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Journalism Essay Examples and Topics

Writing Style of “Ethics in Journalism”

The main contention of the article is that responsible journalism is rapidly missing its place in the media industry. In terms of the style and tone, it is more accessible to the audience.

Journalism as a Entertainment Business: For and Against

But this is for good reasons if the concept of journalism is viewed as a whole; in this section, I wish to show that entertainment is a central feature in journalism, which cannot be omitted [...]

Business Articles and Arguments Comparison

The author of the article argued that the personalization of corporate and the boards of directors works in managing the institution for their own benefits without considering the status of other stakeholders.

Communicating in a Crisis: Botulism

It is essential for the public not only to realize the importance of this or that news but also to be sure of the validity of data and the reliability of their receipt.

World War II Facts in Wikipedia Article

This article will use the information from the article written by Harris to evaluate Wikipedia's article on World War II with the aim of establishing if the information from the site can be regarded as [...]

Melania Trump and Daily Mail’ Case

The article also had statements indicating that both Melania and Paolo Zampolli, the manager of the modeling agency, had denied the claims, but did not have evidence to support the affirmations.

Journalism in Vietnam: Media Effects on War

The way in which the media depicted the situation in Vietnam was also in striking contrast with the attitudes in the American government.

Alzheimer’s Disease in Newspaper Articles

The number of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's and diabetes in the United States, and indeed globally, has increased significantly in the last few years. This means that the main interest of such collaboration is to [...]

The Article “Cesar Chavez Begins 7-Week Tour of US”

The key issue raised was the intention of Chavez to encourage the general public, as well as farm workers, to continue supporting the grape boycott. Overall, the article was written to keep the audience in [...]

The Methodology for Interviews

A majority of the new companies are the ones that use unconventional methods of the interview. They may present their work to the interviewers for them to choose the best.

“Understanding Media and Culture” by Jack Lule

According to Lule, media depicts male characters as leaders who are energetic, antagonistic, and full of aspirations in their lives, a situation that the chapter emphasizes a demonstrating the level of gender-based labeling in the [...]

Ernie Pyle’s Life and Writing Style

Pyle was not much interested in the movements of troops and strategies of generals on the contrary, he took the "everyman" approach and the perspective of the common soldier, which turned out to be a [...]

“The Body in Room” Article by Mark Bowden

Essentially, the author fulfills the role of a narrator by providing the necessary information on the case and clarifying the obscure details of the case.

“My Year of No Shopping” Article by Ann Patchett

Moreover, the author continuously describes situations that have happened to her before the experiment to make a clear comparison between her feelings before and after she decided to undergo this process.

Ethics of War Journalism: the Syrian Crisis

Even though the picture under analysis, in which a child is being held at a gunpoint, can be interpreted as a shocking content and a graphic representation of violence that is inappropriate for showing in [...]

Emotional Intelligence Criticism by Steve Tobak

The main idea of the article consists in the fact that the modern tendency of promoting EI is the result of the profit it generates, which is why its promoters tend to provide insufficient information [...]

Media Ethics: Fake Online News

The end of the article states one simple truth and the necessity not to ignore "the elephant in the room" and not to be stupid because the Internet and truth are two incompatible concepts.

War and Violence Metaphors in Newspaper Headlines

For both purposes, the use of metaphorical language in headlines is crucial to catch the people's attention and to trigger a chain of association that will direct the readers' focus to a particular side of [...]

Newspaper Industry and Its Challenges

Nowadays, the majority of researchers who are concerned about the problem of the dissemination of information in the modern world acknowledge that news organizations are having significant financial troubles related to changes on a global [...]

Stylistics in “The Moral Instinct” by Steve Pinker

In the article "The Moral Instinct" by Steve Pinker, the author talks about morality as a global issue that needs to be revised considering the number of immoral things that are being moralized to become [...]

Security in the United Arab Emirates: Press Release

The press release under analysis is presented by the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates. The press release aims to draw attention and engage people in the discussion of security issues of the [...]

Tesla Upgrades Autopilot in Cars on the Road

It means that the article is written within the frame of invisibility, as current and potential Tesla owners are mentioned, while the interest of others is not.

Somali Young Women in the Guardian Press Release

These reasons include lack of information on the negative impacts of such a practice and the fear of being alienated from the rest of the girls.

The New York Times Editorial “Haiti” Analysis

The editorial highlights the steps made by the United States Government and other American organizations to help Haitians to surmount the aftermath of the earthquake in a comprehensive and very emotional language, providing quite complete [...]

Dance Criticism in “Beyond Description” by Jowitt

According to Jowitt, in order to describe a dance properly the writer is to possess a variety of different skills allowing them to select appropriate metaphors, apply correct judgment, draw clever comparisons, and present dance [...]

Hunting a Christmas Tree by Barbara Dean

This story is an amazing combination of natural beauty, human pretentiousness, and despair that may spoil even the most beautiful events in a human life like Christmas."Hunting a Christmas Tree" is Dean's personal position on [...]

Assange’s Leaks in Berg’s The Weight of the Word

The article by Chris Berg titled 'The Weight of the Word' published in 'The Age' on December 12, 2010 is a critical review of the reaction of the United States' government to the WikiLeaks of [...]

Social Media Replacing Traditional Journalism

This research shows that due to the development in the digital world, the majority of people tend to refer to their devices when searching for news instead of buying a printed source and that social [...]

Press Release’s Misrepresentation: Angry, Disgusted, or Afraid?

The purpose of this report is to highlight the discrepancies between the actual finding between the actual report, Angry, Disgusted, or Afraid: Studies on the Malleability of Emotion Perception and a media report intended to [...]

Journalism: Message Distortion in Articles

The title of the scholarly article is "Subliminal Smells Can Guide Social Preferences," while the one for the press release is "Take it easy on the perfume!

Syrian Missiles’ Attack on a Russian Airplane

According to the Huffington Post reporters, it is the crew that believed in the missile attack and the dangers it could have posed to the airplane and its passengers. Definitely, what happened to the Russian [...]

Newspapers’ Discussion: School Desegregation

In spite of the fact that many newspaper authors covered the school desegregation events rather subjectively, the approaches to discussing the process of school desegregation in the American states are different in relation to the [...]

“People Like Us” and “Mongrel America” Compare

Although there is little doubt that the United States has come a long way in the sphere of racial equality since the Civil Rights era, Rodriguez's arguments suffer from a few inherent weaknesses. Brooks propositions [...]

Racial Inequality and Hoarding

In the article "Racial inequality: a public health issue" in the KALW NEWS website on September 28, 2010, the author Heather Gilligan talks about the issue of public health and racial inequality.

Photojournalism Ethics

As of today, most photojournalists were able to rid themselves of an illusion that their professional activities should somehow be observant of the notion of 'good taste', simply because the presence of a 'good taste' [...]

“Refugees” by Tina Jaeckle and Alexia Georgakopoulos

The other overriding argument in the paper is that Dinka refugees communicate and express the meaning of conflict and conflict resolution based on experiences they had back in Sudan.

“Dogs and Monsters” by Stanley Coren

Thus, the main purpose of the article is to compare the process of bioengineering the domestic dog to that of the evolution of guns so as to satisfy the need of the users as well [...]

Journalism Ethical Dilemma: Moral Discourse

This situation resulted in an ethical dilemma for the journalist who has to decide whether to publish the article about the accident and potentially dangerous products or to take the money and remain silent.

Jonah Lehrer’s Journalistic Misdeeds at Wired.com

Therefore, the author of this article is on a mission to clarify matters and let the public know that the journalism profession can be trusted even in the face of unprofessional individuals like Jonah.

The American Culture in the Article by Horace Miner

Whereas this may not necessarily describe the person whom the author is talking about, other indications in the article insinuate that the individual being referred in the article is an American.

“Putting Greenways Firs” by Arendt Randall

The author begins by highlighting the important role that greenways serve as a link between the conservation design of the last century and urbanism design.

Top Secret America – Washington Post

The Washington Post brought the existence and prevalent scope of the intelligent community in the United States of America to the public domain.

Media Industry Structural Changes

These are: the digitization of media, the degree of commercialization of media in the contemporary times, and the continued embrace of integration between different players in the media industry.

The Swanston Street Wall Collapse

The investigation involves analysis on effects of the advertisement board, Grocon's reluctance to start the construction since purchasing the site from RMIT University in 2006, and the legality of the wall built in early 1970s.

Influence of Media on political advertising

In the political system, the only channel to reaching citizens is through the media especially internet and television. The media is also a very powerful tool in shaping and determining the progress of political contest.

Propaganda in the Democratic Society

The article focuses on the effects of propaganda on the democracy. In the article, he focuses on his experiences in the media industry with respect to the past and the present news.

Print Media Is Dead

Two important aspects of the digital world are worth discussion as a cause of the decline- the economics of print media versus digital media and the change of consumer preference from print media to digital [...]

Old Media and New Media

Thus, it is possible to state that the distinction between old and new media is becoming totally blurred as the third type of media occurs.

Propaganda Movement in Mass Media

Through the study of Gimenez et al, it was seen that the correlation between the propaganda model and the power of the media can be summarized on the impact of irrational exuberance as a means [...]

Broadcasting and proper use of media

This paper analyzes the use and purpose of broadcasting and proper use of media."The days of broadcasting are behind us", as the new age has brought a number of other mediums that make broadcasting unnecessary.

Media in the society

Individuals in a society are now able to interact and relate with persons of different societies through telephone, mail and the internet unlike in the pre-industrial era where communication channels were limited and therefore the [...]

The Global Media is All about Money and Profit Making

It is noteworthy that the advertisement are presented through the media, which confirms the assertion that global media is all about money and profit making. The media firms control the information passed to the public [...]

The Mass Media: Positive Attributes

This is true when it comes to the media since the problem with people is that they do not stop to think about the role played by the media and that is why most of [...]

Impact of Free News on Print Media and Readers’ Preferences

The young tend to be more interested in moving news or continual news that has three dimensions; the notion has created a negative perception to print news media The main question that triggers in the [...]

Ideologies in Newspaper Writing

On the contrary, ideology is linked to the ruling system since the distortion implicated on the ideology reflects the interest of the rulers.

The New York Times Major Challenges

This approach will make the company a leading player in the newspaper business industry. This decision will make the newspaper a leading player in the sector.

Digital Media Privacy

On the other hand, a government may prohibit media from publishing true information that may be of harm to the political leaders.

Bloggers Influence on Customers

To this extent, the literature review and the research analysis agree since non-subjective reviews of a product act as a central determinant of trust in the opinions that are provided by the blogger.

Bloggers’ Influence on Customers’ Intention to Purchase

The goals sought to determine whether bloggers had any positive influence on consumers' intention to acquire products or services, whether consumers found bloggers more trustworthy relative to the official advertisements from the manufacturers of the [...]

Media Regulations in the GCC Countries

In his research, Duffy focuses on a range of points that are important to be discussed in the context of the media regulations and their role to support the freedom of expression in the GCC [...]

Turkey, Media and Human Rights

According the report, "press freedom, freedom of opinion and expression and presumption of innocence should be exercised within the articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish Supreme Court decisions and judgments of [...]

Print Media versus Digital

More importantly is the connection of print media to the influence of advertisements and the manner in which consumers respond to printed advertisement information to the computer screen information.

Problem of Journalism Ethics

The first part of the essay is response to question one about how one would deal with the issue of cultural diversity in a situation where culture abuses the rights of minority.

New Media and Political Communication

Media refers to the use of various apparatus as a means of information delivery from the source to the recipients. The use of new media by political candidates as a means to campaign has definitely [...]

Conventional Media and the New Media Environment in Modern China

Various situations are examined to help understand how the relationship between the Chinese state and the media has changed over the years as a result of development and reforms in the communication sector that has [...]

Career profile of Piers Morgan

In this company, he worked for three years and gained more experience as a reporter doing several bits of news such as the Streatham and Tooting News as well as the South London News.

Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self

With the help of her essay, Walker is able to write her own autobiography of her early years of life. Towards the end of her essay, it is evident that she is a successful woman [...]

Essential Foundations of the Public Relations

According to Curtin and Gaither, there exists four main criticisms of the paradigm of the public relations: "the definition of public relations as a management function; the reliance on functional, transmission models of communication; the [...]

Ethics in Entertainment Journalism

The felt effects of this phenomenon are the infiltration of the industry with a lot of information and data paying no attention to the main objective of providing a discursive and analytical approach to the [...]

Social Media and Arab Uprising

The initial stages of globalization dates back to the thirteenth century when it was entirely based on the globalization of countries. The internet which has been the backbone of revolution was invented in globalization 2.

The Freedom of Speech in Social Media

Gelber tries to say that the history of the freedom of speech in Australia consists of the periods of the increasing public debates on the issue of human rights and their protection.

Printed Newspapers in US

This paper looks at the characteristics of the target market that could be the reason, highlights the author's reasons to believe that this product is declining in appeal, makes recommendations, and discusses a turnaround strategy.

The Newspaper Publishing Industry in Australia

The fate of newspaper publishing industry across the world and in Australia continues to be unknown. Demographic segmentation enables the industry to succeed in formulating products and services that cater for the needs of customers.

Do People Believe Everything in the Internet?

To this end, it has demonstrated that most internet users do not question the credibility of the information they get online.

Print media is dead

The advent of the information communication industry has changed the monotonous use of print media into rapid adoption of digital media to spread information in the fashion and design industry.

Media futures and new technologies

On balance, it is possible to note that newspapers and Facebook are regarded as some of the major resources of information spread.

Communications and Media: Digital Media

It signifies the adaptation and implementation of a diversified number of broadcasting standards, which include the advanced television system committee, the digital video broadcasting terrestrial, the terrestrial integrated services digital broadcasting and the digital terrestrial [...]

The Independence of Media from the States

Considering the level of the dependency of mass media from the states it performs into, it is possible to say that even the most democratic countries have the state influence on mass media.

Impact of online social media in conflict situations

A study commissioned by The George Washington University indicates that determining the actual effects of the new media in conflict situations is cumbersome due to methodological challenges and the newness of the subject. The use [...]

Satire as a Tool for Fighting Political Impunity

This seems to be the biggest challenge for satirists since the audience is the most powerful person in their work. It is this power of the media that has taken these shows to facebook, twitter, [...]

The Criticism of “New Media”

The result is "new media" the likes of which the world has never seen and has prompted journalists, thinkers, political leaders, and the elderly to be overly concerned that in the near future the science [...]

“Runner’s World” Magazine

All models and people featured in the magazine have admirable physiques, with running as the form of exercise that helps achieve these bodies.

Video and Audio Interviews vs. Personal Interviews

While personal interviews are very popular and have gained recognition as the official standard methods of interview, video and audio interviews are growing in significance and relevance and may soon replace the traditional one on [...]

Questionable Premise

The view by the author here is that it is scientifically correct to say that animals are ready to suffer the atrocities of being eaten by man because they consider this the only way to [...]

Television Genres and New Media Technologies

In the Lost model, the show's producers and writers trusted the elasticity of the Lost myth, and cultivated multiple platforms, outside of traditional television, to purvey the narrative far beyond the confines of the small [...]