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Perusing Through Peru’s Marvelous Past and Present Essay (Article)

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Updated: Jun 20th, 2022

Traveling to other nations as a tourist is usually exciting as you get to observe different cultures and people. The experience is usually worth it as the widening of perspective is a good exercise. The sheer amount of tourist destinations worldwide is a hurdle for would-be tourists and sightseers. How do you choose where to go? How much is your budget? The specifics differ from person to person, as does the choice of destination. For history lovers, a place of significance in history is usually the top pick. For those of us with less academic interest, places with plenty of fun to offer are where we usually go. For tourists of all kinds, Peru is a wonderful destination.

Peru is a nation situated in South America that is a popular tourist destination due to its numerous attractions. The colonial and historical significance of buildings and citadels is just breathtaking. It may well be your favorite place to visit should you decide to sightsee the world. There is something for everyone, from nature lovers to just plain old lovers. The countless activities that can be done in the country during sightseeing easily put Peru at the top of your list of places to visit. The budget required to have a great time is flexible and usually small as you can opt-out of various activities if you desire to save money on the trip and trim the budget.

The majority of people’s imaginations conjure up images of beaches and oceans when they hear of tourist destinations, and it is there the journey is started. The Paracas National Reserve lies about 250 kilometers south of Lima, the capital of Peru. The reserve provides a wide variety of wildlife, such as seabirds and seagulls. The sheltered beaches on the reserve offer a fantastic way to relax and have a wonderful time with your friends. Swimming and surfing are fun, popular pastimes. The rocky islands located within the reserve, together with the marine ecosystem, make it a very romantic spot and one to take your loved one to should you decide to have some quality time together during sightseeing.

Lima is next on the list as it offers a return to past civilization. Various colonial buildings and cathedrals adorn the city. The nightlife is an experience any city-bred person would appreciate with its assortment of bars, restaurants, and street food. The beaches located to the north and south of the city offer a great relaxing spot as you contemplate your next destination. Cities are usually a way to experience a people’s spirit and culture, and Lima is no exception. The rich variety of experiences you will gain from its tour is sure to keep you hooked on the country. The hotels available also cater to people of all kinds and offer outstanding customer service.

Peru is full of historic sites, and the most famous is Machu Picchu, a 15th-century Inca citadel. This limestone marvel is located high up on a plateau in the Amazon jungle, some 2400m above sea level. This impressive heritage site is one that even the conquistadors never reached. What an achievement! Getting to experience ancient architecture is a great way to understand how people in the past lived, and Machu Picchu provides that (Baumhackl, 2019). The trip, which can either be self-guided or guided, is full of insights that are bound to shock you. It also offers a great way to have fun with friends and families as tours can be catered to a group.

A road trip to Machu Picchu is a great way to see the county’s natural riches as it traverses forests and plains. The option of a trek is also available to those who would like to experience the scenery on foot. It is highly advised to visit the Machu Picchu between May and September since the other seasons are usually rainy and could hamper your progress should you decide to trek. This is usually fantastic for groups of friends or honeymoons as you get to make many memories on the 4-day trek across the region to Machu Picchu. The chance to experience nature in its most pristine form is one that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

To the deserts now, shall we? Located just 5 hours away from Lima lies Huacachina. The only desert oasis in all of South America. The variety of activities to perform in Huacachina is simply amazing. The popular ones are sandboarding and dune buggy. It is like snowboarding, only on sand. Despite its location in a desert, Huacachina is a very romantic spot with various resorts and inns to cater to your every need. People looking to enjoy themselves on a water body are also in for a treat. It is also very close to Paracas National Reserve, ideal for water activities and lazily relaxing on the beach.

Tired of sandboarding, eh? Let’s go hiking then! And as usual, Peru has a thing to offer for adventurous spirits. Taking a hike to reach Huaraz, a town perched on the majestic ranges of Cordillera Blanca, is sure to leave you feeling like explorers of old. What with the dinosaur footprints and prehistoric cave art beckoning you to quench your thirst for prehistoric mysteries. The hike offers an enjoyable experience for all kinds of hikers, from casual ones to serious mountaineers. Earthquakes are a norm in these parts, which has caused them to be rebuilt several times. Who knows? Perhaps the resilience of the townsfolk could rub off on you. Maybe you’ll come out wiser and more patient.

Now, on to the great Amazon rainforest! Fifty-five kilometers west of the Bolivian border is a city located at the confluence of two rivers. Puerto Maldonado, once only accessible by boat, is now a haven for tourists of all breeds. The close brush with nature is sure to leave you tasteless for civilization. The activities one gets to engage in include kayaking and zip-lining, which are very popular in this area. The option of a night tour of the jungle and a Monkey Island visit is definitely one to consider. For the bird watchers, parrot watching is offered—definitely a magical experience.

Another rich historical city and one-time capital of Peru is next on the list. Arequipa, which is set in the shadows of three volcanoes, is a sight to behold. The city is full of ancient mansions and Spanish colonial churches, combined with the Peruvian building traditions to create a unique architectural feel known as Escuela Arequipena (Luciano, 2017). The classy hotels and earthy lodges located in the city are excellent for relaxing as you tour the city. To get a glimpse of the unique architecture, visit Santa Catalina Monastery and the neoclassical Basilica Cathedral south of the city.

A tourist’s visit to Peru would be incomplete without visiting Cusco, which was once the epicenter of Incan power. The city’s rich history is evident from the glorious Spanish churches to the crumbling remains of the city’s once-powerful ancient masters (Blanco & Hancco, 2020). The cottages of Barrio de San Blas, which are full of Incan treasures underneath their floors, are bound to make one feel the ecstasy of a pirate finally finding a lost treasure. The various sightseeing opportunities in the city are definitely a reason to visit it before ending a vacation. The exit of the city offers a view of Peru’s famed cloud forests, which are glorious.

In conclusion, traveling to a country and seeing its heritage is usually a significant endeavor. Lounging somewhere and sipping cocktails is sure to make one feel good but not satisfied. Taking a tour at night of the Amazon jungle, on the other hand, is bound to make an individual feel accomplished and satisfied. The vast choices available to tourists visiting Peru are both a blessing and a curse as it makes it hard to figure out where to go next. However, knowing beforehand what one wants to do and the constraints of their budget is going to help them out

of analysis paralysis.


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