Pop Culture Essay Examples and Topics

Media & Popular Culture in East and South East Asia: Kyoung-hwa

Kyoung-hwa, Yonnie. “The landscape of keitai shôsetsu: Mobile phones as a literary medium among Japanese youth, Continuum.” Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 26.3 (2012): 475-485. The author notes that the use of mobile phones in sending message is in the increase in the current Japanese society. Apart from the use of mobile phones and […]

Media and Popular Cultural in East and South East Asia

Manga is the Japanese term for the comic art. It has borrowed significantly from the American comics and animation. On the other hand, Manga has significant influence on the Asian animation industry. Nonetheless, Japan is yet to market its animation industry globally as it does with other industries. Comic scholars posit that Japan can be […]

Popular or Mass Culture

Introduction This paper is devoted to the evaluation of culture on the global level, referring to the ‘local’ level of analyses of one of the culture forms. Popular or mass culture was not the first to deserve the attention of the researchers. However, with the development of sociological and cultural studies, it has been admitted, […]

Roles and Functions of a Supervisor in Popular Culture

Introduction According to anthropologists, culture is a system that includes beliefs, ritual, Performances, art forms lifestyle patterns, symbols, language, clothing, music, dance, and any other mode of human expressive intellectual and communicative behaviour that is associated with a community during a particular time period. Culture is sometimes subdivided in such categories as high and low […]

“The Culture of Celebrity” by Epstein Joseph

In this essay, the author seeks to address the issue of celebrities which has become very pervasive in contemporary America. The author begins by expounding that the world “culture” no longer holds its original meaning but rather has evolved to mean the general emotional atmosphere that surrounds a particular word to which the term is […]

Billboard and popular culture

Abstract The main aim of this study analyze billboard as an element of the popular culture. Billboards have been in use in US for over hundred years now. They have undergone considerable transformation from simple structures erected to accommodate few posters to large digital screens. Use of billboards has grown much faster than other forms […]

High Culture and Low Culture: Disneyland Products

There is significant debate regarding the classification of works of art into two broad categories namely high and low culture. There are those who find it impractical to do so because they believe that diversity is a good thing (Applebombe, p.1). However, there are those who insist on clarifying the demarcation line to promote the […]

A Theoretical Analysis of the Act of Cell Phone Texting While Driving

As the embodiment of various activities, characteristics, and beliefs of a society, popular culture plays a vital role in giving a community or society a sense of identity. Given that popular culture is the expression of the inherent activities that are unique to a given society (Browne, 2005, p.3), popular culture defines a society. The […]

Popular Culture of TV watching in USA and China

Introduction Popular culture has assumed numerous definitions from being regarded as common culture, folk culture, to popular culture; and all these definitions have varied across time in history (English Department, University of California p.1). The post-War American society has experienced advent and growth of popular culture at almost every point in history of the country. […]