receive your choice of one of the following three Holiday Sample Bags featuring 9 samples: In The Glow, Best In Classic, or The Lasting Impression” (“Sephora Canada Online Offer”).
  3. Q: What are the differences of Sephora.ca from Sephora.com?
    A: The site is developed to provide the Canadians with the products directly. “It now boasts a faster checkout, the most targeted search, fully integrated Canadian pricing, product look up in store, and bilingual functionality” (“Sephora’s New Toronto Flagship”).
  4. Q: What information can the customers learn about the products proposed in campaigns?
    A: The site “now features targeted product search for easier shopping with indexed product characteristics ranging from ingredients to price” (“Sephora Gives Canadian Online Shopping”).
  5. Q: Are the products proposed in Holiday Bags produced by Sephora brand?
    A: No. There are items produced by different brands such as Escada, Lancome, Clarins, and others.
  6. Q: Are there discounts for the customers?
    A: The online shop has the developed system of discounts for the clients.
  7. Q: Is it possible to change the items after buying?
    A: “This offer is subject to change, alteration, or termination by Sephora in its sole discretion at any time” (“Sephora Canada Online Offer”).

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