Journalism Essay Examples and Topics

Propaganda in the Democratic Society

Propaganda in the Democratic Society is an article written by Aldous Huxley. The article focuses on the effects of propaganda on the democracy (Huxley 133). Huxley classifies propaganda into two categories. The categories are rational and non-rational propaganda. Rational propaganda concurs with the perceptions of those who generate it and their addressees. With respect to […]

Print Media Is Dead

Introduction Print media has been the most powerful pathway for the transmission of fashion, fashion designs and other elements of the fashion industry. In fact, fashion magazines have been the key to the fashion industry (Stone, 2004). For several centuries, the fashion industry has increasingly taken the modern advantage of technological advancements in printing. In […]

Old Media and New Media

Introduction Lots of people are now talking about new media as opposed to old or traditional media. However, there is still some uncertainty as regards the distinction between new and old media. Flew (2008) notes that the idea of ‘newness’ is rather subjective and relative as television and the Internet have become accessible almost simultaneously […]

Media in the society

Introduction Media is a communication network through which news, theatre, education and messages are dispersed. It comprises of distribution mediums such as, magazines, television, posters, cell phone, facsimile, and the internet (Fox & Ramos 2011, p.125). Media events are developed from the media and are considered to be motions that are created for publicity purposes. […]

The Global Media is All about Money and Profit Making

Introduction The global media is all about money and profit making. Media companies implement diverse strategies in order to expand their operations and the ability to obtain additional profits. Furthermore, the global media strategies for generating profits almost surpass the film industry. The different media such as radio, television, newspapers, and online news sources are […]

“Human Wrongs Animal Rights: Introduction to Moral Philosophy” Article

Introduction Animals live in a moral world hence are morally upright towards other animals. It is the human beings who constantly try to infringe morals on animals. Human beings more often than not abuse the rights of animals, whether domestic or the wild animals, the rights are being abused in several ways. They use animals […]

The Comparison Between the Two Different International Editions of Vogue Magazine

Due to the ongoing process of Globalization, the contents of the most popular media-products are now becoming increasingly uniformed. This simply could not be otherwise, because the earlier mentioned process presupposes standardization. In its turn, the latter allows companies to substantially increase the extent of their commercial effectiveness. As Vrontis, Thrassou and Lamprianou pointed out: […]

Impact of Free News on Print Media and Readers’ Preferences

Executive Summary The print news industry has been the mainstream news provide among elite communities mostly in developed countries until the emergence of free news media which seems to have taken center stage among the young people and slowly finding its way to the older generation. Generation Y is fulfilling their surveillance needs in the […]

Ideologies in Newspaper Writing

Literature Review Ideology is a rationality of thoughts that presents a foundation for structured political action. Ideology determines the ability of achieving projected conservation, transformation or toppling the available system of power. According to Mannheim (1996), people’s ideas, are fashioned by their material and social statuses. Ideologies have a belief system that serves to preserve […]

Bloggers’ Influence on Customers’ Intention to Purchase

Introduction The previous research sought to explore the influence of bloggers’ reviews on consumers’ decision to purchase a particular commodity or service. The literature review revealed the existing knowledge concerning whether bloggers had any influence on consumers’ purchasing decision or not. Thus, the three hypotheses of the research sought to address the existing gaps to […]

Print Media versus Digital

Introduction The rapidly growing business world that technology seems to renovate each subsequent day is experiencing changes in business trends, especially in the marketing where consumer preferences have transformed accordingly (Jones, Pentecost, & Requena 2005). Among others, the global graphic industry seems to experience unprecedented changes since the emergence of modern computer and phone technologies […]

Conventional Media and the New Media Environment in Modern China

Introduction With the emergence of telecommunication technology, the world is experiencing a major revolution in the communication sector. Theoretically, people are able to communicate with one another regardless of the distance separating them (Zhang, 2009). After several years of market reforms and development, China’s media had big changes in terms of communication models, management philosophy, […]

Career profile of Piers Morgan

Journalism is greatly affected by perception which individuals and general public have on a journalist. According to Weingarten, both journalism as a career and journalist as an individual may be ruined or built depending on brand (par.9). Weingarten points out such factors like branding and self promotion as integral considerations when building a robust career […]

Ethics in Entertainment Journalism

Introduction Entertainment journalism, as the name suggests, refers to the category of journalism whose major products are of the entertainment nature. The entertainment journalism industry includes television, music journalism, video game journalism, and celebrity coverage and film criticism. Music journalism is meant to criticize the music as relayed to the public by means of reporting, […]

Social Media and Arab Uprising

Introduction World transformation has been a long but intensive process affecting various persons and their activities. The issue of globalization is observed to be divided into various types, which are dependent on the activities that actually transform the human existence at a time. The initial stages of globalization dates back to the thirteenth century when […]

Critical Analysis: “At-Risk Students and Technology Education: A Qualitative Study” by Philip Cardon

Introduction According to Philip Cardon, enrolment in technology education is pervasive among at-risk students. Moreover, he testifies that at-risk students have shown more interest in technology education than before. However, he attributes this to the numerous studies conducted on at-risk students in the country. The article alludes to the fact that studies on innovative academic […]

Printed Newspapers in US

Introduction Newspaper readership in the United States is on a steady decline. Since 1990, the print media has been recording dwindling numbers in terms of advertising, revenues, and number of newspapers printed (Pew Research Center 2012). On the other hand, the online content continues to record massive uptake in the whole country. Does this indicate […]

The Newspaper Publishing Industry in Australia

The fate of newspaper publishing industry across the world and in Australia continues to be unknown. It is thus essential for the newspaper publishing industry to explore its macro environment and macro environment. The macro environment comprises aspects such as demographics, political, natural, economic, technological, and cultural surroundings (Rix 2004). These elements create opportunities and […]

Do People Believe Everything in the Internet?

Introduction The current generation is arguably the most informed because of the Internet. The internet has made information accessible to most people on a previously unprecedented scale. This prevalence of internet use is confirmed by Lankes (2007) who reported that majority of the adults in developed countries regularly used the internet in 2007. This figure […]

Print media is dead

Introduction Since the invention of the creative industry in the world, mass media has been an important industry in propelling creativity through the spread of information within this industry (Campbell & Park 2008). Central to fashion and design, which form an integral part of the creative industry, the media have significantly improved the visibility of […]

Critical Reading Commentaries: “Fifty Key Thinkers on History” and ““Docile bodies,” Discipline and Punish: The birth of the prison”

The description that the article gives to the typical soldiers of early 17th C is critical. It is agreeable that soldier were perceived as physically fit, stout, and agile individuals who were always on the move. This description is true in various contexts despite the disparities. It is critical to consider such provisions in the […]

What are the major benefits and dangers of the twitterverse to traditional news publications?

Introduction Getting up to date news or information was conventionally simple and some common routines such as picking up the morning paper, turning into a local station when commuting, and catching up the evening news before dinner had to be performed on a regular basis. However, the arrival of internet news has overwhelmingly widened our […]

The Internet altered the core tendencies in mass media businesses in any part of the convergent media

Introduction A lot has changed in the world of mass media since the introduction of the internet technology. In every step of the internet evolution comes a corresponding change in mass media owing to the fact that most people consider the internet to be the best source of information as the prerogative goes ‘if it […]

“Runner’s World” Magazine

Thesis: Although practiced running can be enjoyable and gratifying, being a consistent runner requires the highest level of self-discipline, and such self-discipline can propel the runner to achieve greatness in other areas (socio-economic and political) of his or her life. Introduction Many health experts and nutritionists continuously blame the modern sedentary lifestyles for the increase […]

Video and Audio Interviews vs. Personal Interviews

Introduction Over time Interviews have grown in popularity. Interviews have found a lot of application other than in the traditional recruitment process. In the modern world interviews have a wider acceptance and application as they are deemed to generate valid and reliable information. Initially interviews were seen as only relevant for job related purposes, but […]

The social and cultural impact of new media in the performing industry

According to Russo and Watkins, Digital Cultural Communication (DCC) is a novel field that aspires to create a link between the community and cultural institutions by using new media to generate audience-based cultural interactive experience (2005, p.2). By placing the growth of cultural communities within the DCC framework, the institution takes on a more symbolic […]