Journalism Essay Examples and Topics

Jonah Lehrer’s Journalistic Misdeeds at

The main concept Charles Siefe, the author of Jonah Lehrer’s Journalistic Misdeeds at, talks of the many journalistic improprieties that Jonah allegedly committed during his tenure at Jonah apparently committed the two cardinal journalistic offenses, viz. plagiarism and fabrication. Under plagiarism, Jonah uplifted content from other sources without giving the proper due credit […]

“Going for the Look, but Risking Discrimination” by Steven Greenhouse

“Going for the Look, but Risking Discrimination” is an exposé in the New York Times written by Steven Greenhouse. Greenhouse, a journalist with the paper, asserts that people are treated differently based on their physical attributes. He also maintains that most retail stores such as Abercrombie, Fitch, and L’Oreal hire people based on good looks. […]

The American Culture in the Article by Horace Miner

Who is Miner really talking about in this article? In the article, the author is actually referring to a certain tribe in America that performs unique rituals. The major factor that stands out in the Nacirema tribe is that when the name is spelt backwards, it turns out to be American. As such, the author […]

Critique of the Article ‘In Praise of the Urban Sandbox’

The article, In Praise of the Urban Sandbox, tries to bring forth the significance and roles of computer games in educating, informing, and exploring planning initiatives. Using computer games to change the minds of city planners on the future state of an urban centethe r requires in-depth simulation of life. For instance, real-life zoning and […]

Journal Article: Study the Effects of Structuring Tools on Results

Introduction: Summary of the Main Points The paper analyzes the article Structure in creativity: An Exploratory Study to analyze the Effects of Structuring Tools on Scenario Workshop Results written by Vliet, Kok, Veldkamp, and Sarkk. The authors have introduced scenarios by describing their purpose together with when they can be used. In this case, scenarios […]

The Article “Putting Greenways Firs” by Arendt Randall

Introduction Planning is one of the most important activities in urban design. Through planning, the available resources are used in the most efficient way to create appropriate designs. The complete product is able to adequately fulfill the needs of the community. Over the past few decades, there has been a shift towards designs that are […]

The Article “The Truth About Mass Shooting and the Gun Control” by Benjamin Domenech

Written by Benjamin Domenech, the article, “The truth about a mass shooting and the gun control”, unravels the mysteries behind mass shootings and the ever-controversial topic of gun control. Gun control defines the regulation of who can sale, own, and/or use a gun. Domenech strongly opposes the killing that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school; […]

Top Secret America – Washington Post

Top Secret America, being an investigative project, embodies a voluminous and comprehensive reporting. The clinical and wholesome inclusion of all sectors dealing with upholding intelligence information and security puts this project by the Washington post in the same line with the knowledge base that we have learned from the course on intelligence community. Intelligence service […]

Media Industry Structural Changes

Introduction The subject of media is quite broad and interesting. Therefore, it is critical to picture the main topics that were covered to provide a solid foundation for the other topics in the subject. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to explore three of the main topics that were covered in the subject. These […]

The Swanston Street Wall Collapse

The collapse of the Swanston Street Wall, which resulted in death of three young civilians, has attracted public’s attention as to the possible causes of the tragedy. According to the Victorian Bureau of Metrology, westerly winds had a speed of over 100km/h, at around 3.00pm, minutes before the wall collapsed (Gough & Millar 2013). In-depth […]

Influence of Media on political advertising

Introduction Present American campaigns and elections depend highly on political advertising through the media. In the recent past, there have not been campaigns and elections without political ads on television. Political ads are now a main tool and vehicle in elections. This does not however mean that all political campaigns have to use media. This […]

Propaganda in the Democratic Society

Propaganda in the Democratic Society is an article written by Aldous Huxley. The article focuses on the effects of propaganda on the democracy (Huxley 133). Huxley classifies propaganda into two categories. The categories are rational and non-rational propaganda. Rational propaganda concurs with the perceptions of those who generate it and their addressees. With respect to […]

Print Media Is Dead

Introduction Print media has been the most powerful pathway for the transmission of fashion, fashion designs and other elements of the fashion industry. In fact, fashion magazines have been the key to the fashion industry (Stone, 2004). For several centuries, the fashion industry has increasingly taken the modern advantage of technological advancements in printing. In […]

Old Media and New Media

Introduction Lots of people are now talking about new media as opposed to old or traditional media. However, there is still some uncertainty as regards the distinction between new and old media. Flew (2008) notes that the idea of ‘newness’ is rather subjective and relative as television and the Internet have become accessible almost simultaneously […]

Propaganda Movement in Mass Media

Introduction Through the perspective of Chomsky and Herman, it can be seen that the propaganda model helps to create an explanation behind the power of mass media within the current capitalist economy of the United States. The propaganda model presents the notion that the content produced by mass media outlets is invariably aligned with the […]

Broadcasting and proper use of media

Introduction Media is important to society as it is one of the main sources of information. In the course of playing its role, media faces some challenges. Broadcasting has been a part of the society for a long time, but seems to have run its course. The main challenges faced by the media relate to […]

Media in the society

Introduction Media is a communication network through which news, theatre, education and messages are dispersed. It comprises of distribution mediums such as, magazines, television, posters, cell phone, facsimile, and the internet (Fox & Ramos 2011, p.125). Media events are developed from the media and are considered to be motions that are created for publicity purposes. […]

The Global Media is All about Money and Profit Making

Introduction The global media is all about money and profit making. Media companies implement diverse strategies in order to expand their operations and the ability to obtain additional profits. Furthermore, the global media strategies for generating profits almost surpass the film industry. The different media such as radio, television, newspapers, and online news sources are […]

“Human Wrongs Animal Rights: Introduction to Moral Philosophy” Article

Introduction Animals live in a moral world hence are morally upright towards other animals. It is the human beings who constantly try to infringe morals on animals. Human beings more often than not abuse the rights of animals, whether domestic or the wild animals, the rights are being abused in several ways. They use animals […]

The Comparison Between the Two Different International Editions of Vogue Magazine

Due to the ongoing process of Globalization, the contents of the most popular media-products are now becoming increasingly uniformed. This simply could not be otherwise, because the earlier mentioned process presupposes standardization. In its turn, the latter allows companies to substantially increase the extent of their commercial effectiveness. As Vrontis, Thrassou and Lamprianou pointed out: […]

The Mass Media: Positive Attributes

The media plays a very instrumental role in our society. The media is everywhere around us. From the comedy shows we watch on TV, the music we listen to on our iPods, to the books, magazines, and the newspapers we read each day. In her book titled The Skeptic’s Dictionary: A Collection of Strange Beliefs, […]

Impact of Free News on Print Media and Readers’ Preferences

Executive Summary The print news industry has been the mainstream news provide among elite communities mostly in developed countries until the emergence of free news media which seems to have taken center stage among the young people and slowly finding its way to the older generation. Generation Y is fulfilling their surveillance needs in the […]

Ideologies in Newspaper Writing

Literature Review Ideology is a rationality of thoughts that presents a foundation for structured political action. Ideology determines the ability of achieving projected conservation, transformation or toppling the available system of power. According to Mannheim (1996), people’s ideas, are fashioned by their material and social statuses. Ideologies have a belief system that serves to preserve […]

The New York Times Major Challenges

Arthur Sulzberger faces a major challenge in an attempt to revive his failing newspaper. The newspaper’s performance is decreasing. The company has lost many subscribers in New York. The country’s financial situation should be a major opportunity for Sulzberger. The first approach is to promote the best working culture at the company. Every manager, editor, […]

Digital Media Privacy

Analysis of the Readings The readings focus on digital media and its impact on the issue of privacy. The article by Mills (2015) focuses on the old conflicts that are witnessed in the new media. Just like in the past, the top celebrities and politicians try to hide their personal lives from the public. However, […]

Bloggers Influence on Customers

Literature Review Bloggers can influence clients’ intentions to acquire commodities depending on the prevalence of use of the internet by different groups of people. According to research by Lenhart et al. (2010), as from 2006, the prevalence of blogging shifted from teen to older adults. Considering that older adults (18-29 years) are more likely to […]

Bloggers’ Influence on Customers’ Intention to Purchase

Introduction The previous research sought to explore the influence of bloggers’ reviews on consumers’ decision to purchase a particular commodity or service. The literature review revealed the existing knowledge concerning whether bloggers had any influence on consumers’ purchasing decision or not. Thus, the three hypotheses of the research sought to address the existing gaps to […]

Media Regulations in the GCC Countries

The issues of freedom of speech as well as the freedom of expression in journalism are actively discussed in the context of media regulations that are used in different countries to control the media sphere. In his article “Arab Media Regulations: Identifying Restraints on Freedom of the Press in the Laws of Six Arabian Peninsula […]

Turkey, Media and Human Rights

Introduction The study focuses on the freedom of the press in Turkey. Turkey is supposed to be one of the more liberal Muslim countries but events of the past few months on media crackdown do not reflect that. Some of the issues this study explores relate to how the government recently shut down social media […]

Print Media versus Digital

Introduction The rapidly growing business world that technology seems to renovate each subsequent day is experiencing changes in business trends, especially in the marketing where consumer preferences have transformed accordingly (Jones, Pentecost, & Requena 2005). Among others, the global graphic industry seems to experience unprecedented changes since the emergence of modern computer and phone technologies […]

Problem of Journalism Ethics

The first part of the essay is response to question one about how one would deal with the issue of cultural diversity in a situation where culture abuses the rights of minority. The second part is about how one would respond to the issue of personal interests as well as issues of national security. There […]

New Media and Political Communication

Abstract Media refers to the use of various apparatus as a means of information delivery from the source to the recipients. It is a broad field categorized into social media, broadcast, electronic and digital media. In the 20th century, politicians used their power and wealth to acquire the government positions. The new mass media techniques […]

Conventional Media and the New Media Environment in Modern China

Introduction With the emergence of telecommunication technology, the world is experiencing a major revolution in the communication sector. Theoretically, people are able to communicate with one another regardless of the distance separating them (Zhang, 2009). After several years of market reforms and development, China’s media had big changes in terms of communication models, management philosophy, […]

Career profile of Piers Morgan

Journalism is greatly affected by perception which individuals and general public have on a journalist. According to Weingarten, both journalism as a career and journalist as an individual may be ruined or built depending on brand (par.9). Weingarten points out such factors like branding and self promotion as integral considerations when building a robust career […]

Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self

Context of the Essay This essay focuses on an essay that was written by Alice Walker. The essay focuses on the early part of her life as a child, a teenager and a young adult. During this time, she comes across a lot of challenges that affect her self-esteem, behaviour and relationship with herself and […]

Essential Foundations of the Public Relations

Introduction Over the last three decades, a lot of scholarly research has been accomplished in the field of public relations. The framework under which the early researches were based on has, however, in the modern day, faced a lot of criticism with the majority of the critics claiming that the PR model of communication presents […]

Ethics in Entertainment Journalism

Introduction Entertainment journalism, as the name suggests, refers to the category of journalism whose major products are of the entertainment nature. The entertainment journalism industry includes television, music journalism, video game journalism, and celebrity coverage and film criticism. Music journalism is meant to criticize the music as relayed to the public by means of reporting, […]

Social Media and Arab Uprising

Introduction World transformation has been a long but intensive process affecting various persons and their activities. The issue of globalization is observed to be divided into various types, which are dependent on the activities that actually transform the human existence at a time. The initial stages of globalization dates back to the thirteenth century when […]

Critical Analysis: “At-Risk Students and Technology Education: A Qualitative Study” by Philip Cardon

Introduction According to Philip Cardon, enrolment in technology education is pervasive among at-risk students. Moreover, he testifies that at-risk students have shown more interest in technology education than before. However, he attributes this to the numerous studies conducted on at-risk students in the country. The article alludes to the fact that studies on innovative academic […]

The Freedom of Speech in Social Media

Introduction The freedom of speech is one of the crucial features of the democratic society. The personal liberty cannot be achieved without the ability to express your thoughts freely. It also means the opportunity to participate in the discussions and debates. George Orwell said, “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to […]

Printed Newspapers in US

Introduction Newspaper readership in the United States is on a steady decline. Since 1990, the print media has been recording dwindling numbers in terms of advertising, revenues, and number of newspapers printed (Pew Research Center 2012). On the other hand, the online content continues to record massive uptake in the whole country. Does this indicate […]

The Newspaper Publishing Industry in Australia

The fate of newspaper publishing industry across the world and in Australia continues to be unknown. It is thus essential for the newspaper publishing industry to explore its macro environment and macro environment. The macro environment comprises aspects such as demographics, political, natural, economic, technological, and cultural surroundings (Rix 2004). These elements create opportunities and […]

Do People Believe Everything in the Internet?

Introduction The current generation is arguably the most informed because of the Internet. The internet has made information accessible to most people on a previously unprecedented scale. This prevalence of internet use is confirmed by Lankes (2007) who reported that majority of the adults in developed countries regularly used the internet in 2007. This figure […]

Print media is dead

Introduction Since the invention of the creative industry in the world, mass media has been an important industry in propelling creativity through the spread of information within this industry (Campbell & Park 2008). Central to fashion and design, which form an integral part of the creative industry, the media have significantly improved the visibility of […]

Media futures and new technologies

Researchers have been discussing distinctions between new and old media for two decades. Many researchers note that the term ‘new media’ is quite irrelevant as the Internet and related products were used as far back as the late 1970s (Stafford 2005). Some claim that there is no competition at all and all types of media […]

Communications and Media: Digital Media

Introduction Digital media is digitized content such as graphics, text, video and audio that can be transmitted over the internet and the computer networks. It is also a kind of electronic media in which data is stored and transmitted in digital form contrary to the usual analog form. The conversion and processing of the information […]

Critical Reading Commentaries: “Fifty Key Thinkers on History” and ““Docile bodies,” Discipline and Punish: The birth of the prison”

The description that the article gives to the typical soldiers of early 17th C is critical. It is agreeable that soldier were perceived as physically fit, stout, and agile individuals who were always on the move. This description is true in various contexts despite the disparities. It is critical to consider such provisions in the […]

What are the major benefits and dangers of the twitterverse to traditional news publications?

Introduction Getting up to date news or information was conventionally simple and some common routines such as picking up the morning paper, turning into a local station when commuting, and catching up the evening news before dinner had to be performed on a regular basis. However, the arrival of internet news has overwhelmingly widened our […]

The Independence of Media from the States

Media is an important part of human life. There are a lot of different functions of media, informing, creating social opinion, adverting, etc. Living in the free democratic world, many people are sure that the media is independent from states and that TV, radio and newspapers are free for creating and presenting the material each […]

Impact of online social media in conflict situations

The internet has been credited by the United States of America’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as one of the most powerful forces for the advancement of freedom and political change. Clinton has called for consideration of internet based technologies such as twitter for the Noble Peace Prize. Clinton’s remarks come at a time of […]

Satire as a Tool for Fighting Political Impunity

Communication and media are facing the need to say or do something different in a new way. This simplifies the efforts by communication channels to be unique in their presentations so that they can attract large audiences. New ideas, new topics of research and advanced students have made this area not only innovative but also […]

The Internet altered the core tendencies in mass media businesses in any part of the convergent media

Introduction A lot has changed in the world of mass media since the introduction of the internet technology. In every step of the internet evolution comes a corresponding change in mass media owing to the fact that most people consider the internet to be the best source of information as the prerogative goes ‘if it […]

The Criticism of “New Media”

Introduction There is a disturbing trend when it comes to impact of the rapid development of new technology. The result is “new media” the likes of which the world has never seen and has prompted journalists, thinkers, political leaders, and the elderly to be overly concerned that in the near future the science and art […]

“Runner’s World” Magazine

Thesis: Although practiced running can be enjoyable and gratifying, being a consistent runner requires the highest level of self-discipline, and such self-discipline can propel the runner to achieve greatness in other areas (socio-economic and political) of his or her life. Introduction Many health experts and nutritionists continuously blame the modern sedentary lifestyles for the increase […]

Video and Audio Interviews vs. Personal Interviews

Introduction Over time Interviews have grown in popularity. Interviews have found a lot of application other than in the traditional recruitment process. In the modern world interviews have a wider acceptance and application as they are deemed to generate valid and reliable information. Initially interviews were seen as only relevant for job related purposes, but […]

The social and cultural impact of new media in the performing industry

According to Russo and Watkins, Digital Cultural Communication (DCC) is a novel field that aspires to create a link between the community and cultural institutions by using new media to generate audience-based cultural interactive experience (2005, p.2). By placing the growth of cultural communities within the DCC framework, the institution takes on a more symbolic […]

Questionable Premise

Introduction On 21 December of the year 2009 in the New York Times, there was an article by Natalie Angier titled, “Sorry, Vegans: Brussels sprouts like to live, too”. The views presented by Natalie here suggest that animals do endure being eaten by man in order to serve the exchange of the damage to plants […]

How does Slavenka Drakulić show that the “”trivial is political”?

Introduction How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed is a book written by Salvenka Drakulic. She is a famous journalist from Croatia and a non-fictional writer. In her book, she writes about her encounters under communism and the experience of other women from Eastern Europe who lived under communism. Writing this book had a lot […]

Television Genres and New Media Technologies

New media technologies such as mobile phones, iPods and iPads, email, and instant messaging provide new means for television genres to communicate with fans. The conventional type of American television series, however, will need to transform one key element in order to stay alive in such a rapidly changing media environment – its relationship to […]

How Technology and Mass Media gave People the Power to Interpret the News

How Online Articles Influence the Way We Understand Violence The interplay between media and crime is a fascinating phenomenon. Crime in itself is a complex social phenomenon but if one will combine crime and mass media, the resulting media-crime nexus will greatly influence the way people view crime and how they respond to it. The […]

On the Cultural Crossroads: New Media vs. Old Media

In spite of the fact that the modern techniques are slowly ousting the old means of communicating the news, such mass media as radio will never be interchanged by such new invention as IPad. Because of the force of the habit, people resort to ham radio much more often than it is considered. Despite the […]

Impact of Social Media on Public Relations Practice

Introduction The globalization process has led to the integration of the world with the ability and ease of communication. Information has become an important factor for organization. Advanced technology has led to increased exchange of information throughout the world. Social media and blogs have a great impact on PR. Studies indicate that social media is […]

Electronic and Digital Media Industry

Introduction Various scientific disciplines contribute economically to the mass media evolution and growth. The mass media in turn influences the political environment as well as democracy in the modern world. The fierce competition in today economically advancing experiences forces the media to keep up its obligation of entertaining, informing and influencing people’s emotional needs. The […]

Advertisement from Cosmopolitan

Introduction There are a number of advertisements that contain educative and informative visual and written elements which perform many functions. In this paper, one particular ad will be analyzed and evaluated in order to define what key signs make this ad powerful, what cultural codes help to comprehend the message of the ad, and what […]

The efforts and activities of the paparazzi are protected by the freedom of the press clause of the constitution

Abstract Paparazzi is a term used to describe photographers whose area of interest is taking pictures and videos of key figures in the public including entertainers, celebrities, politicians, athletes, and religious leaders among others. One of the most obvious characteristics of paparazzi is that unlike most other photographers in the media industry, paparazzi lack affiliation […]

Controversies over freedom of speech and Internet postings

Introduction Within the past decade, the internet has become a source of communication and collaboration wherein people become capable of expressing views and opinions to a worldwide audience. It is a tool for free speech that has allowed the dissemination of ideas across cultures and continents, resulting in a much more informed global society. One […]

The Problem of Desinformation in Internet

Introduction The Internet has also changed the nature of information and rendered it conditionally factual. Since the Internet functions as a flat hierarchy, anyone can post whatever they choose. On the Internet it is not necessary to become an expert or acquire a license to post online; thus facts largely represent opinion. Facts also continually […]

Misunderstanding YouTube

The role and the sole existence of YouTube seem not to be understood. Viacom filed a U.S $ 1 Billion lawsuit against YouTube claiming that YouTube created and has benefited from a successful media business which according to them reaps its benefits from copyright infringement. Viacom and others claim that the site owes its popularity […]

Print Media Journalism

Finley Peter Dunne once wrote that newspapers “comfort the afflicted, [and] afflict the comfortable” (Dunne, n.d.) Mark Twain echoed, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed” (Twain, n.d.) Although nearly a century has passed since Dunne and Twain both dismissed the media as hopelessly […]

Media Issues and Their Impact on the Audience

Mass communication involves the transfer of information to a large number of people through various types of media such as internet, television, and newspapers. The concept of mass communication is based on the idea of information exchange from one person to another. The media greatly influences the way people undertake their day to day commitments […]

The Effects of media on the Arab springs

Introduction The media is one of the most powerful forces in society since it provides people with information and helps them to make sense of what is going on around them. The world is becoming more integrated and there are many events going on in our immediate society and the distant world. Media reports expose […]

Effects of the Media on Delivery of News

In the era of technological advancement and telecommunication, people make slight efforts at getting access to information. The emergence of television, Internet, and new media devices has had a potent impact on the channels and methods of delivering and interpreting news, events, and urgent issues. More importantly, most people are distracted by the media devices, […]

Analysis of the Magazine Cover

Introduction This essay is aimed at examining the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. This image should be evaluated from ethical, logical, and emotional perspectives. Furthermore, it is necessary to discuss the use of various advertising appeals that are supposed to prompt a buyer to purchase the product. It should be noted that this issue was […]

Is Media Biased

Al – Jazeera TV is Biased in its Reporting The emergence of technology that facilitates a comprehensive coverage of news in real-time has enabled many media outlets to reach millions of viewers globally. The modernization of the media industry has also escalated live streaming of news online. It is notable that the sovereignty, autonomy, and […]

Media Systems Dependency Theory

Introduction Two communication scholars, Ball Rokeach and Melvin DeFleur, formulated the media systems theory in 1976, which is based on the sociological concepts suggesting that the influence of mass media should be understood in terms of the larger social systems. In this regard, the theory combines the relationships between the larger social systems, the mass […]

Traditional Forms of Media vs. the Modern Ones

Of all the treasures in the world, information has always been the most valuable one. In the present-day world, its value should have dropped. However, weirdly enough, the “inflation” has never taken place. Because of the increasing importance of the new forms of media, the old ones can possibly become obsolete. Therefore, the question of […]

Influences of the Visual Entertainment Media

Just like in other parts of the world, visual entertainment reshapes the culture and values of Americans in a number of ways. In fact, entertainment influences the mode of communication among Americans. The television is the most influential entertainment tool. Since its invention in 1950, it has influenced the behavior of many Americans. Television programs […]

Addiction of Digital Media in Society

Introduction Electronic media sparked a revolution in the 21st Century. The internet use became an explosive venture and the World Wide Web produced an avenue for multiple options for venturing into multimedia. All this took place so fast and soon there was a global newsfeed reaching millions through interactive media. Television formats became innovative, websites […]

Media Propaganda

Media Propaganda refers to a message that aims at changing people’s opinion on issues by providing only one side of an argument. Propaganda is widespread in the media especially in advertisements and magazines (Baran and Davis 76). In this paper, we will consider a poster advertisement. This poster contains an advertisement for a body spray, […]

Media in Development Communication

The article titled Media in Development Communication was written by Payel Sen Choudhury, a lecturer in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the New Alipore College in Kolkata, India. It was published in the India Edition of the Global Media Journal in 2011 (Choudhury 2011). The article’s specializes in the area of development […]

Media Bias in the U.S. Politics

Executive Summary Media refers to lopsided reporting rather than inaccuracy of presenting information. Media bias in favor of corporate groups is as a result of ownership. Media bias requires that both sides who claim bias be considered because most of the time if favored sides consider the media biased against them at some level. In […]

What Is the Role of ICT in Development Communication? – Essay

Introduction Development is the act of maximizing a country’s output by utilizing the existing resources. Mass media plays a significant role in development communication because it transmits information, provides an environment for dialogues, educates and builds a harmony for steadiness of a country. Development is a practice that attempts to change the economic environment by […]

The Lingual Theory: A Hybrid of Semiotics and Stand Point Theories of Analyzing Films

The media is an avenue through which occurrences taking place in a society are communicated to the audience. Such communication is usually guided by specific frameworks meant to deliver information in a certain manner. Colombo (2004) points out that film and other forms of mass communication ascribe to particular theoretical frameworks to deliver their message […]

New Media’s Positive and Negative Effects

Most aspects of modern life are dominated by the input of new media. Most people use new media on a daily basis and it is common to see individuals relying on gadgets that make new media more accessible such as tablets, smart phones, and personal computers. Therefore, it does not come a shock to many […]

A Man for All Semesters

Introduction Dameron’s article titled “A man for All Semesters” explores misdeeds of Tomar as well as the indolent nature of learners in higher institutions. The article gives an account of how Dave Tomar made vast amounts of money by helping students to complete their assignments. Tomar earns a decent living from his work as a […]

The Intolerance of Al Jazeera in the US Media

Introduction Historically, there have been many misunderstandings regarding western and Middle Eastern political and social ideologies (Harris 92). On one hand, western countries have criticized the beliefs, values, and foundations of Middle Eastern philosophies by branding them as archaic, retrogressive, and intolerable. On the other hand, many Arabs perceive western ideologies to be superficial and […]

Television Effects & Freedoms

There has been a lot of controversy on television effects and freedoms in recent years. Watching of TV content is now thought to have negative effects on the viewers, especially the children. Globally, the content contained in TV shows has changed a lot in the last two decades. Today, a lot of the television content […]

The Public Service’s and Commercial’ Broadcasting in the UK

Adorno and Horkheimer argue that the culture industry “impedes the development of autonomous, independent individuals who judge and decide consciously for themselves” (Adorno, 1991, p.6). This section will discuss how this perspective has influenced the field of audience research.  Adorno and Horkheimer argue that individuals are fed information through the media that makes them forget […]

Comparative Summary of Articles: Ideological Genesis of Needs and Authenticity in the Age of the Poseur

Summarizing the Main Theses of the Articles The articles under analysis reflect on the role of commodity cultures in shaping people’s attitudes and values. Hence, in the article called Ideological Genesis of Needs, the author refers to the idea of consumption as a sophisticated set of subjective relations and as a product of our consciousness and […]

Analysis article on a Katie Orenstein review on the book In Darkness written by Nick Lake

The political, economical, and social problems of Haiti rarely become the main theme for the depiction in books, especially in works for children. Moreover, the difficulties which the Haitians experience every day stayed beyond the focus of the public’s of attention during a long period of time, since the Haitian revolution of the 18th century. […]

Critical media review

Rationale The news item chosen for analysis is presidential candidate, Mitt Romney’s wealth. This was an ideal theme because the presidential nominations are an important part of the country’s current events. It is insightful to know about how Americans receive information from their media sources concerning various campaign issues. It may have been reasonable to […]

Fallacies in the media’s spotlight

The mass media has been our reliable source of information and entertainment. In addition to providing the society with entertainment, the media has continuously educated and provided us with both old news and latest happenings from all corners of the world. Due to its ability to capture our attention and communicate to us about what […]

Fukkink and Hermanns’ Consulting Theory

Topic In the article “Counseling children at a helpline: chatting or calling?” Fukkink and Hermanns (2009) presents readers with an innovative way in which the Dutch have innovated the traditional method of counseling by providing sessions that can be given to children via an online chat portal or through the phone. As Fukkink and Hermanns […]

Journalism in Bahrain

Introduction Bahrain is one of the nations among the Middle East nations that are often criticized for lack of free journalism. The country lacks freedom of press and journalism because the governing authorities always monitor the sector in a pessimistic way. Bahrain is headed by the Khalifah family and has a British protectorate. The country […]

The dark side of Dubai

Introduction In response to an article written on Dubai by Jonathan Hari and published online on 07th April, 2009 by “The Independent,” Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi published a rejoinder on 10th April 2009 in which he not only disparages Hari’s style but also his professionalism and motivating factor (Qassemi, 2009). In this essay, I will […]

Analyzing Articles «Still strong, Economy in China cools slightly», «Following troops, Kenyan officials go to Somalia» and «The rise of discontented Americans»

Introduction Magazines and newspapers use different language styles to convey messages. This essay will compare two articles from the New York Times: Still strong, Economy in China cools slightly and Following troops, Kenyan officials go to Somalia with an article from the Jakarta Post titled The rise of discontented Americans. Analyzing the Three Articles The […]

Advertising as a Tool for Every Business

Introduction Whether in print or broadcast media, the overall role of adverts remains irreplaceable in business marketing. Have you ever asked yourself why companies, manufacturers and even individuals are usually forced to advertise their products and services even when they are sure that what is being offered would outshine existing products in the market? Obviously […]

Impressions of War

Human history is full of wars that were aimed at establishment of new countries and colonies, gaining independence, fighting for certain ideas and beliefs. Every nation has at least one example of war. Though people do not like when their relatives and friends die at war, they are ready to overcome the difficulties and hardships […]

Article argumentative analysis: “Insult to Injury: New data reveal an alarming trend”

The article “Insult to Injury: New data reveal an alarming trend: Vets’ disabilities are being downgraded” by Linda Robinson gives an insight on the devastation faced by injured American soldiers while on combat. Using the case of the twenty-six year old Marine sergeant, Fred Ball, as an example, the author argues that the United States […]