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Third Annual Bay Area Travel and Adventure Show Creative Writing Essay

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Updated: Jun 22nd, 2018

Those who believe that booking travel tours online is much more compelling and fascinating are mistaken. In fact, the World Wide Web provides you only with also necessary information about the itinerary you are going to choose to enjoy the trip. Recently, I have visited Bay Travel and Adventure Show to take a look at the scope of travelling from a different viewpoint.

The event is indeed worth your time because the organizers of the show can inspire you to engage with a variety of activities and discover the most beneficial travel possibilities. I have had a marvelous chance to learn a lot from experts, including Patricia Schultz, Rick Steeves, and Joe Dias. These people have given me much valuable information about what needs to be done to make my dreams come true.

I have been fond of travelling since my childhood because visiting different places allows me to gain new experience, meeting new people, and learning more about new places. So, I decided to attend the nation’s leading travel event on February 16.

As soon as I arrived at the place, I was immediately transferred to another world where people enjoy listening to the music, dancing, and communicating with each other. The travel show represented over 200 travel and tour experts so that I could receive professional advice concerning which places should be visited first, as well as which remarkable cities should be attended and could be perpetuated my experience.

As soon as I was acquainted with the experts, I decided to visit one of the travel seminars to learn more about what it meant to be a travel-addicted person. During the seminar, I was interested in the information about the main attributes of extreme journey. I listened to the real stories from life about the challenges and difficulties that travelers had to overcome, as well as valuable skills that should be acquired before going on trip.

Apart from exciting seminars, the show was also accompanied with incredible activities that the entire family could visit. Although I attended this event alone, I had so many activities to engage with. In particular, I decided to try my skills and strengths to master zip lining and rock climbing.

I should admit that these activities required much effort; yet expert guidance allowed me to climb the rock quickly, almost without additional help. As soon as I learnt more about these authentic experiences, I was determined to set out for the journey of my life and visit Machu Picchu, the most captivating place in the world. Surrounding by gorgeous mountains, the site amazes by its scale and picturesque landscapes.

So, after I consulted one of the experts about the travel possibilities, I decided to visit a couple of exhibitions to learn more about destination travels and discover new vacation options. Tour operators were glad to discuss the most exciting experiences in traveling, as well as advice new sites for me to visit.

After I received a bulk of valuable recommendations on travelling, I made my way to another place – the Global Beats Stage – where I had a remarkable opportunity to witness diverse music and dance performances introducing destinations from all over the world. The cultural events had provided me with valuable knowledge about performances.

I could even dance with the guests of the festival. I especially admired Brazilian Capoeira Irmandade. Indian dances were also exciting and I could not help dancing to the beat. In fact, as soon as I found myself in the centre of the music event, I felt as if I had already visited the countries from which these cultural performances originated.

Most of impressions made me think over new travel routes, because I could win some of the unforgettable trips by the sea. For instance, the show organizers offered a free Segway Santa Cruz West Cliff Tour. The tour allowed travelers to visit regal seagull and giant seals on the pier.

I believe that my future journeys will be dedicated to exploring new species of animals in various parts of the world. In general, the proposed tours, beneficial prices for new journeys, and informative seminars headlines with travelling celebrities could become a good starting point for connecting my life with travelling. Indeed, the travel show has expanded my outlook on the significance of travelling in my life.

Bay Travel and Adventure Show is the ticket to the world of new opportunities, skills, and knowledge. Once you visit this event, you will fall in love with travelling. Multiple performances, a plethora of travelling activities, shops, exhibitions, and cultural dancing contributed to the uniqueness of the show.

Visiting this event has provided me with new impressions, emotions, and opportunities for expanding my travelling experience. What is more important is that I have managed to receive valuable knowledge on journeys from such experts as Rick Steeves, Joe Diaz, and Patricia Schultz. The people can be regarded as genuine admirers of travelling. Exploring hundreds of destinations and attraction spots cab widen my outlook on the world.

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