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The Best Social Networking Tool for Me Research Paper

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Updated: May 9th, 2019


Choosing the best social networking tool requires a decision process. The paper highlights the cognitive process that will assist one to select the best networking tool based on different alternatives. The steps followed incorporate output of the planning stage decision making that precedes the actual decision making exercise.

Issue Identification

Making a Decision

Social networking tools have different features, and thus, one ought to choose a tool that is easy to navigate and customize. In addition, the tool should offer maximum benefits and have minimal consequences (Boyd & Ellison, 2007, p.1).

Goals to be achieved

The tool should offer opportunities to add friends in an extensive physical social layer. Additionally, the tool should be an entity of reciprocal altruism and gift economy, and ensure privacy and protection of clandestine information.

Issue Analysis

Causes of decision paralysis

Decision paralysis occurs because many people do not understand how social tools operate. Another issue that causes decision paralysis is the several tools that have similar functionality—making it hard to choose.

Cognitive and personal biases

Depending on the physical appearance of the tool, many people tend to lean to the one that pleases their eyes without considering its functionality. Peer influence and the number of people within an age group can influence somebody to select a tool.

Develop Alternatives

Choosing one tool over another

Choosing one tool over another is not an easy task. Nevertheless, people choose tools that best suit their needs. Moreover, the tool should serve the intended purpose like data protection and privacy.

Not choosing any of the tools

Certain factors can cause a barren choice of a tool. This dilemma does not eliminate the existing problem. Consequently, a barren choice does not mean a cut of costs, but rather, an opportunity to revisit the decision.

Evaluate Alternatives

Rating of each alternative

It is better to explore each tool, analyze the benefits of each tool before making a decision. Even though people choose certain tools as the preferred ones, they still want to explore their decisions to establish opportunity cost.

Rating of the risk posed by each alternative

In the decision process, risks are rife. One might choose a tool only to find that it does not serve the intended purpose. Thus, it is better to rate every risk posed by each alternative and in order to establish how it might affect the outcome.


Using Optimizing Strategy

The optimizing strategy enables one to choose a tool that would give results and enable realization of objectives. Under this strategy, only allow a barren choice when the tool offers low utility threshold. Lastly, the tool chosen must meet all conditions of the criterion.

Using Max-min strategy

Sometimes, limited technology can hinder the decision process. However, it is important to note that a barren choice will suffice the decision process. When costs and implications outweigh the benefits of the tool, then, go for a barren choice.

Implementation Plan

Decision actions

Compare the pros and cons of the tool before taking any decision bearing in mind that the pros must outweigh the cons in order to eliminate chances of a dilemma occurring. In case one fails to choose a tool, then repeat the process again.

Additional actions to prevent adverse consequences

The best way to arrive at the best social networking tool is first, understanding how the tools work and then weighing the pros and cons with ease. It is also important to make a decision once for all in order to refute any future regrets. Otherwise, a flurry of decision strategies serves to bring confusion that will cause decision paralysis (Mackaay, 1990, pp. 867-910).

Review Plan

Risks and drawbacks involved

One must understand that the prevailing status quo may change. In addition, the chosen tool will definitely be missing some benefits owned by the other tools. Furthermore, although the tool chosen meets the objectives, it may not necessarily evade personal biases hence, rendering it unpleasant.

Why benefits outweigh risks

The choice, and not the status quo, is the paramount thing in selecting a tool. The pre-eminence of the tool in fulfilling the objectives at a manageable cost takes priority. Additionally, a person can sacrifice personal biases by conditioning sessions in order to choose the best tool.


The very many social networking tools make the decision process of choosing the best tool cumbersome. Nevertheless, a good decision process will always lead to the best social networking tool. From identifying the issue to reviewing of decisions, one finds how involving the task is. The scrutiny of various alternatives enables the decision maker to make an informed choice—on that meets the objectives of the entire process (Harris, 2009, p.1).

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