Mass Media Advertising Essay Examples and Topics

The days of broadcasting are behind us

Introduction Media is important to the society given that it is one of the main sources of information. Unfortunately, in the course of playing its roles, media faces some critical challenges. Broadcasting via radio and television has been a part of the society for a long time, but it seems to have run its course. […]

The Particular Features of the Media Control and Regulation in Japan and South Korea

The mass media are important and influential aspects of the modern social life in all the developed countries. The number of publications, newspapers, television channels, and the Internet news resources is constantly increasing. In spite of the fact that a lot of mass media are privately owned, the role of the governments in the development […]

Hacktivism in Mass Media

Introduction The development of information technologies gave rise to a new form of protest, called hacktivism. Overall, this term can be described as a non-violent use of digital tools in order to promote certain political ends or express disagreement with the policies of the government or governments (Hampson 514). It can take such forms as […]

Social Media Data Analysis

Web 2.0 refers to all the major technologies that allow people to create and share online information. The method is ideal as companies and people do not have to create websites. The main communication methods used include blogs, wikis, tweets and social media. An organization can retrieve a lot of information from these sites. Blog […]

Which Media do You Trust to Give You Accurate Truthful Unbiased Current Affair?

Background The term media generally refers to the different ways of communication. Written sources were the earliest forms of mass communication. Many forms of media are employed to deliver messages to the masses and the notable among them are the magazines, newspaper, radio, television, video, internet and mobile phones. The radio, T.V. and video came […]

Media Convergence and Newspaper Publication

Media convergence is more than the coming together of media platforms (Dominick, 2009). Media convergence can also be understood in the context of collaboration. For example, the Internet does not undermine the capability of news bureaus. But on the contrary the successful integration of Information Technology and conventional forms of mass media communication can produce […]

Critical book review of privileging the press

Introduction Journalism is as highly perplexing career that involves rubbing of shoulders with the law in both positive and negative ways. This has brought about confusion over its relation to courts and witness protection. Journalists have a responsibility to protect their sources when it is deemed necessary. However, the law also works to ensure that […]

Drones for Newsgathering & Surveillance

One of the most notable aspects of post-industrial modernity is that, as of today, the pace of the ongoing technological progress attained a clearly defined exponential momentum, which in turn challenges the validity of people’s conventional outlooks on what the notions of ‘privacy’ and ‘journalism’ stand for. The soundness of this suggestion can be illustrated, […]

Introduction to Cinema and Media Culture

The advent of modernity brought forth a significant change in the lives of people. It changed how they work, how they enjoy leisure time, and the concept of private and public space. As pointed out by Ben Singer, modernity refers to an “array of technological and social changes” that took place by the end of […]

Public Relations Theory And Campaign

Introduction Newlandia education foundation Newlandia education foundation (NEF) was established in the 1900 as a charitable organization, with support from Newlandia government. Since then, this organization still relies on donation from the public to ensure its survival. It is located in the south region of Newlandia Island where schools are faced with inadequate resources such […]

Pippa Norris and Ronald Ingehart’s “Cosmopolitan Comunication”

How morality function affects cosmopolitan communications The firewall model as postulated by Norris and Inglehart holds that news media impacts on societal values and as such, they can actually initiate value change. Norris and Ingehart have noted that although such a scenario may not occur frequently, nonetheless, there is the risk that it can be […]

‘Generational buying motivations for fashion’ by Laura Portolese Dias

Summary of the article As it was stated in the introduction part of the article under analysis, a study was conducted to test one hypothesis whether buying motivations of representatives of generation X and generation Y are identical when they reach a particular age. Providing clear definitions of the two generations, the article discusses the […]

Creation of Global Media Market through Development of Communication Technologies

Introduction This essay will start by giving an outline of the global media system and how it developed over time. The modern era is commonly described as one of globalization democratization, and technological revolution. In all the three areas, communication and media play an inevitable fundamental role. Both economic and civil globalization would be possibly […]

What is “two-step flow”? What implications does it have for our understanding of mass communication?

Introduction The two-step flow theory of communication revolves around a study that was conducted on the social influence of the media. It should be known that it was introduced in 1994 by Paul Lazarsfeld (Berger 1995, p. 14). In this case, it tries to explain that the effects of the mass media are indirectly portrayed […]

Article Overview: “Viewing and avoidance of Al Jazeera 24 hour satellite television channel” by Jamal, A., & Melkot, S. R.

Abstract This paper provides a brief overview of the article on Viewing and avoidance of Al –Jazeera 24 hour satellite television channel. It goes further to discuss the article in relation to the theory of uses and gratification. The article relates with the article in that the article illustrates the different ways in which Al-Jazeera […]

Public Relations Campaign Strategy: Newlandia Education Foundation

Executive Summary This proposal identifies NEF public relations needs and recommend that a four-month communication campaign strategy will enhance awareness opportunities for NEF. NEF enjoys poor public recognition and awareness and without proper public relations corrective measures, NEF funding and donations activities may remain poor and inadequate. Therefore, this communication campaign strategy aims at enabling […]

Article: Australian Advert Banned on UK TV

The article pertains to a ban imposed by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) in UK on a tourism advert by Australia because of a use of the sear word “bloody”. It further quotes the response of Director of Tourism Australia, Scott Morrison and indicates an element of ethnocentrism on part of the two nations. […]

Agenda-setting theory

Nowadays it is possible to find a few people who do not think that mass media affect, to some extent, public opinion. Admittedly, people find out about numerous events and phenomena from mass media. This is because many citizens do not attend political rallies and therefore rely on television, radio, newspapers and magazines for information. […]

Agenda-Setting Theory

Introduction Mass-media has a lot of influence on the audience in terms of the daily information for discussion. People talk about topics in the newspapers or in the radios. This is the basis for the agenda setting theory, brought forward by 1972 by Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw1. The mass-media determines the information that is […]

Evaluation of media practices in Egypt

Introduction Egypt is one of the most influential countries in the Arab world. It has a lot of influence on what is going on in the Arab world and so is its media. Media is the means through which news and information happening around the world is made known to the people through various media […]

Ethics and media

Introduction This paper is aimed at showing how various ethical theories can be applied to the situations related to the work of mass media. In particular, it is critical to examine the functioning of mass media in the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, one should focus on such a phenomenon as censorship that can profoundly affect […]

Ethics in the Media

Introduction Media ethics deals with the ethical standards, practices, and principles of media companies. Some of the media include film, art, theatre, broadcast, and the internet. There are different ethical considerations that should be taken seriously by practitioners, journalists, and analysts. This explains why different corporations and corporations attempt to control and manipulate the media. […]

Habermas and the Public Sphere

Introduction In 1962, Harbeneas introduced the concept of public sphere as an ideal and also as an empirical description through his seminal work “The structural transformation of the public sphere: an inquiry into a category of Bourgeois society”. Through his work, he created the impression that the public sphere was an arena where different people […]

Public relations and sales promotion

Introduction Sales promotion is a type of product marketing strategy aimed at boosting sales through attracting traffic, introducing a new product and influencing the purchase of a product. Public relations serve to enhance the image of the company to the public i.e., the community. The objective of this assignment is to investigate how different industries […]

National Education Association’s public campaign on read across America

Introduction The National Education Association’s campaign on ‘read across America’ is designed to motivate the reading habit among children in the US through offering reading sources, promoting reading events and partnerships with the stakeholders in the US education sector. This analytical treatise attempts to present an explicit critique of the National Education Association’s public campaign […]

Active Audience

Audience is important in any communication process because the media constructs and conveys information for the people. Moreover, it would not exist if there were no public1. Therefore, an audience is the group of people or the public to which information is being conveyed to. In this case, an active audience is that which assesses […]

Analysis of media strategies

Analysis of media strategies employed by Creed fragrances The House of Creed originated in 1760 from David Mom Creed. It was a personal shop and has continued to grow along the family lineage up to date. Target group: The target for Creed fragrances is the royal or rich people. For instance, dignitaries like Michelle Obama, […]

Trumpet. Content Analysis

Abstract The basic role of a magazine is to provide information that is relevant in a given field. Among the fields, there can be politics, nature, tourism and so on, or a combination of these subjects. However, written materials go beyond their initial mandate where we find that besides providing the basic information, they may […]

Top 5 Global Media Companies of Ownership and Corporate Linkage

Introduction The media, may be defined as the different channels, through which entertainment, news, data, education, and other information, like promotional messages, are broadcasted to the target audience. The media is an umbrella concept, including broadcasting and narrowcasting models within it, these including magazines, newspapers, radio, television, direct mail, billboards, fax, telephone, and the internet, […]

Website Launch and Rebrand

This proposal will address the need for rejuvenation of our company’s communication materials, namely, our website. The current website, launched in 2009, contains outdated content, a user panel that confuses site visitors, and as of yet has added relatively little value to the organization as a whole. It is also text heavy and contains images […]

PR Campaign of GP Races on the Gold Coast in Australia

The PR campaign which is going to be analyzed in this essay is the campaign for GP races on the Gold Coast in Australia. The public relations campaign is organized by V8 Supercars and A1GP World Cup of Motorsport. The event is also sponsored by Nikon company. Therefore, the campaign is generally aimed at the […]

US Media representation of Saudi Arabia

Introduction The mainstream elite media such as Newsweek, The New York Times, CNN, CBS, NBC, Washington Post, Fox, and ABC are perceived by Arab world people as biased in addressing issues of foreign affairs with regard to the Islamic world. Saudi Arabia is one of the Islamic countries that have always been scrutinized by the […]

New Media and Advertising

The advent of the innovative technologies and multimedia devices had a significant impact on all spheres of social life and the advertising industry was not an exception. The new media model of advertising opened up a lot of new opportunities for influencing the consumers’ preferences and positive branding of companies, ranging from utilizing the new […]

Media Relations

Introduction Public relations (PR) refers to the process of presenting information to the public by an individual or an organization through appropriately managed channels (Henslowe 34). It involves dispensation of information in different forms such as blogging, educational websites, and social media by. Companies use PR to market themselves to the public through persuasion. They […]

Assumptions and Critical Thinking

Assumptions refer to the things that a researcher might take for granted in the research process, yet they are very important, as far as the success of the research is concerned. In this case, a researcher makes statements suggesting that certain elements of the study are factual, but in the real sense, they are not. […]

The Implication of Chafee and Metsger’s Article “The end of Mass Communication” on Lindenwood University School of Mass Communication

Introduction In this article, Steven Chafee and Miriam Metzger argue that the term “mass communication” in the modern world is losing significance because a new area, called the media, has emerged due to technological developments. According to the two authors, mass communication is no longer an accurate description of communication in the present situation due […]

Commercialized media and cultural system on prevailing power structure

Introduction The rise in the importance of independency in nations has resulted to enhanced political power within nations with political stability consequently influencing the economical realm. However, raging debates are rising across the globe with the public and other interested organizations calling for political revolutions and political reforms for the reason that politics have influenced […]

Compare and contrast the ideas of Harold Innis and Marshall Mcluhan

Introduction Modern communication has greatly changed with the introduction of communication innovations and computer technology. The modern media plays an important role in providing information, ideas, and facts to the people. It enhances cultural heritage, family values, ethnic and minority rights, and self-actualization and promotes regional or national identities. With regard to the impacts of […]

Critical Approaches to Journalism

Review Morgan’s article on “Screens vs. Paper” in media underscores the role of technology in contemporary journalism. A clear indicator of advanced technology in media is the decision by publishing houses to allocate more resources to the establishment of digital media at the expense of for example, newspaper. A majority of the population is computer […]

Mass media in society

McChesney- ‘Rich Media, Poor Democracy’ McChesney wrote ‘Rich Media, Poor Democracy’ to show the democratic problems in United States and other countries in the world and how corporate media downplays the requirements of attaining an effective democratic system. The author also addressed the concentration of ownership in the media industry and how this has transformed […]