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Online Social Networking in Job Search Essay

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Updated: Apr 21st, 2021


With the advent and development of technology, various technological applications have been adopted for individual use and organizational purposes. Social networking applications (SNAs) are part of the technological advancement whose popularity has rapidly increased in recent years with the rise of globalization. There is the urge for interconnectivity among individuals and organizations irrespective of the distances involved.

The social networking applications are mainly used for communication and disseminating valuable information for continuity of the organizations. Online social networking entails the utilization of various online social networks, for instance, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, among others, to share information from different fields of life ( O’Sullivan and McClure 99). This work examines the aspect of online social networking and how it has influenced the job search process.

Online social networks have been very influential in various social aspects, and they have mainly found significant application when it comes to the concept of job searching. In a great way, online social networks have changed the way individuals live and carry out their practices. The networking has been essential in various ways. Job searching is where people can access multiple job vacancies and find the ones that match their qualifications and experience.

The networking contributes mutual benefits to both the employers and the employees. The employer can access various employees’ profiles from the websites and make the process of selection and recruitment easier and faster. To the employee, the online social networking helps in easy identification of employment opportunities in different organizations in different parts of the world where the job vacancies and the qualifications and experience needed are stipulated in the websites.

Online social networks also have the advantage of having a global reach where an individual with specific qualifications can easily be identified by organizations worldwide, and an organization with job vacancies is as well effortlessly identified by jobseekers. Time-saving is also an essential factor that is achieved through the use of online social networks. This is because it eliminates the need to, for example, literary move from one organization to the other, asking for job opportunities or even sending job applications where opportunities could not be available.

This is because it only requires that one accesses the internet and searches for the available vacancies ( which takes a relatively short time) and then apply having been assured that the chances are there. Another crucial benefit associated with online social networking is that it allows for the establishment of long-term relationships, which could be very beneficial in terms of job searching even in the future.

The connections are strengthened by the fact that people involved in the networks are conversant with the qualifications and capabilities of each other, and in case an opportunity crops up, it is easy to notify one another. Organizations also keep databases of the individual profiles and can select and recruit quickly whenever there is a chance, even without the jobseeker having to apply (Levitt and Harwood 65).

Like any other aspect, the use of online social networks as a tool for seeking jobs or recruiting employees is also associated with some challenges despite having many benefits, as mentioned above. Some of the challenges involve the invasion of personal privacy. This is because a lot of personal information is disclosed in the individual profiles posted on various websites. Although this may help the particular person secure a job as many employers access his or her profile, there is no privacy, which is crucial to every individual.

Another drawback is that it is tough for a job seeker or even an employer to identify the right employer or employee, respectively, as there can be dummy individuals or organizations, making it difficult to pinpoint the genuine ones. This is mainly a negative aspect to the jobseeker as he or she could have wasted a lot of time and other resources in vain. Controlling one’s personal image is also a challenge when it comes to online social networking, as one may be implicated through various aspects like links and photos that may be inappropriate. Therefore, people should become careful about what they post on social networks, especially as links (Van de Graff par 2).


Online social networking has been an advancement of technology that has been very useful in various aspects of life. Online social networks were initially considered less severe and mostly associated with youngsters for social relationships. Still, the aspect has changed, and they are now used for more official practices like job search and recruitment. Online social networks have been of help to employers and employees as they help them find their right matches regarding jobs.

For instance, they have increased awareness levels of the jobseekers, hence maximizing the chances of securing the desired position. Despite the challenges associated with online social networks, it is evident that their benefits, especially regarding job search, surpass the drawbacks, and their significance should, therefore, never be underemphasized.

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